October 03: Dan and Jill’s 18th Birthday

Friends and classmates Daniel Lloyd and Jill Richardson were both born in October ’85. Because of this they had celebrated a few birthdays together already. Their 12th, their 16th and now they both turned the big 18, so that called for a joined party again. The big celebration was held at the teen hangout and of course Sarah, James and Seth were the first to be invited. But because they wanted it to be a much bigger party than that, they decided to hand out flyers at school to all the teens. Whoever wanted to come, was welcome to.

The birthday kids started the party off with a dance.

More people arrived soon. Finn came to his sister’s party with his girlfriend and her best friend, Martha. Who must have snuck out of the house, because there’s no way John would allow his daughter to go to a party. Especially on a sunday!

Seth danced with Sarah…

A party obviously meant there had to be a performance by The Hot Wings.
With the birthdayboy himself on the drums…

…and James and Seth on the guitars.

Jill and Sarah watched the band…

…while others danced.

Jill and Sarah kept watching the band. Well, that makes sense,they’re their friends. It totally doesn’t have anything to do with James being Jill’s ex. Because she’s SOOO over him!

Umm… Jill…?

Right, okay then,never mind…

At least Sarah was genuinely enjoying the music. For her it was not about a boy.

Of course a birthday means presents too! So when the girls managed to pull their attention away from the band for a while, Sarah gave her best friend a book she had been wanting to read.

An hour later, Sarah and Seth had found a private place to chat.

Or… “chat”…

Well… It looks like it was about a boy for Sarah too, after all.

At the end of the party, after everyone had left, Dan and Jill exchanged presents. 

Happy 18th birthday Jill and Daniel! It was a good party!

10 thoughts on “October 03: Dan and Jill’s 18th Birthday

  1. D’awwww, how cute are all your teens! (They all look so good in their new and warm outfits!!) SARAH AND SETH!!!!! SARAH AND SETH!!! I KNEW it!!! They are so cute ❤ ❤ ❤
    I guess Jill isn't completely over James, huh?
    Weeeeehooooo, the hot wings rock!!!


    • Wow, you’re fast Sara-love! 😉
      Some kids wore their party outfits to this party though. There’s no way Esme and Martha are allowed to walk around like this outside. All fall outfits will be shown in the Harvest Festival story. 🙂
      Sarah and Seth indeed! 😀
      Jill just stood there with that expression on her face that just made me think “Ohh, honey…” I HAD to take a picture.


      • I am your biggest fan, darling, so all I do is sit and reload the page waiting for a new update all day long!! 😛
        Hehe, I think I was mostly thinking of Sarah when mentioning the winter outfits…. and ehm…. Well, Jill has long sleeves!


  2. AH! Finally, I get time to read this!I was boiling of impatience since I got your email notification about an update!
    Happy Birthday, Dan & Jill!!! *throwing confettis all around* That was a great teens party, indeed! I love how all the girls are so “into” boys!! *giggle*
    Sarah and Seth!!! YEAH! *throwing more confettis*
    All those party outfits are so cute and yet so “sexy-teens”! I understand why some parents wouldn’t allow them as regular outfits! 😀
    *lol* at Jill’s expression. So over him… right… 😀


    • Yes, definitely, but not for quite a while yet, since my simmies are teens and in high school until they’re 20. That worked better with my aging system. I see the last two years of high school as a sort of “preparation course” for university.
      Thanks for your comment Cheezy! ❤


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