The countryside of Honeycomb Valley is split up in two districts: Wildflower and Star Thistle. The area was simply too big to be one district, so it became two.
There aren’t many lots in this part of town. The Edwards family lives here in an old house that’s been in the family for a long time. It’s a very convenient place for them too, since there’s a path from their house leading right up to the church!

1. Market
2. Edwards Family House
3. Community Gardens
4. Flower Fields
5. St. Clifton’s Peteran Church
6. Ranch


11 thoughts on “Wildflower

  1. Oooooohhh Kimmi!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about seeing more of Honeycomb Valley’s different areas!! The country side? I’m a fan!!!
    The market looks AWESOME! (What happens there? I want to see more pictures!).
    And wow, the Edwards’ house is so grand and gorgeous – and with the perfect location *giggle* Wow, it just looks so lush, I love all the flowers at the front ❤ ❤
    The Community Gardens looks very familiar *giggle* but also very beautiful, and then that flower field…. sooo lovely!! That is exactly what my country side will have 😀

    And that big overview picture: I spot another interesting area at the end of the path *popcorn*


    • Thank you Sara-love! ❤
      it's only part of my countryside. In "Star Thistle" I am building a whole new area. This is where your/Sandy's farm will be and where I'll put down a lot for the Seasons festivals. It's still quite empty there at the moment.
      I love my market! (Did you see Sim-Sara? You have a job there actually) There are various stalls selling "market type" goodies: flowers, fabrics, produce, second hand books and handmade toys. You will see more pictures of it in the lot tour!
      I can't really take credit for the Edwards house as I downloaded it off TSR, but it was PERFECT for this part of town and perfect for this family.
      The community gardens were obviously inspired by Sandy's, as is most of my town *giggle*. The church (not in the pictures yet) is an exact replica!

      By the other "interesting" area, I take it you mean the houses? It's my residential area: Orange Blossom. I will introduce that area later!


      • You know, I DID actually think “hey! Is that SimSara?”, but the picture is so small, and she is in the shade! But how funny!! I’m sure she loves working there *sigh*

        Orange Blossom, what a cute name for a residential area. I will look forward to the tour… but you know I look forward to any and every thing that you show! *kisses*


  2. It all looks beautiful! I love that picture of the flower fields especially. The sunflowers with the foggy hills in the background make for such a stunning photo.


  3. What a gorgeous place, Kim, so bucolic! Hello, Sim-Sara!!!
    I won’t even list all the alikeness we have here again, as some might be on purpose (but it’s too funny when they’re not! *giggle*)
    I’d love hanging out at your market! I’m sure Sim-Sara has the best second-hand toys I could find in town! 😉
    YAAAAY for more tours!!!


    • Thanks Sandy sweet! Some of the likeness is indeed on purpose 😉 Although some might also be accidental. I copied so many things things you made, that sometimes it’s hard to remember what I thought of myself and what I copied off of you. 😉


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