July 03: Travels To Distant Lands Pt. 1: China

Aaron and Charlotte Harvey always dreamt of visiting China, but because they had kids before they had a chance to, they had to wait. Now that Logan and Emily were 13 and 11, their parents felt they were old enough for a trip like that, so in July 03, the Harvey Family packed their bags and traveled all the way to China.

The hotel had a lot of steps, but it didn’t matter, they were in CHINA!

Logan and Emily shared a room next to their parents’. It was a great room.

A familypicture was taken in front of The Temple of Heaven, but the temple was so impressive, it distracted the family slightly…

It was beautiful though…

Later that day it was time for some real Chinese food.

Emily handled the chopsticks her way. 😉

The next morning they went to see some more sights, like the Terracotta Army.

Say cheese!

A few days later they visited the Dragon’s Maw, it was huge and impressive.

And the views from up there were gorgeous…

Logan wanted to try Martial Arts, so later that holiday they went to the Resolute Fist Retreat

Keep practicing Logan!

He did eventually earn a belt.

And then there was Liu, a girl Logan met at the retreat. She spoke a bit of Simlish which she learnt in school, so they could communicate.

Liu was really nice…

The girls spent the last day of their holiday reading at a campside, while the men in the family tried their luck at fishing.

Before long, it was time to say goodbye to new friends and head back home again. Hopefully we’ll meet again someday…

9 thoughts on “July 03: Travels To Distant Lands Pt. 1: China

  1. Weeee, a brand new story!! This family is so cute And wow, such stunning photos of SimChina! How cute that Logan met a cute girl – no first kiss, though?


  2. Such a cute family travel! The pics of the family are lovely, and the surroundings too! I can’t help but notice how pretty is that hotel room! I hope Logan can get to see Liu again…


  3. Haha, I love the way Emily “handled” her chopsticks! I never knew sims could do that. I should definitely spend more time adventuring.

    The views from that hillside were lovely. 🙂 And it looks like Logan had a nice summer romance!


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