City Hall

Under the tab “Honeycomb Valley” I posted an interactive map of the town. A while ago I added a post that zoomed in on one of the districts in Honeycomb Valley: Honeybee Quarter, the downtown district. Now it’s time to start zooming in a bit more and start with my lot tours in that district. First up is City Hall, because that is obviously the heart of the town. If it looks familiar on the outside, that’s probably because I very much copied Sandy’s (from Around My Sims) City Hall. 😉 The interior is mine though!

City Hall is workplace to Henry, Robert, Katie, Carmen and David.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size.

11 thoughts on “City Hall

  1. *drops jaw*

    OH! MY! WORD!!

    Kimmi, you are amazing! You think of EVERYTHING when you create something in the Sims! I love all the details and just your brilliant ideas for what a city hall needs…. like the conference room, the public counters (with take-a-number machines!!)…. – it makes your city hall so realistic!



  2. Oooh! Totally in love with your conference room. I tried to use tables like that for my conference room in my TS2 town hall but they didn’t look right at all. They look perfect in your lot!

    The wedding area will be just wonderful for weddings too. Have you held any there yet?


  3. Oh dear, that’s too funny how our city halls look alike! The inside, I mean, because I haven’t shared pictures of it, and yet, we had the same ideas. We share a brain, I tell you! *lol* I’m sure you would have ended up with an exterior similar to mine, even if you hadn’t seen it! I even use the SAME walls in the hall!!!!!
    Your wedding room is so glamour! *swoon* I love your conference room! It’s so spacious!

    It’s so great to peek in your game, Kim-sweet!!! *smooches*


  4. Ooh, conference room. Now there’s an idea I might pinch. After all, the council’s got to meet somewhere, right?
    Adore your City Hall, Kim, it’s absolutely gorgeous ❤


  5. Your City Hall is really lovely.

    Where did you get those public counters? They’re exactly what I’m looking for in my cityhall.


    • Thank you Kate (or is it Agnes? 😉 )!
      The counters are actually desks and can be found here, at TSR. And TSR is free these days, so yay! I finished them off with half walls from the game.

      Good luck with your City Hall, I would love to see!


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