August 03: Those Summer Days

I took many pictures this SimSummer, while visiting many different families. But none of them gave me enough pictures for a full story, so I decided to combine them and instead of giving you many small stories in many small posts, give you many small stories in one big post!

So here’s what the summer of 03 brought my simmies.

Warm days at the Abbott trailers

August 03 in Honeycomb Valley was a hot one. For the Abbott family this wasn’t much of a problem, since they needed to spend most of their time outside either way. So, the hot weather was appreciated.

Chantal and Jeffrey enjoyed the waterslide

And when Jeffrey was getting sick of his family, he went on fishing trips with his best friend Logan.

The eldest child of the Abbott family spent the summer days practicing his hobby too: picking up girls on the beach

Yes, that is another girl…

Evenings at the Abbott trailers were spent with barbecues, beer and tv in front of the trailer. Carmen of course attented too.

Obviously the hottub got put to use as well…

You better make sure little Matthew isn’t getting any half siblings there, Wes

The Newmans in France

While Wesley was hopefully making sure of that indeed, his son was in France. Along with Anna, Henry, Jacqueline and family butler Regina.

The Newmans spent their summer at the house in Champs Les Sims. It was great seeing old friends again.

Regina got to come along because someone needed to cook…

…and take care of  Matthew.

While the rest of the family spent their time swimming…


…horseback riding… (Anna and Jacqueline brought their horses)

…and of course getting friendly with the locals…

Yes, localS, plural…

…even the ones in steady relationships!

Esme and Finn

Back in Honeycomb Valley there were two teens who were not yet in a steady relationship, but had spent a great few weeks at Camp Windiwell earlier that summer: Esme and Finn.

Back home they continued to meet and they obviously still liked each other as much as they did before. Finn even got a bit of a romantic thing going and offered Esme flowers. Awww….

They did many fun things together. Like visit the new pool.

The new pool was very popular with other members of the Stevens family too. Esme’s dad Dylan decided to have his 40th birthday party there.

And Finn and Esme continued to meet. At the aquarium for instance.

At the end of this day, Finn decided to ask Esme if she wanted to actually be his girlfriend. She gladly accepted. Her sister was less amused by this news…

Alice and Simon

The youngsters of the town weren’t the only ones in love. Alice and Simon were enjoying their time together so much…

…they decided to move in together!

Ellie’s birthday!

Across the road from Alice and Simon’s home, Simon’s granddaughter Ellie had a birthday! She was turning 5 in August and was ready to start school soon. But first it was birthday time!

The family was very happy to be celebrating her birthday!

Especially uncle Zach

And 3, 2, 1…


Crossed eyed toddler growing up to be…

…umm no.

That’s better! 

Of course a birthday means cake!

And presents!

And some little girl dancing!

Hope everyone had a happy summer!

8 thoughts on “August 03: Those Summer Days

  1. Aww, great holidays, Kim!!! *swoon*

    Wes is such a heartbreaker! He seduces several girls per DAYS!
    I love how everyone spend so different holidays. The Abbott sound so real with their BBQ and outdoors TV!

    The Newman were in the amazing house Manu built for you, right?
    Ana is SO scandalous, oh dear! I love her expression when she gets caught by her latest crush’s girlfriend! *lol* I love how Jacqueline is so formal riding her horse!

    Aww, Esme and Finn! What beautiful holidays they spent together! And there’s so many beautiful places to date in your town, my sweet! Dylan is pretty hot! *sweat*
    Big hugs to Sadie, though!

    Alice and Simon!!!! Awww!!! How sweet to follow them! Somehow, I was really impatient to meet them! *swoon*

    ELLIE!!! OMG, ELLIE!!! What a cutie!!! Awww, I’m melting here! She’s such a little darling, with her cute flowery dress and her blonde hair! I adore her already! What’s her new trait?
    I can’t wait to meet… huh… I won’t spoil the surprise for anyone, so I shut up. Can’t wait what’s next! 😉


    • Sandy! I’m glad you think the Abbott are very real with their tv and BBQ. I thought so too, but I never know if it’s just me. Wes is just terrible haha,but his dad is much the same way, so what could we expect. 😉
      YES, the Newman family is in the house Manu built for them, umm, me. It’s a GREAT house! So fitting for them!
      Sadie will just have to get used to it I guess… Of course it might not last, but for now, she’ll have to live with Esme and Finn being a couple. Dylan is a professional athlete, so he works out for a living. This is what you get then. 😉
      I added the pictures of Alice and Simon especially for you, my sweet, I knew you wanted to see more about them. 🙂
      Ellie may look like a little darling, but don’t be fooled, she’s quite a handful… She was already grumpy and is now rebellious on top of that. She might be a little Ingrid in the making…
      More Ellie pictures are coming in the next update about the first day of school!


  2. We don’t even have Seasons yet but your pictures made it seem like you have a sneak preview copy! Very summery atmosphere in all of them!

    The Newmans are a lucky, lucky family! I wish I could jet off to France for the summer. I didn’t know you could bring pets on Vacation. That’s awesome. I think I remember you could do it in TS1 but you can’t in TS2 (I fake it sometimes by teleporting the pets in).

    Even though Esme and Finn made poor Sadie pretty angry when they got together, I have to say that they make a pretty adorable couple.


    • Aww thank you Carla! ❤
      Sims actually can't bring pets on holiday, unless you use Twallan's Traveler mod. I love this mod! It makes my holidays so much easier!
      I think Esme and Finn are cute together too. 🙂


  3. YAY!!! Summer chronicles!! I love these kinds of stories, where we get to know a little bit about what everyone got up to ❤

    The Abbotts are such a fun family *giggle* Wes is such a player!!! Two different girls at the beach, and then another girl in the hot tub?!

    I love that first picture of glamourous Jacqueline kissing her friend on the cheek. It is just a perfect picture of her!! With the big hat and everything! How cool that the girls brought their horses with them. I love those shots of them riding around the town.
    WHOA!! Wes and Anna both! And ooops, one of them had a girlfriend (well, how was she supposed to know? *giggle*)

    ESME AND FINN!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Aaaww, they're so cute!
    The new pool looks great!! I can't remember if you've showed pictures of it before? (Hoooo MAMA, Dylan is a hottie!!!)

    Aaaawww, Alice and SImon are just as cute! They have to be the cutest elder couple in the whole SIm world! And now they will live together *yahoo*

    Ooooh, Ellie's birthday!! *throws confetti* She's adorable!! Speaking of adorable, there are quite of few of those simmies at this birthday party! Look at cutie Zach, Grandpa Simon looks so happy!!, and the pregnant sisters!!!! *SQUEEEEE*


    • Aww thank you Sara-love! ❤

      In Wesley's defense: the girl in the hottub is the first one from the beach. So it was two girls. 😉 Actually, maybe this is not in Wesley's defense. I'm sure he would prefer you to think it was 3.

      Exactly, how was Anna supposed to know? She's a saint. He's the one with the girlfriend. Not her fault she's hotter than that chick. 😉

      I did not show pictures of the pool I think. It will be shown when I introduce more of my town. I should get round to that soon actually. I'm just too caught up in posting stories at the moment.

      Thank you for commenting, sweetie!


  4. Your sims have such lovely summers. *sighs* I imagine that Seasons will bring them many more things to do over the holidays 😀

    Ellie is such a cute kid. Can’t wait for her to start school and meet all her new classmates!

    My sims make horrible party guests. Whether it be a wedding, a housewarming party, or a birthday, they never bring any presents! Sure the inactive sims have an excuse, but even the sims who *live* with them don’t have anything to give them. I should really fix that up.

    Wes and Anna look like trouble. Together, they could probably populate an entire town – whether it be with each other or other sims.

    Despite the drama, Esme and Finn are cuties. ❤

    LOVE that community pool!


    • *lol* at your simmies being bad party guests, hahaha! You’re probably right about Wes and Anna! They’re just sluts, I have no other word!
      Thanls for your lovely words, Cheezy! ❤


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