October 03: The Harvest Festival

In October 03 the Honeycomb Valley events committee came together to discuss this year’s autumn event: The Harvest Festival.
Chairwoman Patty invited the rest of the committee (Wendy, and new members Rosalie and Loretta) to her home to make plans over coffee and cupcakes. (Patty wouldn’t be Patty without a sweet treat for her guests)

They discussed money and location. It was quickly decided the community gardens were the best location for such an event. Patty was sure her son’s band, The Hot Wings, would provide the entertainment.
Robert joined the ladies in their discussion for a brief moment. Mostly for the cakes though.

Two weeks later, everything was ready. Patty reviewed the location contently. Everything looked good.

Amy Edwards had agreed to man one of the stands, where she sold her homemade jams, pies and fresh fruits. 

Wendy was in charge of the drinks stand and Patty made pancakes.

Jenny and Julia showed up before anyone else.

James and Sarah were summoned by their mother to hang buntings between the trees.

Around 4 in the afternoon, it started to get really busy. Most of Honeycomb Valley’s residents had come out for some fruit picking.

Jenny still enjoyed her book.

While the rest of the residents chatted…

…and harvested fruit.

Of course mayor Henry Newman also showed up. John Edwards immediately decided to have a chat over a cookie.

Even the teenagers participated in the harvest.

Loretta was on facepainting duty.

When the evening fell, the band got ready to play.

Their performance was very much enjoyed by everyone.

Isa Anderson had enough of the festival though and wanted her mother to take her home.

The Hot Wings were still going strong!

But Seth had to take a break to meet up with Sarah behind the shed. They’d been meeting in secret ever since Dan and Jill’s birthday party. They haven’t made their relationship official yet, and just didn’t want their friends to know yet.

Henry left around 10 and thanked Patty for her efforts in putting together a great festival.

After all the residents had gone home again, Patty and Wendy, tired but happy, looked back on a wonderful day.

Hello from Kimmi!

Hello my dear followers,

you may have noticed I’ve been quite absent throughout October. I found myself in a bit of a rut, Sim-wise. I didn’t really have a lot of inspiration for the game and ended up taking a break from playing all together. That also meant I didn’t really have a lot to post on here either. I had the pictures from the Harvest Festival all ready to go, but felt it was quite boring, so I never posted it. I will post it later today though, seeing how my sisters Sandy and Sara want to read it anyway 😉
I’m not out of the simrut yet. I still feel rather uninspired, but I’m VERY excited about seasons, so I will try to get back into it a bit.

My month hiatus also means that my game is almost synchronised with real time! (SimNovember and real November) Again! I was trying to stay ahead of real time, but I don’t seem to be able to succeed haha!

Thank you to everyone who kept visiting KimmiesSimmies even while I was away. You’re awesome. 🙂