Honeybee Quarter

Honeybee Quarter is the center of Honeycomb Valley and the very first district that was built. Many of the buildings in Honeybee Quarter have been around longer than the residents! The numbers on the overview below correspond with the index. Please note that the map is not clickable, the pictures and the index are going to be, once the lots they refer to can be toured.

 1. City Hall
2. The Park
3. Queen Marian Theatre and The Parks of the Separated Sisters
4. Policestation and Library
5. Hospital
6. Shoppingrow
7. Gym
8. Erin’s Elegance (salon) and Lorenzo’s Bodyart (tattoos)
9. Empty lot
10. Cinema
11. Foster’s (diner) and Dancingshoes (balletstudio)
12. Busstation and Travel Agency
13. Empty lot
14. Swimmingpool
15. Bakery and shops
16 Business center (rabbithole)
17. Firestation
18. Daycare center/Harrison family home
19. The Beehive (school)
20. Empty lot

  Theatre              Beehive

8 thoughts on “Honeybee Quarter

  1. What a great downtown you have there, Kim! I love visiting your town FINALLY! It’s funny to see what you have placed there! Your town looks so cohesive.
    The daycare is very handy, just near the school! Parents must be happy! (that makes me regret that parents don’t drop their kids to school… it could be nice!)
    Your cinema is magnificent! And your shops!!! So lovely! I can’t wait to visit the lots!! *heart*


    • Thank you Sandy sweet 🙂 My town looks cohesive, because most of the buildings in one row have the same basic shell. Right now, I built with a bit more variety, but I had never really built anything in TS3 before starting this district. Maybe one house, but that was all. I was often a bit scared to use different materials or make parts of the building higher than the rest. So it became all very similar.
      I too wish parents would take their kids to school! Often when my 5 year old simmies go to school for the first time, I watch them arrive with a bit of fear in my heart. They’re so little still!


  2. Yea!!!! — What a Beautiful downtown! I love it Kimmie. The lush park in the middle, and the white washed and beige walls and dark rooves make the town cohesive and centered. The bubble window for the swimming pool is so much fun. And I love the trees lining the streets. You are something else!


  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Details about Honeycomb Valley!!!!!

    It looks gorgeous, Kimmi, and very cohesive, as other have already mentioned. It really looks like a town centre. *major sigh* I can imagine the streets filled with simmies and life! YAY!!!!


  4. Wow, I absolutely love the look of your downtown, Kimmi!! It’s GORGEOUS! I agree that the cohesiveness of the buildings is extremely appealing! Wow. *sigh*


  5. Your town really is beautiful, Kimmi ❤
    The cinema reminds me a little of the Theatre Royale in Plymouth. The colouring is similar and it's a beautiful old building. It's the windows and the way the Sims can gaze out the window while going up the stairs (this is something my drama class found fascinating when we went to see Peter Pan when I was 13 *chuckle* ).
    One thing I really adore about your downtown is all the awnings your shops have. It makes them look so real and similar, yet individual at the same time. I adore it ❤


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