The Wyler family

The Wyler Family

Wyler fam


The Wyler family used to be Robert, Patty and their three children; daughter Eva and twins James and Sarah. But since november 05, the nest is empty, since all children have now moved out. So now it’s just Patty and Robert. Click their names to visit their personal pages.


The Wyler family lives in Orange Blossom, Honeycomb Valley’s main residential district. There’s no tour of their home yet. A picture will follow soon.

6 thoughts on “The Wyler family

  1. Aaaw, poor Robert having to settle with less than mayor and a fish tank πŸ˜€ He and Patty are a great couple!!
    *waves* Hi James! Ohh, I can’t wait to read the Egypt story!!
    *waves* Hi Sarah!! She is so lovely! And I think her and Seth wouldmake a very dashing couple. Nice name, by the way ;P


  2. Sorry the parents, I’m the gal who focus on teens, even if you’re both super adorable! πŸ˜‰
    Aww, James!! I love that picture with Jill! πŸ˜€
    You confused me with your Seth, sisters! But I love both of them. Sarah would have a hard time at choosing one!


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