The Aquarium

The aquarium is mostly aimed at children, but I’m sure many of my angler sims will like to visit this place too. Although, you’re not supposed to fish here…

This was the first time I went in to the aquarium in life mode, and I see I clearly need some more fog emitters in the aquarium to create more fishes and bubbles.

Another giftshop…

… and another cafe!

10 thoughts on “The Aquarium

  1. Kimmi, you are blowing me away! The aquarium looks GREAT! (Okay, maybe you need a few more fish in the aquarium *giggle*). I love how you used the aquarium as a window in the café – that is such a cute detail, and something I’m sure all the simkids will find very entertaining!


  2. WOW! (I like having my routines. I begin all my Sims posts by “awwww”, and all the places ones by “WOW!”)
    What a great place, Kim, and with so many things to do! I love the area for kids with the sea theme! And a restaurant! Shops!!! That’s excellent! Like Sara, I like how you used an aquarium window! Too cute!


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