Hello from Kimmi!

Hello my dear followers,

you may have noticed I’ve been quite absent throughout October. I found myself in a bit of a rut, Sim-wise. I didn’t really have a lot of inspiration for the game and ended up taking a break from playing all together. That also meant I didn’t really have a lot to post on here either. I had the pictures from the Harvest Festival all ready to go, but felt it was quite boring, so I never posted it. I will post it later today though, seeing how my sisters Sandy and Sara want to read it anyway 😉
I’m not out of the simrut yet. I still feel rather uninspired, but I’m VERY excited about seasons, so I will try to get back into it a bit.

My month hiatus also means that my game is almost synchronised with real time! (SimNovember and real November) Again! I was trying to stay ahead of real time, but I don’t seem to be able to succeed haha!

Thank you to everyone who kept visiting KimmiesSimmies even while I was away. You’re awesome. 🙂


One thought on “Hello from Kimmi!

  1. My darling, I’m sure your rut will end soon! You will miss your sims and seeing what they get up to 😉 And even thought this won’t happen for another month or more, I will be here waiting (with cookies!)


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