Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Foster-Knight

Robinson Foster Knight fam

Simon Robinson runs the Honeycomb Gazette. He used to work as Editor in Chief at a big magazine with its headoffice in Bridgeport, but recently moved back to Honeycomb Valley to run the newspaper. Simon had lived in Honeycomb Valley before, with his wife Helen and their two daughters, Annabel and Evelyn. But when the girls moved out, Helen and Simon moved to the city to save him the commute. Helen passed away in the summer of 1993, just a few months after their eldest granddaughter, Zoe, was born. In the summer of 2001, Simon attended the centennial of his old school, Smuggsworth Prep, where he ran into his former classmate Alice. Alice and Simon got to talking and decided to meet up for coffee later. They had so much fun together, that they decided to see a lot more of each other. Soon, they were somewhat of an item.

  • Age: Elder
  • Born: January 1939
  • Traits: Ambitious, angler, charismatic, good, great kisser
  • Job: Editor in Chief
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Father: Mr. Robinson
  • Mother: Mrs. Robinson
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: AnnabelEvelyn
  • Other family: Zoe, Ellie, Justin, Vicky, Valerie (grandchildren)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Met Helen at university and married her soon after. They were a happy couple and Simon was very sad when she passed away. But he feels lucky to have reconnected with Alice now.

Alice Foster-Knight is the retired headmistress of the Beehive. She was a teacher when she was younger, but not for long. Alice worked her way up quickly and became headmistress before she was even 40. Alice is also mother and grandmother. Her ex-husband William was a military man who was away from home a lot, which caused them to eventually drift apart. They divorced, but on good terms. Alice continued to carry William’s last name, not wanting to have a different name than her children. Since the divorce, Alice has been single. Until Smuggsworth Prep school, which Alice attented, had their centennial. It was a big celebration to which all alumni were invited. Alice ran into old classmate Simon Robinson there. She hadn’t seen him for years. The last time was when his girls were little and he took them to the Beehive. It turned out that, when Simon’s daughters (Annabel and Evelyn) were older, he and his wife had moved out of town. Simon’s wife had passed away 8 years prior. Alice and Simon had such a nice chat, that they decided to go for coffee one day. That date turned into more dates. In 03, Simon and Alice moved in together.

  • Age: Elder
  • Born: August 1938
  • Traits: Friendly, neat, perceptive, disciplined, genius
  • Job: Retired (used to be headmistress at The Beehive)
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Father: Mr. Knight
  • Mother: Mrs. Knight
  • Siblings: Alfred
  • Children: Alexander, Charlotte
  • Other family: Pierce (nephew) Suzan, Logan, Emily (grandchildren)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Married to William when she was really young still (19) and divorced him at 35. Now dating Simon since ’02. (See current date on the homepage of this blog)

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
August 03: Those Summer Days
December 03: Christmas Time
June 04: School’s Out!
September 04: Brand New

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