Welcome to Kimmies Simmies

Honeycomb overview

And welcome to Honeycomb Valley where Kimmies Simmies live.
You’re invited to have a look around town and meet everyone who lives here.

Come on in and make yourself at home!

!!! Important message about upcoming changes !!!

Click this link to read a message I wrote to everyone following my blog about changes in the future.

What's new

6 March 2017


Come Together

Ah, Christmas! The ultimate time for family gatherings and to reflect upon the events of the year gone by. For the residents of Honeycomb Valley and Honeycomb Hills this was no different. Yes, sure, a lot of things happened in December before Christmas rolled around, but at Christmas everything seemed to come together…

30 September 2017

Student residence A collage

Honeycomb University – Student Residence A

Now open to visitors: Honeycomb University’s main Student Residence!

24 September 2017

Summary November 05

To the Hills!

In November 05, Honeycombers went to the hills! The annexed town of Stonehill was slowly but surely turning into a great place to live (and learn!) and during this autumn month it was the focus of many Honeycomb Valley residents.

15 September 2017

The Students of the A-residence

Students 05 collage text

A new university, a new student residence! With mostly familiar faces. Nonetheless, you can meet the students here!

27 March 2017
* Moving On

05 March 2017
* A Little Bit of Everything

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2 thoughts on “

  1. Hi ! Are you still playing sims3 or are you enjoying sims4 ? I try sims4… but… I don’t know… I think I prefer sims3… So, I hope I will see your sims again… !!


    • Hi! I don’t even have The Sims 4! So nope, I’m not switching over, I’m staying with TS3, but at the moment I’m on a bit of a hiatus due to real life stuff. I’ll be back! Thank you for your comment!


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