01: A Summary

I didn’t really start taking pictures of my sims’ doings until I myself became more active in the simcommunity, so I don’t have many pictures of SimYears 01 and 02, but in case you still wish to know what happened prior to the stories I’m posting, I will give you a little summary here.

In 01….

  • Carmen had herself a little woohoo with Onslow.
  • …Her grandson Wesley had some fun too with miss Anna, resulting in the birth of Matthew.
  • Eva fell and hurt her ankle, but that led to meeting Jasper.
  • Wendy got a cat.
  • Alice met Simon at the centennial of Smuggsworth Prep.
  • Kai literally bumped into Rosalie during an evening jog, which resulted in a date, and another, and another…
  • Kyle proposed to Erin during their holiday in France.
  • Seth, Daniel and James formed a band, The Hot Wings.
  • Jill got her nerves together and asked James out. He accepted and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. They had quite a few “firsts” together this year too…
  • Bradley and David went to China and got married there. They also bought a puppy.

Transitions to the next lifestage:





New residents:

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