December 03: Christmas Time

The moment December came knocking, snow started to fall in Honeycomb Valley.
The residents were all too happy about their winter wonderland and took their lovers iceskating…


…or their little ones to a snowy park. (Honeybee riders! Can you imagine how happy Honeycomb Valley was to receive those?)


But the best thing about December has to be…


Christmas! Snowflake day? Nah, For the Honeycombers Christmas is Christmas.

That warm Christmas feeling set in on the afternoon of Christmas Eve when the teens and kids left school in a jolly good mood! The holidays had finally arrived! Presents, good food and, most importantly, no school!

Kyra and Holly decided to spend the cold afternoon at the park, and asked their classmates Logan and Trisha to come along. In the park they ran into Logan’s best friend Jeffrey who was there with his friend Ruby. The more the merrier, especially this time of year, so the six teens spent some time together having a snowballfight.


Logan and Kyra also tried to do some spins together on the ice.


At 7, it was time for everyone to go home.

The next morning Kyra’s brothers were up very early. It was Christmas after all! To make sure they wouldn’t break the whole house down, Jacob took his twins to the beach behind their house.


Kyra stayed at home. She had… umm… something else to do…

Screenshot-564As soon as she had finished, she went down to the beach too though. It looked like the men could use some help!Screenshot-570

Screenshot-571When they were tired of whacking snowballs at each other, Jacob suggested they’d try to build an igloo.

Nathan was too restless for this job and made a snow angel instead.

Screenshot-575His brother Nick, sister and father built a great igloo though


After many hours on the beach, the Cook children and their dad were very cold and went back to the house, where dad played a game with his boys

Screenshot-579While Lucy started the preparations for their Christmasdinner

Screenshot-580When the turkey was in the oven, the whole family gathered outside to roast some marshmallows at the firepit


Lucy had to go in rather soon, because she wasn’t feeling very well. And at Christmas! Poor Lucy…


Despite feeling ill, Lucy still managed to set the table in time for dinner.

Screenshot-3Pretty soon, the Cook family was enjoying a lovely Christmas dinner

Screenshot-9Which Jacob ate with chopsticks for some reason… I know he’s half Chinese, but this was still quite a surprise!

Screenshot-20After the turkey there was of course some dessert

Screenshot-22When the table was cleared and everyone was feeling very full, it was time for presents!

From the parents to the kidsScreenshot-27

And from the parents to each other

Screenshot-32Those small packages contained various wonderful things. And everyone was very happy with what they had received. Curious? This is what they got!


The next Christmas day began at the Harvey family house. Charlotte was up very early to start cooking. She may be a master chef, but cooking a fancy three course dinner for a family of nine is quite a job, even for her. So, she started early, still in her pyjamas.

Screenshot-38And, Christmas or not, dogs need to be walked. Since Jones is officially Logan’s dog, Logan was the one braving the cold to take Jones out for his walk.

Screenshot-40They walked their usual route to the play park where they played for a while… (Find Jones, apparently)

Screenshot-51… and then headed back

Screenshot-52Back home, Aaron was playing whack your daughter in the face with some snow


Screenshot-57And Charlotte had set up the table before the guests would arrive

Screenshot-62Around three, they all showed up. Alice and Simon were first.

Screenshot-67But soon, Charlotte’s brother Alexander arrived as well, along with Jenny and Suzan.


The kids were especially happy everyone was on time, because as soon as the whole party was present, it was gift giving time!

Despite there being plenty of seats on the sofas, the gentlemen all decided to sit on the chairs at the table…

Screenshot-72…while the ladies chose the comfort of the sofas (Suzan, I’m not sure that’s an appropriate outfit for your formal family Christmas…)

Screenshot-74The first gift was for Emily

Screenshot-75It contained a honeybee rider. I think Emily might be a bit old for that, but fair enough.

Then it was Logan’s turn

Screenshot-77You may not believe it, but that little parcel contained a bicycle! He was quite happy with it.

The rest of the family was happy with their gifts too, except for Simon, who mumbled something and didn’t look too pleased with what he got.

Before long, it was time to start with the first course of the formal dinner: Bouillabaisse!


Screenshot-85That went down rather well! Then the second course was brought to the table: a choice of lobster or steak

Screenshot-87Alexander and his family (and Simon too) left before Charlotte could bring dessert to the table, but her mother stayed for a delicious piece of pie!

Screenshot-93After this dinner, the whole family seemed to have grown a dresssize, but hey, that’s Christmas.

That brought Christmas in Honeycomb Valley to an end.

Well, almost…

Because, Christmas or not, dogs need to be walked.


8 thoughts on “December 03: Christmas Time

  1. YEAAAAH for another story, Kim!

    What an awesome time your Sims had!
    I love that massive snow fight with all the teens! And Kyra writing a love letter! How cute is that! ❤

    Poor Lucy! Being sick on Christmas, that's really out of luck! Maybe having marshmallows outside, when you have a cold, isn't the best idea! *giggle* But she still cooked the best turkey, it seems!
    I love how you set the table!

    Christmas at the Harvey's!
    Their table setting is somptuous! Oooh, I love all your Simmies outwears! Emilie is so darn cute with her owl coat!
    Jones is one spoiled dog! 😉

    *throwing snow everywhere around*


    • Lucy’s illness came on very sudden. She was outside roasting marshmallows when she suddenly didn’t feel so good. She went to lie down straight away then. I have lots of sims walking round town with a cold, I found.
      The tables wouldn’t have been this pretty if it hadn’t been for your gorgeous stuff, Sandy sweet!


  2. *yaaaaahooooo* Christmas in Honeycomb Valley!!!

    Love all the teens in the snowball fight!
    And aaaw, young love between Kyra and Logan!

    What a wonderful Christmas the Cook family had! I love how they all went to the beach to build an igloo and play. And that picture of Jacob playing a game with the boys is super cute!

    And what a wonderful formal dinner party at the Harveys’! I love the table and the gift exchanging!

    Of course, Christmas or not, dogs need to be walked 😀 *lol*


    • *Giggle* What makes you think Kyra’s letter is to Logan? It may be, it may not be… 😉
      Truth is though, I don’t really get how it works with the love letters. She wrote it, threw it in the air where it went *poof* and disappeared. When I went to the boy’s house, there was no letter there, but when I went back to Kyra she had no answer either. So I don’t know really. Maybe you have to stay with the sim who wrote for a few days.

      Yes, dogs need to be walked, as you well know 😉


  3. As soon as I saw all of the bee/honeycomb-themed stuff in Seasons, I thought of you and Honeycomb Valley, Kimmi! 😀 Looks like you’ve put it to good use! 🙂 Loved all the scenes of winter fun and Christmas festivities. Such beautiful table settings! *swoon* And I loved seeing what they got for gifts. Oh, and I almost forgot — that shot of your Simmies ice-skating on the canals is SO COOL!!!!


    • JEN!! Thank you sweet! I’m so happy with all the bee themed stuff! We have Sandy to thank for the tables 🙂 Iceskating is so much fun on the canal, but I wanted to see it way more crowdy though 🙂


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