Simbios updated!

A while ago, the lovely Sonia explained on Simset Boulevard how she took her sims’ pictures. With a screen and proper lighting and Nraas Animator. My simsister Sara then tried it on her sims and, being all excited by the pictures Sonia and Sara took, I decided my simmies needed new pictures too. I’m not as good as Sonia and Sara, but I like these pictures a lot better than the CAS ones at any rate!

The following families had a picture update:

Miss Abbott
The Abbott family
The Anderson family
The Griffiths family
The Marshall family
The Mason family
The Wilson family

The others will follow soon. In the case of the families Griffiths and Marshall I also updated the text a bit, because they recently had kids aging up or births in the family. I was planning on doing this at the beginning of the new simyear, but since I was updating the pictures now anyway, I figured I might as well update the text. 🙂

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