Simbios updated (pt. 3)

I finally finished taking new pictures of all my simmies and can therefore tell you all simbios have now been updated.

Coming soon will be a new story (a winterwedding) and the introduction of three “new” households in Honeycomb Valley; Photographer Gareth and his sister Trisha, horseman Luke and his dog Boy and of course the students of HVU, whom we already spotted at the New Year’s party, but haven’t been introduced yet.

Famous Honeycombers!

Yesterday, friday february 8, the darling Sandy from Around the Sims 3 uploaded her newest masterpiece; a kiosk where our simmies can buy their magazines and newspapers. I’m very proud to announce that some of my Honeycombers will go around the world now, as they have been lucky to be selected to shine on the covers of some of the magazines for sale here!

Congratulations Henry, Jacqueline, Harry, Sarah and Charlotte!

The kiosk can be found here, on Sandy’s site!

Thank you, Sandy sweet!