January 04: A Winterwedding

It had been snowing since early December, so by the end of January, most Sims in Honeycomb Valley were starting to grow tired of the snow. Christopher Brown and his fianceé Lexie were not among those wishing the snow away though. Their wedding would take place on the last day of January and snow would make it that much more magical.

A week before the big day, Lexie went to pick up her weddingdress at the bridal shop. Christopher stayed home with Jamie and tried to teach him some words.
1When Lexie and her best friend Naomi arrived at the bridal shop, it was still closed, so they decided to go for a round of ice skating on the canal.



Pretty soon, the doors opened and Lexie and Naomi went in. Lexie explained to the lady of the store she had come to pick up her dress and tried it on one final time. Naomi was stunned at how pretty her friend looked.


Later that week Lexie met up with her other best friend, Bradley, at his sister‘s salon: Erin’s Elegance to have her hair and make up done.


And then the big day arrived. Lexie got up very early to get ready.


While her equally excited husband-to-be woke their son.


In a beautiful light blue oldtimer, the pair and Jamie made their way up to the park* where the ceremony would take place.

8Naomi arrived right after Lexie, Chris and Jamie had.


The rest of the guests were already there: Lexie’s parents and twin sister Xandra, her nephew Joel with his dad, Bradley and his husband, David (funny fact: of the few weddings I’ve had in my game so far, Bradley and David have been to every one *giggle* ) and Christopher’s best friend Colin, who also happens to be Naomi’s boyfriend and their son Liam.10

Once the bride and her son arrived, all the guests took their places (all scattered of course… Sims…)



And it was time to get married!



Samantha was very happy to see her daughter get married, while Liam seemed rather bored by the ceremony.


Time for cake!



The bride and groom spontaneously started waltzing.


The first picture of the Brown family was taken…20

… After which there was more dancing! Of course the bride and groom had another waltz, but Christopher also had a dance with his mother-in-law, while Bradley took Lexie for a twirl. In the bushes… (That sounded very wrong, didn’t it?)

As the evening grew darker, the hour grew later and the air grew colder; little boys were getting tired, so the guests started to leave. Christopher and Lexie took their own little boy home as well…


…And after he was warm in his bed, they had no trouble finding their own bed as well!

* Wedding Park created by Mina at http://minasavenue.tumblr.com/

23 thoughts on “January 04: A Winterwedding

  1. Wow. Kim, that’s so magical! *squeeee* I feel a bit frozen for Naomi, but Lexie is absolutely somptuous with her winter wedding dress! Wow! *sigh* That picture with the car and Lexie arriving… Wow. “Wow” is the only word I can think of by watching all your gorgeous pictures!
    I loved Lexie skating on the canal before the opening of the wedding shop! *sigh* That girl has some nerves! I think I would have screamed and hit the door till someone comes to open, if I had to pick my wedding dres! *lol*
    Awww, at the waltz… That’s so romantic! This pale blue scheme you went for this wedding is SO perfect. AWWW. and WOW.
    Also that venue is stunning! *sigh*
    Congratulations and happiness to Christopher and Lexie! *throwing confettis*


    • Hehe, it was so hard to pick outfits for all the guests. Especially for pregnant Naomi! I just pretended they wore thermo underwear 😉
      The wedding shop wasn’t open yet, because it’s on the same lot as the bar is so it’s open on bar hours haha. I need to fix that…
      Thanks for your lovely words, Sandy sweet!


  2. Beautiful wedding! Love how the colors of the outfits match the season, if that makes sense. All the blues and the whites just add to the wintery atmosphere. :sigh:


  3. I’m in time this time! I’m in time for once! 😛 It’s just that everyone here is such an early-bird. While I read the story, I could only think “what a magical wedding!”. The bride was absolutely gorgeous. And the waltz pics are so cute. I’m still drooling at everything, actually. From the gorgeous wedding setting to the so-very-well-dressed guests… I think it’s the prettiest winter wedding I’ve seen so far.


  4. Hi Kimmie! I’m reading all your stories and simbios (sooo many!). Winterwedding is absolutely GORGEOUS! It’s so fantastic idea (and so romantic) that I think I must try to do it in my game!
    Oh, and Lexie in her wedding dress… It’s great!


    • Oh Kate, I admire you for struggling through all my simbios! I have a few too many sims *giggle*. Aww, thank you so much for taking the time to browse my blog and for your kind words!


  5. Kim, this is sooo beautiful! I have really missed Honeycomb Valley, it is wonderful in the snow! Super amazing pictures. I see you haven’t posted in a while, hope you are okay 🙂


    • Hi! 🙂 Glad you like the wedding shop, thank you! I built it myself but unfortunately, it’s not up for download, because I used a LOT of CC on that lot. You can however get the stuff I used for the wedding shop here, at Around the Sims 3.


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