The Market

This is the Honeycomb Valley market. It’s not a big place, but it’s big enough for its purpose. Sims can have something to eat here, but mainly shop for bargains. That first edition of that one book you loved as a child? You might find it here! Produce fresh from the land? Get it at the market! If you love to sew and make your own clothes, you won’t find fabrics for a sharper price than here. Homegrown flowers and plants can also be bought at the market and if you don’t like your child playing with plastic pink bunnies, but would much rather see them play with handmade natural toys, created with love, then come to Sara’s stall!
The market is also the place where town events and festivals are held. For now.

Click the first picture to easily view them all in a good size!

7 thoughts on “The Market

  1. Weeehu!! I was looking forward to this all day, and your market is WONDERFUL! You get the *best* ideas!! Fresh fruit, fabrics, flowers, and of course homemade toys!!! YAY! Your simmies are so lucky *sigh* And SimSara has such a cool job *dance*


  2. This lot looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted a market but have never got around to doing one.

    I notice you’ve got a cash register at every stand, so I’m wondering what the sims can actually buy there. Just the regular stuff or are you using the shop from inventory mod so they can buy what appears to be for sale?


    • Thanks Carla! I have to admit I’m not using any of my registers around town properly yet. I’m still figuring out how I want to use the shop from inventory thing. With so many sims walking around my town, I’m afraid the store inventories would be empty in just a few simdays and then I’d have t go around town again, to fill them all. I haven’t quite figured this out yet. But the idea is for the stalls to sell their proper goods, yes.


  3. Awww, what a great market, Kim sweet!!!!
    A fabric stand! Ooooh, I love you even more for that! My grand-mother was adoring fabric stand on market! All my childhood clothes have been made with these! 😀
    And Sara’s hand-made toys!!!! SO cute!!! Best job for Sara! Gorgeous place!!


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