July 03: Camp Windiwell (Part 1)

SimJuly came round and the school closed its doors. Summer! The time of picnics, barbecues, late night family gatherings, pool parties with friends, going on holiday and, for some Honeycomb Valley teens: summercamp! Such an exciting time, both for the teens and youth workers Don and Kylie.

Side note; when I was a kid, there was this youth organisation in my town called Don Bosco which organised camps and games for kids. I never actually went, but it was the first thing I thought of when creating my summercamp. So I decided to call one of the youth workers Don Bosco. 😉

Seven teens between the ages of 13 and 16 packed their bags and went down to the busstation, accompanied by their parents. Except for Jeffrey Abbott, who had to go by himself.

After a quick last hug with mum, it was time to get on the bus and go.

Upon arrival at camp Windiwell in Appaloosa Plains, the kids quickly decided who would share a cabin. BFFs Rachel and Sadie shared one, classmates Sophie, Esme and Ruby shared another and the two boys of the bunch obviously had to bunk together.

Rachel and Sadie broke in their cabin by having a pillowfight…

… while Rachel’s younger sister Ruby explored the camp

After everyone was settled in, Don and Kylie called the group together for a quick camp briefing. No nighttime wanderings, make your own beds, everyone gets a turn to do the washing up; that sort of thing.

But it seemed that Finn was more interested in something (or better yet, someONE) else…

After the briefing, Kylie took a group picture of the bunch. Here are small brief introductions, clicking their names will take you to their full bios!
From left to right:

Sadie Stevens; Sadie turned 16 in SimMay. She and her sister Esme had a big sleepover together to which they both got to invite their entire class. She’s best friends with Rachel Murray with whom she giggles and gossips a lot. Sadie and Rachel both have a HUGE crush on their classmate Finn. You may have heard me talking about teenage girls stalking a boy they had a crush on once? Yep, that’s them.

Esme Stevens; Sadie’s younger sister Esme turned 14 in SimApril. She’s a lot feistier than her big sister. At the sleepover it was Esme who actually spent a lot of time talking to Finn…

Sophie Wilson; 14 year old Sophie is a smart cookie. All this business with boys is not something Sophie is very into (yet?), she would rather explore the world around her and learn new things all the time.

Ruby Murray; Ruby is the benjamin of the group. She’s 13 and mighty glad her best friend Sophie isn’t as hung up on boys as her sister Rachel and Sadie are. She really doesn’t see the appeal…

Rachel Murray; Ruby’s older sister Rachel just turned 16 in June. She’s a sweet, shy and quiet girl. She wasn’t sure she’d like something like “summercamp”, but Sadie went too. And, more importantly, so did Finn. *sigh* Finn… Rachel loves Finn *sigh* What’s that? She should tell him? No way, she couldn’t possibly…

Finn Richardson; Finn is 15 and totally oblivious to Sadie and Rachels dreamy stares. To be totally honest, Finn always thought girls were rather weird creatures. Having an older sister at home (Jill, whom we met in the previous story), he felt he had more than his share of female hormones around and often retreated into the woods to search for collectables or to go fishing. However, lately, he’s starting to reconsider his opinion on the ladies…

Jeffrey Abbott; If you’ve read the full post on trailerpark family The Abbotts, you will already have read about Jeffrey, who’s 14. The middle child of the Abbotts is rather different than the rest of his trailerpark family. Every chance he gets to get away from them for a while, he’ll grab with both hands. Summercamp was perfect for Jeffrey. No family around AND he gets to be outside in nature. Pure bliss.

Gameplay note; I felt like summercamp was the best time for some teen romances, but I didn’t want to meddle too much in this. I sometimes like when they decide for themselves who they fancy. So I set SP -> allow romance to “true” for this household. We shall see…

After the picture, the kids had the rest of the afternoon to themselves to explore some of the things camp Windiwell had to offer. (I actually did let them decide for themselves. It was fun to just watch them to see what they’d get up to)

Jeffrey decided to go fishing…

Ruby played catch with Sophie…

and Finn had a game of Gnubb with Esme.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Kylie (who is a natural cook) cooked the meal for the first evening; grilled cheese and mac and cheese (okay, if that’s the kind of thing a natural cook brews, then I must be a natural cook too…). Apparently she has an affection for cheese.

The kids (and Don) seemed to enjoy it either way.

Rachel and Jeffrey were the first on washing up duty. I think Jeffrey is not really doing anything though Rach… C’mon, be assertive!

After the meal, they had some nighttime activities of which all the pictures came out too dark. Better luck next time.

Around 10 (nice early first night 😉 ) the kids brushed their teeth and went to bed.

The girls giggled and chatted for a while, and the boys had a pillowfight.

The next morning over breakfast, Finn decided he was definitely NOT doing the washing up today.

He didn’t have to. Soon after breakfast they all headed out to visit the Appaloosa Plains ranch and after that, the swimmingpool (since they can’t swim in the lake at camp…)

Time for another gameplay note; I didn’t change anything in AP. I just felt it was a great location for a summercamp, so I built the camp. Other than that, it’s still a town full of ugly EA buildings. I really did NOT like the swimmingpool but was in no mood to change it, I just wanted to play.

While they were at the pool (and I sat back and just let them do their thing again), I suddenly saw this happening….

An amorous hug. Initiated by Esme. Finn didn’t seem to mind though. They both rolled wishes to have a first kiss with the other person soon after.

Back at camp, later that day, Finn and Esme met up behind the cabins for some more chatting and flirting. (Still entirely their decision…)

Meanwhile, Rachel and Sadie gossiped some more, completely unaware of what their crush was up to at that moment…

Since Finn and Esme seemed to hit it off so well, the controller meddled a bit after dinner and sent them up to the platform over the water. (Hey, I remember someone (Sandy) mentioning it would be a perfect place for a first kiss…? 😉 )

This is how it went…

First there were some more flirts… And some more looks…

Oh, and Esme telling Finn she’s bisexual, apparently. Which got this look:

That was more of a turn on than a turn off, it seemed, cause after another brilliant facial expression from Finn…:


(Okay, okay, I might have meddled there a little bit more… 😉 )

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has rolled the wish to have a first kiss with Ruby. More on that in part 2 of the Camp Windiwell stories!

12 thoughts on “July 03: Camp Windiwell (Part 1)

  1. What a lovely camping trip. Do you have a preview of the camp somewhere?
    How much did it cost to send the whole bunch to AP?
    I really like how you make your game so, in depth.


    • Thank you Ani! I had pictures of my camp at TSD, but I’m not sure they’re still there because the Dailies Goodies forum had all those issues. I will post them again soon! I’m not even sure how much it cost to send them all on camp anymore. I have to admit I have no monetary system in place yet, because there’s not really any point with the way my game messes up my Sims’ family funds all the time anyway. I do let them live more or less realistically (as in, I take their money away from them all the time, because I don’t like them being rich), but with things like this, I just go ahead and send them out, regardless of costs. But maybe it can be calculated. It was 9 sims for 5 days.


  2. Hmmm, from the beginning, I thought Finn was going to go for Sadie but it looks like Esme had something to say about that! That is indeed a very pretty location for a first kiss.

    Onto the next part! I have a feeling Sadie won’t be too happy!


  3. Yahoo, the camp!! It is such a great idea, and perfect for teen romances… and dramas! Oh, the dramas! I like that you meddled and sent Finn and Esme to the platform for some romance *sigh*


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