The Honeycomb Museum of Current and Historic Arts

A brand new museum for Lauren to work in!

(I forgot to take a picture of the overview of the basement, but that’s pretty self explanatory anyway)

This room is reserved for exhibitions from talented Sims in Honeycomb Valley. Alexis Hall is the first who will have her work shown here.

The giftshop, for genuine replicas!

The cafe.

8 thoughts on “The Honeycomb Museum of Current and Historic Arts

  1. Yaaaay!! It look so great, Kimmi, and how FAST you have have created this!! I love the museum building, and the café inside!!


    • No, no, I’m not fast, I’m just a bit crazy. The weather has been lovely these past few days and all I have done is sit inside and BUILD from early morning until late at night. Crazy, I tell ya! 😉


  2. WOW!!! I lost my jaw at the first picture already! The classic building, with the statues and the FOUNTAINS (I’m crazy about fountains!) It looks splendid! and hte inside!!! I love what you have done with the chess! and the antics behind glass vitrins! That’s genius!
    And a souvenir shop!!! I still have done mine, but I think I’ll do something with those OMSP resizers!
    I’m also in awe with your cafe! The paintings are so much in style! *heart in the eyes* Lauren is a lucky Sim!!!


  3. I think the chess exhibit is my absolute favorite, I really liked the way you used those SHT props. The platforms are nice, too. 🙂 Ooh, and I really liked the Egyptian history part of the museum!


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