Simbios updated!

A while ago, the lovely Sonia explained on Simset Boulevard how she took her sims’ pictures. With a screen and proper lighting and Nraas Animator. My simsister Sara then tried it on her sims and, being all excited by the pictures Sonia and Sara took, I decided my simmies needed new pictures too. I’m not as good as Sonia and Sara, but I like these pictures a lot better than the CAS ones at any rate!

The following families had a picture update:

Miss Abbott
The Abbott family
The Anderson family
The Griffiths family
The Marshall family
The Mason family
The Wilson family

The others will follow soon. In the case of the families Griffiths and Marshall I also updated the text a bit, because they recently had kids aging up or births in the family. I was planning on doing this at the beginning of the new simyear, but since I was updating the pictures now anyway, I figured I might as well update the text. 🙂

October 03: Dan and Jill’s 18th Birthday

Friends and classmates Daniel Lloyd and Jill Richardson were both born in October ’85. Because of this they had celebrated a few birthdays together already. Their 12th, their 16th and now they both turned the big 18, so that called for a joined party again. The big celebration was held at the teen hangout and of course Sarah, James and Seth were the first to be invited. But because they wanted it to be a much bigger party than that, they decided to hand out flyers at school to all the teens. Whoever wanted to come, was welcome to.

The birthday kids started the party off with a dance.

More people arrived soon. Finn came to his sister’s party with his girlfriend and her best friend, Martha. Who must have snuck out of the house, because there’s no way John would allow his daughter to go to a party. Especially on a sunday!

Seth danced with Sarah…

A party obviously meant there had to be a performance by The Hot Wings.
With the birthdayboy himself on the drums…

…and James and Seth on the guitars.

Jill and Sarah watched the band…

…while others danced.

Jill and Sarah kept watching the band. Well, that makes sense,they’re their friends. It totally doesn’t have anything to do with James being Jill’s ex. Because she’s SOOO over him!

Umm… Jill…?

Right, okay then,never mind…

At least Sarah was genuinely enjoying the music. For her it was not about a boy.

Of course a birthday means presents too! So when the girls managed to pull their attention away from the band for a while, Sarah gave her best friend a book she had been wanting to read.

An hour later, Sarah and Seth had found a private place to chat.

Or… “chat”…

Well… It looks like it was about a boy for Sarah too, after all.

At the end of the party, after everyone had left, Dan and Jill exchanged presents. 

Happy 18th birthday Jill and Daniel! It was a good party!

The Market

This is the Honeycomb Valley market. It’s not a big place, but it’s big enough for its purpose. Sims can have something to eat here, but mainly shop for bargains. That first edition of that one book you loved as a child? You might find it here! Produce fresh from the land? Get it at the market! If you love to sew and make your own clothes, you won’t find fabrics for a sharper price than here. Homegrown flowers and plants can also be bought at the market and if you don’t like your child playing with plastic pink bunnies, but would much rather see them play with handmade natural toys, created with love, then come to Sara’s stall!
The market is also the place where town events and festivals are held. For now.

Click the first picture to easily view them all in a good size!


The countryside of Honeycomb Valley is split up in two districts: Wildflower and Star Thistle. The area was simply too big to be one district, so it became two.
There aren’t many lots in this part of town. The Edwards family lives here in an old house that’s been in the family for a long time. It’s a very convenient place for them too, since there’s a path from their house leading right up to the church!

1. Market
2. Edwards Family House
3. Community Gardens
4. Flower Fields
5. St. Clifton’s Peteran Church
6. Ranch


The Park

I didn’t like the original Sunset Valley Park. But when I took a closer look at it, I realised it wasn’t actually that bad. But the red stone, and that playground, and well, more details like those; it just wasn’t entirely Honeycomb Valley worthy. So, I didn’t demolish it, but instead just “spruced it up” a bit. Changing some things, adding some things, removing some things, recolouring some things. And adding a stage when Showtime was released. That’s how Sunset Valley Park became Honeycomb Valley Park. Enjoy the tour!

Clicking the first picture will open a stream, where you can easily view all pictures in a proper size. 

City Hall

Under the tab “Honeycomb Valley” I posted an interactive map of the town. A while ago I added a post that zoomed in on one of the districts in Honeycomb Valley: Honeybee Quarter, the downtown district. Now it’s time to start zooming in a bit more and start with my lot tours in that district. First up is City Hall, because that is obviously the heart of the town. If it looks familiar on the outside, that’s probably because I very much copied Sandy’s (from Around My Sims) City Hall. 😉 The interior is mine though!

City Hall is workplace to Henry, Robert, Katie, Carmen and David.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size.

September 03: Back to School

The Day Before

September came round and soon school and university would be starting again for the kids, teens, students and teachers of Honeycomb Valley. As per usual, the day before school would start again, The Beehive opened its doors to the kids and teens who would be starting in primary school or high school after summer. To get acquainted. Of course the parents were invited too.

Ellie and Liam were a bit nervous, but not as much as their mums, probably!

Holly, Kyra, Logan and John Jr. finally got to explore “upstairs” now that they were teenagers. They, and their parents, met with Benjamin, who will be their class mentor for the next two years.

After the new kids and teens had left, it was time for the teachers to get together for a quick “beginning of the year” briefing and of course some catching up.

The first day

The next morning, the first day of the school year was finally there. This wasn’t just exciting for the kids and teens. Maths teacher Pierce also felt just a little bit nervous. He had started teaching at The Beehive in January, but with the new year came new responsibilities and the new beginning is always just a bit nervewracking either way.
He kissed Loretta goodbye and got on his bike to go to school.

Half an hour after Pierce arrived at school, so did the pupils.

From the seniors…
(And is that Finn thinking of Sadie in the background?…)

…to the kids! (And VERY pregnant Annabel who dropped off her youngest daughter for her first day)

At 9.00 everyone was inside and ready to get started!

The kids

Liam and Ellie turned 5 over summer and had been looking forward to their first day in Miss Eva‘s class. Riley and Ruth, who are also in their class, were already 6. For them it all wasn’t so new anymore, although they would get a lot of new challenges too this year.  Eva gave the kids a few minutes to get used to each other and their environment.
*** Gameplay note: as you might have read in my post on Education, kids of two different ages are in the same class. It’s like this in class I teach in real life as well. It helps me fill my classes. ***

When all the kids had found a seat, Eva started with her “welcome to class” speech. She explained what was going to happen this year and what the rules are.

After a while, attention was clearly dwindling, so Eva put the kids to work. The two youngest ones got a half hour of free play, while Eva gave some maths instructions to Ruth and Riley.

Ellie wanted to know when they were going to play outside…

The teens

One floor up, our “new” teens were experiencing their first day too. Their first lesson was Science, taught by Mr. Murray. Here too, there was time for a few minutes of chitchat before getting down to business.

John didn’t waste any time to show his feelings of superiority towards his classmates. When Kyra kindly asked him how his summer had been, he responded rather rudely…

Logan saw it too.

And there was a new girl in class!  Her name is Trisha and she moved to Honeycomb Valley with her brother Garett, who’s a photographer. Trisha and Garett will be properly introduced in time. All of her new classmates, with the exception of John, welcomed her warmly.

Then Elliot felt it was time to begin the lesson, so he called everyone to take their seats.

Science is VERY fascinating…

(Although, maybe not for Holly, who somehow managed to stay out of most pictures I took. Maybe she’s camera shy?)

The students

For the students at Honeycomb University, lessons were also starting again. Two weeks after the kids and teens went back, so did they.
***Side noteHarry Newman graduated High School in 02. At that time, the university hadn’t yet been built, so technically, this would have been his first year. However, knowing Harry’s father the mayor, I didn’t think he would approve of his son doing “nothing” for a year. So I decided to pretend Harry had already had a year of university education behind him. Read about my university system in the education post.***

Two new first year students moved into the Student Residence to live there with Harry (second year history), Narai* (second year science) and Lola* (third year linguistics): Mia, who will be studying medicine and Chris*, who will be a music student.

A new university building had been built over the last months and the students all agreed it was a great building, with a quiet library…

…a cafe with good food…

… and a nice terrace.

That night they celebrated the start of the academic year at the local (student)pub, The Bumblebee.

The year was off to a great start!

* Narai, Lola and Chris are all originally created with different names by Alex at