The Park

I didn’t like the original Sunset Valley Park. But when I took a closer look at it, I realised it wasn’t actually that bad. But the red stone, and that playground, and well, more details like those; it just wasn’t entirely Honeycomb Valley worthy. So, I didn’t demolish it, but instead just “spruced it up” a bit. Changing some things, adding some things, removing some things, recolouring some things. And adding a stage when Showtime was released. That’s how Sunset Valley Park became Honeycomb Valley Park. Enjoy the tour!

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8 thoughts on “The Park

  1. What an improvement!! Your park looks gorgeous! I love how lush it is! The entrance in the corner is a great touch, the stage looks fabulous, and I really love what you did at the foot of the statue πŸ˜€
    I’m redoing my SV Park too! But so far, I only have one corner done – a water-labyrinth-playground!


  2. This EA park had some potential, hadn’t it? I like how you made it your own, and that it still reminds the original park (that’s the statue… I kept it too! :D)
    It’s great that you have this lovely area for the kids! And snacks!!! Awww…
    (a water laybrinth playground, Sara?!)


    • I keep thinking the statue changed… I look at it sometimes and think “didn’t that look different before?” Maybe it changes positions like a magic gnome, or maybe when you turn a park into a showtime Big Park, it changes, or maybe I’m just going crazy. πŸ˜‰
      Couldn’t have made this park what it is without your awesome cart Sandy sweet!


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