December 03: Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Eve 03, there were celebrations and parties all over Honeycomb Valley. The students and older teens went to have their New Year’s celebration at “their” pub, The Bumblebee.

Most of their time was spent chatting, dancing, laughing, reminiscing and drinking cocktails.





James even attempted to have a friendly chat with Jill, but his ex girlfriend would have none of it. New Years Eve might not have been such good timing James, as Jill reflects upon her year, I don’t suppose she’s forgotten that prom night

Screenshot-122When midnight approached everyone paired up with a friend or lover (except for James, who played guitar) and counted down


This kiss between engaged Harry and Lily was expected…

This one may not have been…

Screenshot-133Although…. Sarah and Seth may think they had kept their feelings for one another hidden for their friends up until now, but none of them seemed very surprised by their first public kiss

Either way, a new year had come, so that called for fireworks! Everyone went outside, where Harry lit the first fuse




fireworks 2

Pretty colours!


After the fireworks, some people stayed while others went home.
Seth had something he needed to do first though…


“So, umm, Sarah, Now that everyone knows, what do you say to making “us” official?”

Sarah needed no time to think and agreed immediately.

2004 was off to a good start.

4 thoughts on “December 03: Happy New Year!

  1. Aaaaaw, Seth and Sarah make it official!!! And on New Year’s Eve too!! (That way, he’ll never forget their anniversary *giggle*)

    I love the pictures of the fireworks, and the “Happy New Year” – it makes me a little nostalgic for 2012, hahaha!

    Wow, I love the Bumbleebee seen from the outside!! Where is it located again? And what are those other buildings? Okay, I’m being too nosy now *lol*


    • Isn’t Seth a smart one! 😉
      I LOVED the fireworks, I had never used them before and I was so amazed at the effect!

      You’re never too nosy! I love questions about my town. The adjacent buildings are empty at the moment, but the bridal shop will open in the corner shop (which you can’t see in the picture) in 2004. ;). It’s located in Bumblebee Quarter (across from the canal). This quarter is far from finished!


  2. *Throwing confettis* YIPPIE! What an awesome party! I love your pub! ❤
    Jill is quite a character, huh? I laughed at her way to reject James! *chuckle*
    Awww, Sarah and Seth! *swooning over their official romance* That's too cute! I also laughed at Sara-love's comment about them not forgetting their anniversary! That's a good point! *lol*
    The fireworks was beautiful!!! I haven't tried these since Seaons, and it seems they have been seriously improved!


    • Jill really wasn’t supposed to be so snappy to James haha! The plan was to finally have them have a friendly chat again, but she felt differently apparently. No matter what he did, she shut him down.
      I love the fireworks! They’re gorgeous! 🙂


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