July 03: Travels to Distant Lands Pt. 2: Egypt

Oliver and Claire Lloyd had planned to visit Egypt this holiday. They saved up for this trip for years and now the big day was finally here. Daniel‘s best friend and cousin James went with them.

The Lloyds picked James up at home and after a smothering hug from his mum, they were good to go.

Oliver was very excited for this trip!

After hours of travel, they arrived at the camp in Al Simhara, Egypt.

Daniel was very happy to be there, even though it was quite hot already.

After exploring the camp and its surroundings, the family visited the local market. They asked one of the locals to take their picture with the Sphinx in the background.

People at the market were lovely, and rather beautiful too, James thought.

This young lady was called Dunya and James and Dunya had a very nice chat, after which he managed to get her phonenumber. Hey, he’s single again, isn’t he? 😉

The next day, they visited the Sphinx. Underneath the Sphinx was a tomb that was open to travelers. Although… open… Well, it is after you manage to open all the doors. Both Oliver and Daniel had a go…

Eventually they managed to get in and spent the rest of the day exploring the tomb.

When a new morning arrived, James decided to give the nice Egyptian girl Dunya a call and invite her over to the campground.

They sure seemed to hit it off… Oh, if Jill knew about this…

Of course some more sight seeing was planned too…

And apparently the best way to get from one occasion to another in the smoldering desert heat is running in formation… Ummm… Right. Okay then guys. Al Simhara is gorgeous though.

Another thing to do in the smoldering desert heat is playing your music. “Rocking it, Egypt style”, according to Daniel. Hey, this was the chance to put The Hot Wings on the map internationally, right? Although, without Seth, they’re not really The Hot Wings, are they? Claire suggested they’d go with “The Wings” then, just for the trip, but Daniel and James dismissed this idea. If they are the Wings, that means Seth is the Hot. No, no, no. So they settled on being The Hot, just for the trip. They sure felt hot anyway. Both literally and figuratively.

While yet another night fell, the standard “we went to Egypt and saw camels” picture had to be taken.

That night it was time for real Egyptian food at a real Egyptian bistro.

I don’t think your uncle is listening, James…

On the second to last night, James headed out to a more secluded campsite. One by the water, with only one tent and a firepit. I wonder why…

It was a beautiful place, and James quickly changed out of his sweaty shirt into something clean. And if you’re wondering why…

… here’s the answer…
Miss Dunya had also dressed up to meet James at the secluded place.

They watched the stars together. James had a lot to say about them. Dunya didn’t understand everything he said, but wow this guy is sexy…

Their privacy didn’t last, because this Egyptian lady decided to use the fire pit to umm… cook her dinner? 

James was astounded by the amount of food this lady put on her stick, but when Dunya did the same thing, he figured that putting the entire content of your fridge on a stick and roasting it on a firepit must just be what the Egyptians call cooking…

So, wanting to try out the cultural habits, James followed their example. He doesn’t look too sure though…

After all the food, the lady left, and James and Dunya moved their little private party to the tent… Let’s just say, they got very acquainted in there…


But James wasn’t the only one getting the attention from the Egyptian ladies. Meanwhile back at the camp, Daniel had run into a young lady called Anuba. Anuba spoke Simlish very well and Daniel and she hit it off immediately.

Soon, the last day was upon them and the family decided to visit Abu Simbel.

It was HUGE!

The last place to visit this day was The Pyramid of the Sky, where James took a picture of his uncle, aunt and cousin.

That night, the plane home would leave at 2.00 (2 am). While Oliver, Claire and James decided to get some rest before the trip, Daniel chose to spend the last hours in Egypt with Anuba.

It seemed to be going quite well…

And a couple of hours later, with only a few minutes left, Daniel took his chance!

It didn’t go quite as far as James’ encounter with Dunya, but it was still a trip Daniel won’t easily forget!


By morning, they were back in Honeycomb Valley. Taking James home and getting some coffee from Patty was the first order of business.

After the stories were told it was time for the Lloyds to return to their own home.

“It was an awesome trip, man, awesome trip!”

8 thoughts on “July 03: Travels to Distant Lands Pt. 2: Egypt

  1. The boys think it was an awesome trip? Well I think this was an AWESOME story!! *does a little dance*
    I adore the first picture with Patty saying goodbye to James. You are so good at these “family moments”.
    Wow, Al Simhara really is very beautiful. You took some gorgeous shots (*lol* at the simmies always running in formation), and I love all the posed shots! They just seem very appropriate, because that’s what people usually do when they’re on holiday.

    But the most interesting is of course the teen romances. Dunya is so cute! And James really seems to have gotten over Jill, huh? *giggle* How cute that they had a rendezvous by that little oasis. Very romantic………

    And Daniel and Anuba!! Was that Daniel’s first kiss? SO SWEET!!

    Hehe, I found that little info about the Hot Wings really funny! *giggle*


  2. Aw, such a great trip, Kim! I loved how the whole family wears those adventurer outfits! 😀
    How nice to have taken James with them! Dunya is indeed very lovely! I laughed hard at the local habits about BBQ! That’s quite an impressive kebab! *lol*
    That first kiss with Anuba!!! Awwww! How sweet!
    I could quote Sara (as usual! ;)) about the pictures! I laughed at the Sims running in the heat, and I loved the posed pictures, so “tourists”! 😀
    The Hot rock, Wings or not! *rock on*

    Great story, and great trip, Kim! *smooch*


    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the impressive kebabs!! 😀 I laughed at that too – especially the lady with maybe 10 hotdogs all clustered together!!


  3. My lovely sisters! Oh, how I enjoyed reading your comments! ❤
    Yes, it was Daniel's first kiss, which is why James went a lot further than Dan did. James has already had all of his "firsts" anyway. 😉 I had a lot of fun playing this touristy trip and like both of you I laughed so much at the kebabs. I HAD to take some pictures of it.
    I LOVE YOU triplet-sisters! Xxx


  4. I love this story! The family pictures are awesome, great way to use the poses!
    And it was so funny to read! I can’t stop laughing at the giant kebabs, the sims running in formation, and The Hot!
    Also, they got to meet cute girls! 😀


  5. The Hot Wings!!! Best band name ever.

    James, James, James… *wags finger* When Jill hears about this, she will be none too pleased. *giggles* Obviously James had a little *more* than a summer romance… 😉


  6. Funny thing is, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Egypt, but when you go in the desert the tour guides spend their time telling you to stick together cause it’s rather dangerous. So maybe running in formation is just their way of doing that =D

    (Found your blog through Sandy’s. Love to read about people who play an entire town^^)


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