The Richardson family

The Richardson Family

Richardson fam 2


Firefighter Will, teacher Olivia and their son Finn make up the Richardson family. Well technically, Jill is also part of this family. but she started University in 05.
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The Richardson family lives in Orange Blossom, Honeycomb Valley’s main residential district. There’s no tour of their home yet. A picture will follow soon.

8 thoughts on “The Richardson family

    • Thank you Carla! I actually can’t wait to post the summercamp story, but I want to have introduced all the kids first, and since Sophie is named Wilson and therefore one of my last simmies, I might as well wait a bit longer.


  1. Aaaaw, Jill and Finn…. I love these teens! I’m looking forward to rereading both the prom and the summercamp too!!


  2. Aw, you know, when I read your Sims’ bio, I always have something to say about the parents (like, “*sigh* a brave firefighter!” or “I like how Olivia enjoys good life”), but then come the kids, and I forget what I wanted to say about the parents!
    Jill and Finn!! I love her, and she was so cute & funny at the prom, being pissed at James! And Finn!!!! For sure it was a good summercamp! *giggle*


      • haha, see how I did the exact same thing as you, Sandy? I also totally forgot to mention the parent, and now that I revisit this page, I remember thinking how cool that Olivia is a twin and that we’ve met her brother, Thomas. And WOW, how could I not comment on hot daddy, Will-the-fireman?


      • Aww Sara! ❤ You know what I find funny with these genetics? When you see Jasper and Lucas (Thomas' sons), you can tell they're brothers. When you see Jill and Finn, you can tell they're siblings. But the best part is, when you see all four children, you can tell they're related too!


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