The Abbott family

The Abbott FamilyAbbott fam


The Abbotts are… how do I put this delicately… just a tad on the trashy side. Just a little. šŸ˜‰ Click their names to visit their personal pages.


The Abbott family lives in my trailerpark. There’s no tour of their trailer yet.

Abbott home

6 thoughts on “The Abbott family

  1. Yeah for the trashy family!!! *lol* I’m curious to see how Chantal will age up as teen! And poor Jeffrey! He must feel quite alone in his family, sometimes!


    • I have such great pictures from my last playing session with the Abbotts, that really set the mood of what type of family they are. Once I’ve posted all my simmies, I shall post my stories an non-stories. šŸ™‚


  2. OMG I love the new pictures, Kim!! Of this family, Lorenzo’s is SPOT ON, hahahaha! Well, I guess his and Wesley’s are the same pose, but Lorenzo just looks sooooo cheesy-flirty! But ohhh, Cheryl too!! Hihihi…


  3. Hello, I follow your blog since a while, but I ‘d never post because… I’m french and my english isn’t very good… But I can read in english… Anyway, I just want to say that I love your town et your sims : they are so realistics. Thanks for share your stories and your town with us ! And congrats !


    • Hi Mora! Thanks for your comment! Your English is great, don’t worry! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your nice words šŸ™‚


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