October 03: The Harvest Festival

In October 03 the Honeycomb Valley events committee came together to discuss this year’s autumn event: The Harvest Festival.
Chairwoman Patty invited the rest of the committee (Wendy, and new members Rosalie and Loretta) to her home to make plans over coffee and cupcakes. (Patty wouldn’t be Patty without a sweet treat for her guests)

They discussed money and location. It was quickly decided the community gardens were the best location for such an event. Patty was sure her son’s band, The Hot Wings, would provide the entertainment.
Robert joined the ladies in their discussion for a brief moment. Mostly for the cakes though.

Two weeks later, everything was ready. Patty reviewed the location contently. Everything looked good.

Amy Edwards had agreed to man one of the stands, where she sold her homemade jams, pies and fresh fruits. 

Wendy was in charge of the drinks stand and Patty made pancakes.

Jenny and Julia showed up before anyone else.

James and Sarah were summoned by their mother to hang buntings between the trees.

Around 4 in the afternoon, it started to get really busy. Most of Honeycomb Valley’s residents had come out for some fruit picking.

Jenny still enjoyed her book.

While the rest of the residents chatted…

…and harvested fruit.

Of course mayor Henry Newman also showed up. John Edwards immediately decided to have a chat over a cookie.

Even the teenagers participated in the harvest.

Loretta was on facepainting duty.

When the evening fell, the band got ready to play.

Their performance was very much enjoyed by everyone.

Isa Anderson had enough of the festival though and wanted her mother to take her home.

The Hot Wings were still going strong!

But Seth had to take a break to meet up with Sarah behind the shed. They’d been meeting in secret ever since Dan and Jill’s birthday party. They haven’t made their relationship official yet, and just didn’t want their friends to know yet.

Henry left around 10 and thanked Patty for her efforts in putting together a great festival.

After all the residents had gone home again, Patty and Wendy, tired but happy, looked back on a wonderful day.

5 thoughts on “October 03: The Harvest Festival

    That’s super awesome to read you! I was so curious about your Harvest Festival! I know you said it was uneventful, but it was a great reading nonetheless!
    What an amazing setting you had for that festival!!! Wow, every little stand is so well thought, with the marmelades, the drinks, even a make-up stand for kids! How cute is that! The harvest is a super awesome idea!
    Yeah for the Hot Wings!!! They’re on the highway to Success!!
    *swooning over Sarah & Seth… awwwww….*
    The mayor can be proud of the Honeycomb Valley event committee, because it was extremely awesome! ❤
    (PS: I laughed at Robert's contribution to eat the cakes! *lol*)
    Write whenever you feel like to, sweetie, don't feel any pressure. Even if you could update only once per year, I'd be happy! 😉


  2. *does a happy dance*

    This was such a great read! I absolutely love how you set up a committee and had them meet up at Patty’s *sigh* You have the BEST ideas! That is something I would have never thought of…

    And wow, what an absolutely wonderful lot this is ❤ The Harvest Festival was definitely a success – The hot wings were rocking (on that awesome stage with the lights!), everyone (even the teens!) were picking fruits, and the stands!! The stands!! Such a great idea as well! I love all the details you put in there (the little stand for the pies *swoon*). Also, to put those two tables together (and with that very Fall-ish pattern on the table cloth) was another stroke of genius! Even though everyone didn't sit down together, they still had the option to do that, hahaha, and I love that!
    Aww, Seth snuck off to give Sarah a smooch. Young love! *sigh*


  3. Oh my God, I love it!! ❤ Fall is my favorite season ever, so of course fall festivals will always have a special place in my heart. *sighs*

    I love that you were able to hold the fall festival without Seasons, and it still looks so rich and authentic! Assigning the residents to the registers and putting out the harvest plants is a good idea. 🙂 Do you have the plants all the time, or do you only plant them for the festival? I plan on doing something similar for spring, and thank goodness the plants can be adjusted with the seasons lot marker – I hate having harvestables available all year long. My sims take advantage of it way too easily. 😛

    It was so nice to see all the Honeycomb Valley sims on one lot. Patty seems like such a sweetheart – and certainly a great party planner! With a little help from her Creator, of course. 😉

    It was interesting seeing the pastor there. I barely recognized him without his garb. Sarah and Seth are really sweet together. 🙂

    This makes me even more excited for Seasons!!


  4. How wonderful to read about your simmies again, Kimmi! I LOVED seeing how the festival went! It’s great how your sims did activities all together, and how you planned everything to detail. The whole idea of the harvest festival, with the stands and all it’s so cute!


  5. Kimmie love your stories and your Harvest Festival Lot is there any way you will be willing to upload that lot so that we can have it in our game? if not can you post more pics of it and an aerial view? Thanks


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