July 03: Camp Windiwell (Part 2)

To follow this story you should read part 1 first. 🙂

The following morning the group went out for a bikeride through Appaloosa Plains

They ended up at the beach. (Another really ugly EA lot, if you ask me… I shall be making some quick minor changes to AP lots before I send another group of kids on summercamp next SimYear…)

It wasn’t long before people started to catch on to the fact there was something between Esme and Finn. (No surprise since they were kissing it up in the middle of the beach). Sadie confronted her sister with what an awful terrible thing she did.

Esme was not impressed. It wasn’t her fault that Finn liked her better, now was it?

But Sadie still felt that Esme had done the most awful thing she could ever have done. She KNEW Sadie liked Finn. She KNEW it and went after him anyway! Sadie immediately went to find Rachel to tell her the bad news…

She did not take it well…

“But I thought he liked me…” 😦

Knowing they would from now get used to seeing views like this one…, they decided to snub Esme until further notice.

After this bit of drama, the group had a picnic.

After which, Don decided to play some music for everyone. But Sadie apparently had other plans…

While Don happily played his music…

…in the background THIS happened…

:O Sadie, you minx!

And Esme saw it too! War was ON!

Meanwhile, Jeffrey played some catch with Ruby.

Remember he rolled the wish to have a first kiss with her? Well, he tried and tried to make the relationship better and better, but all his attempts to flirt or do anything romantic, while not being shut down by Ruby, were always met by things like friendly hugs from her end… Maybe she’s just not ready yet…?

Back at the camp the group had dinner.

After which they made a fire outside to sit by, tell stories and roast marshmellows.

What’s that, Sophie? You’re not telling me there’s yet another girl crushing on Finn…

And Rachel burned her marshmellow. 😦 It was clearly not her day…

When it got too cold outside, Rachel, Sadie and Sophie decided to play a game of scrabble indoors.

Jeffrey decided to take another chance with Ruby and asked her to watch the stars with him.

Even though she accepted, it still wasn’t the romantic moment he had imagined.. So he decided to just be forward and ask her if she liked him.

Her answer was surprising.

“I’m sorry Jeff, you’re a really nice guy and everything, but I think… I just… I don’t know… I think… I maybe… don’t really like boys in that way… I think…”

(Because Ruby wasn’t flirting back at all, and she didn’t have any personality traits fitting that behaviour, I decided to check MC to see if it could maybe be a gender preference thing. It was. I decided to keep it that way. I usually go with the gender preference they “naturally” have.)

Ruby hadn’t told anyone that before, not even her best friend Sophie. Even though Jeff was disappointed, he was happy she confided in him and they had a heart to heart which only strengthened their friendship.

Esme and Finn meanwhile had a moment in what Sims seem to think is the most romantic place on earth…

VERY risky close embrace for a teenage boy in only boxers Finn… Be careful there…

Weeks flew by, and before long, it was the last day of camp already.

Kylie and Don decided to bring some culture to the summer and took the group to the art gallery.

After which the kids got to venture out into AP on their own.

Rachel and Sadie went shopping, Ruby and Sophie went to the gym and Finn and Esme found a place almost as romantic as the camp bathrooms…

Jeffrey went to the horse ranch, where he met Benni, who immediately started flirting with him…

They apparently hit it off really well, cause they decided this…

I guess Jeffrey REALLY wanted a summerkiss…

Back at the camp, he told Finn during a moment of fishing…

Jeff: “And then she just kissed me! Do girls usually do that?”

Finn: “Yeah man, girls are wild! Oh look, a fish!”

With it being the last night, the kids had some pizza. (Except for vegetarian Rachel, who had some autumn salad. Don’t worry, she wasn’t disappointed, it’s her favourite meal)

After pizza, it was time for karaoke night.

Don kicked the party off with what he felt was a great performance.

Then Esme and Sophie had a go. It was not very pleasant…

Finn seems to disagree though.

The boys did a song too. Mostly just for laughs.

Esme seems to be less impressed by Finn than he was by her…

But then Sadie and Ruby took the stage. (Rachel is WAY too shy for this sort of thing)

They rocked!!!

The next morning, it was time to pack.

Finn and Esme returned once more to the place where it all began…

And Jeffrey invited Benni over for a goodbye kiss… (To be honest, Jeff, I think she’ll just be eagerly waiting for the next group of townboys to come to camp, but we’ll see..)

Much too soon, the bus rolled round to take them all back…

The parents gathered at the Honeycomb Valley busstation were happy to see their kids again.

Rachel and Ruby immediately started telling their parents about their adventures, while there was an awkward silence between the Stevens sisters…

Soon, the kids said their goodbyes. (Mum and dad Murray wondered if there might be something going on between Jeffrey and their youngest daughter…)

Back home, things quickly returned to normal.

After spending only 30 minutes with his sister, Finn wished he was back at camp…

…while Jeffrey was actually happy to see his! (Chantal is the only member of his family he actually gets on with…)

Sadie and Esme visited their mum at her toystore. She immediately sensed something was up between her girls…

Sophie was just happy to be back home with her books.

And while dusk settled over Honeycomb Valley, the Murray sisters reminisced about camp on the park swings…

10 thoughts on “July 03: Camp Windiwell (Part 2)

  1. Oh no, a war between sisters! Plus Rachel and Sophie? Finn’s a popular guy!

    On the other hand, Jeffrey and Ruby’s little story is kind of adorable, if a little sad. It’s a shame she doesn’t like boys “that way”. I think they could be good friends anyway. It looks like he got over her pretty fast anyway!


    • Yeah, I should maybe adapt the story a little bit, it’s sort of important to know Rachel and Sadie have had crushes on Finn for ages. Sophie’s look was new to me too though! 🙂
      And Jeff, aww, he’s only 14. 🙂


  2. Hahaha, my favourite picture has to be when Sadie tells Rachel about Finn and Esme! She looks completely devastated!
    The story between Jeff and Ruby is so cute. I’m happy her “confession” could strengthen their friendship – Jeff sure moved on quickly *giggle* And with Benni!!!


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