Welcome to Kimmies Simmies!

What’s new?

What is this place?

If you’re new here, I understand this place can be a bit confusing. Just use the tabs up there ^ to find your way. Clicking the About tab will tell you more about this “blog”. Oh, and if you see a word in that pretty pink colour anywhere, click it! It will link you somewhere else!

Have fun and thank you for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. This is great, Kimmi! Now when I am older I want to have a game like yours AND a blog like yours. (^o^) (I’m really horrible at japanese smilies XD)
    Now off to lurk around here!


    • Hehe Laura! Thank you! There’s not much to lurk at around here yet. But I’m posting all the Simmies I have on TSD within the next few hours hopefully.


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