The Bumblebee

When SimSeptember started and I wanted to send my students out for a drink to get to know each other a bit better, I realised there wasn’t really any place to do that in Honeycomb Valley. There’s Foster’s, Charlotte’s place in Honeybee Quarter, but that’s more a dinner and I felt my students needed a pub. So, with much empty terrain still left in Bumblebee Quarter (where the university and the student dorm are also situated), I built them one. I decided it should be called The Bumblebee, which, I agree, isn’t very creative, but it is very fitting. 😉

I took the pictures at nighttime, not only because it just was nighttime, but also thought it fit the atmosphere. Clicking the first picture, will open a carrousel view where you can view all the pictures in a bigger size.


7 thoughts on “The Bumblebee

  1. OOooh, it’s the perfect place for a pub, my sweet! I love the atmosphere, there, with the rugs, the red & green! It’s very cozy and unformal, and yet very “pubish”. I’m coming right now!!!


  2. Every town needs a good students pub! And I totally love yours! While I was scrolling down the pictures, I just thought “It’s the perfect place!” And both Sandy and Cheezy said that too, which means that it is, indeed! 😀 Such a pity I’m too young for pubs! 😛


  3. *applause* Kimmi, it looks wonderful!!! And yes, it’s the perfect place *giggle* I LOVE the rugs, they make the room look super cosy 🙂 And the shot from the street!! So gorgeous!


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