Gameplay – Time and aging

I’m a very geeky player. I’m also one of those people who likes realism in her game. And I take that pretty far…

If you’ve read some of my Sims bios on here, you might have noticed that each sim has a “date of birth”. Even if you haven’t seen that, you will probably have seen the big words on the homepage reading “The current date in Honeycomb Valley is ….” But if you look around your game you will find no “dates of birth” or “current date”. Why do I have them? Because I’ve made them up. Allow me to explain…

In TS2 I wanted all my Sims to age simultaneously, so I played “rounds”. Each round I played all my families for 2 days each (Until I had wayyy too many families, and I killed off half my town in what I called “the disaster of 59”, built a memorial in town to remember them and everything, but that’s another story..).
When I first got TS3, I continued this system of 2 days per family, but with Master Controller and everything, there’s just so many more possibilities now and I had to revisit my aging system. After many trials and errors, I now do it like this:

I play Simmonths of 4 days each. With aging off. I age them manually. Each Simmonth I can play as few or as many families as I want. I basically check my list of families to see which families would be good to play in this Simmonth. For instance; I like playing a family with kids for April Fools and if I want two Sims to get married in Summer, I’ll play them in Summer. After 48 Simdays a year has passed, so everyone has gotten a year older by then. I have written down all my Sims birthmonths and years based on their starsign. (My geekiness knows no limits, honestly ) This way I know who has to age up at what point.

I age my sims on their birthdays (1st when they turn into a toddler, 40th when they turn into an adult, 60th when they turn into an elder), but my kids (kid-teen, teen-ya) are the exception. I don’t like them to change schools in the middle of the year, so I age them during the summer AFTER their birthday (unless their birthday is very close to summer -september or october- then they can go a bit sooner). Toddlers do age up to child on their birthday, because, like in my country, they can start school at any point during the year.

My kids are all in classes with other children of the same age (kids of two different ages are in the same class) so they have actual classmates of the same age. I’ve built quite a big school with many classrooms according to age. The classes are small though, haha, sometimes only 4 kids a class but oh well, it works. Click here for more on my education system.

Because they all age during summer, they move up and eventually graduate with the same kids they went to school with when they were 5. I already did this classthing in TS2 and I’ve loved it ever since. Even though I age them up at the same time, because I have all their dates of birth registered, one kid can still be “older” than another. Once they are young adults, this gets corrected, because from then on they age up on their birthdays again.

Pregnancy is also something worth talking about. Even though I play very realistically, 9 months of maternity is long. So I decided that in the Simworld, a pregnancy lasts 7,5 months (30 simdays). I use a pregnancy mod to prolong the pregnancy and because my months are over after 4 simdays, it always fits.

Elders get aging turned on from the time they’re 70. I have the duration of the elder lifestage set to 240 days which equals 5 years in my game. This way they will pass naturally around the age of 75, and I don’t have to decide when. I’m still trying this system out.

Lifestages in ages

Baby: 0-1 years old
Toddler: 2-4 years old
Child: 5-11 years old
Teen: 12-19 years old
Young Adult: 20-39 years old
Adult: 40-59 years old
Elder: 60+ years old
Aging on from: 70

See, I told you, geeky player. If you  have any questions; please just ask. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Gameplay – Time and aging

    • Thank you Sae. And thank you for visiting my blog! I love playing with ages! In all my year playing Sims (which is about 11 now) I never did it any other way


  1. Quick question: How do you turn the ageing on for Elders? Is it a feature with Story Progression? Because I don’t really fancy having to decide when my elders die (I’d get too upset! *sniffs*), so if they died naturally, I’d only be mildly upset (I get attached to my Sims rather easily!). *lol*


    • Yeah, with SP you can turn aging on or off for the whole town, just one household or an individual sim. Just click on the sim, choose SP and then I think it’s under “death” or something.


      • *Gasp* I wonder if this might work for my pregnant sims too? I’m trying to keep the pregnancy system as real as possible, but the only problem I’m hitting is that with CmarNYC’s pregnancy progress controller mod, it doesn’t pause inactive pregnancies. But if I could switch their progression off, it might work…
        Thank you!


      • I don’t know about that. I play with a longer pregnancy mod. This works perfectly with my month system. It doesn’t pause inactive pregnancies, but that’s fine by me because I want them to go on. I just indicate on my calendar when the baby is due.


    • I’d use a longer pregnancy mod, but since I haven’t got a set number of days that make up a month, I can’t really make one to suit that *chuckle*
      I might go pester Sandy and find out what she does for her town pregnancies!
      But now I don’t have to decide when my elders die!! 😀


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