Bumblebee Square

Not so long ago, I named my town Honeycomb Valley. I didn’t just pick this name out of thin air.
When I built my school, I named it “The Beehive”, because I felt that name was very fitting for a school, buzzing with kids of all ages. When the time came to move my Simmies over from my old Sunset Valley to a new Sunset Valley, I felt a new name was in order to. I figured that maybe the name of the school would make even more sense if the town has a bee associated name too. That maybe the town even had a long beekeeping history. My dear friends over at Simset Boulevard helped me pick and that’s how the town got its name: Honeycomb Valley. 

Then, I figured, the different districts in town should have bee related names too. After some thinking I decided each district would get a name of a certain type of bee. My downtown district (which already existed in Sunset Valley, I just moved all the lots over to the new hood) got the name Honeybee Quarter and the new district (which I’m currently building up) is called Bumblebee Quarter. (I know, how original am I, right? 😉 )

The first part of Bumblebee Quarter I’m “filling” was this HUGE piece of land surrounded on three sides by roads and on one side by mountains. I filled this part with big and small lots, like a puzzle, and am now building there. I decided this part would have a big square surrounded by museums, places to eat and some houses; Bumblebee Square.

So, here we are; the first things have been build. The square in its entirety is far from finished yet, but I’m at the point where I can show you some things.

Bumblebee Square:

The layout of Bumblebee Square at this moment (25 July). You can see the lots that are finished (or finished for now, I will most likely end up tweaking them numerous times still 😉 ) and the plans I have for the empty lots.

The Main Square

Now, let’s start with the most difficult one of all first; the main square. I say difficult, for two reasons. One, it was very hard to take pictures here. In tab-mode it looked to stretched out and in normal mode the trees disappeared when I got too close, so I don’t have many pictures yet. And two; I like a lot of things about the main square, but I’m still not completely satisfied. I still find it a bit “empty” and lacking something, but I don’t know what. Any suggestions are welcome.

Jack Clark took on a temporary job as book salesman, apparently. I don’t have enough “available” simmies in my town to take on all register positions, so despite me telling the register mod NOT to use my employed sims, it apparently feels like it’s better to pull someone out of their paying job than to have empty registers around town. I do not agree, but I shall sort this soon by downloading some of my friends’ self sims and putting them behind my registers. (Thank you Sandy for this great idea!) For now, the Honeycomb Valley policeforce doubles behind registers. Yes, wait for it, one of my other lieutenants has been assigned register position too…



Well, hello there Madison… *rolls eyes*

I’ll introduce the Art Museum and the Aquarium in posts of their own.

10 thoughts on “Bumblebee Square

  1. Oh, Kimmi, this looks absolutely wonderful!!! I love the square with the museum and aquarium around it! And the house I built you is working *yahoo* !!! It looks like it fits in super well!

    The ice cream store is too cute for words. The pastel colours… EEeeep!!!


    • Thank you Sara-love! I’m still completely in love with your house! It fits brilliantly! It was actually the first thing on the square 😉


  2. WOW! (<- I had told you!) I love the whole place! It's so magnificent and grand with those classic buidlings. Your little square looks very welcoming!
    And that little square!!!!! Awwwww! It's such a cozy place with its big trees! I'm dying for that little ice-cream store too!!!! CUTEST thing ever! I want one!!


  3. There is a mod on MTS that disables The trees disapearing. I really like your blog and will continue to read it. Cant wait to see what The square looks where done as even now it looks great.


  4. That little ice cream shop is the cutes thing ever! I actually like your main square just the way it is but I will be curious to see if you make any changes to it in the future anyway. 🙂


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