February 04: Just a Sunday

February in Honeycomb Valley was like most Februaries in most places; rather uneventful. Children don’t need big events to have a happy day though. A free sunday is enough for them. And so it was that we spent a February sunday with the children of Honeycomb Valley.

9:00 am

Joel‘s dad had told him that, according to the weather forecast, thaw would set in today. So Joel wasted no time and called his friend Ryan to enjoy the snow for one more day.


The boys had snowball fights, played tag and rode their bikes all around town…


…even in the middle of the street! Luckily the streets of Honeycomb Valley aren’t very busy on sunday mornings.



11:00 am

Jeffrey took his sister to the park behind their house. Or umm.. trailer… Chantal however seemed confused about what to do there…


She did find a very pretty early spring flower, which she took home to put in water.


12:00 pm

The Edwards children had no time to play. It was sunday, so of course Joshua, Miriam and Ruth, along with their older sisters, brother and mother, spent most of the day in church listening to their father.


It was a busy service too.


Naturally, the Edwards family occupied the first rows.


After the service, the family headed home for a hot sunday lunch. Dad’s favourite, of course.


The kids seemed to like it too though.


2:00 pm

In the afternoon, the snow really did start to melt away. Best friends Zoe and Emily met up in the park.


Like their classmate Chantal, they too found some early spring flowers which smelled and looked lovely.


Screenshot-403:30 pm

While her sister was picking flowers in the park, little Ellie found a different way to have some fun and set a little trap…

Her dad had no clue and when he went to wash his hands, got soaking wet.

He did not find that amusing…Screenshot-47

…And Ellie had to mop up the puddle she created herself.Screenshot-51

5:00 pm

Brothers Tyler and Riley had been bored all day, but when it got close to dinner time, finally decided to dress up as fearsome dinosaurs…


…and go on a hunt through the neighbourhood.

Screenshot-60 6:00 pm

At the Mason household, mum got help from Liam preparing the meal for the evening. Spaghetti!

First wash your hands!


Liam and his mother prepared a great meal. Dad Colin loved it very much too.


8:00 pm

Twin brothers Nick and Nathan were allowed some time on the game console they got for Christmas, before it was time for bed…


…Just so long as they also read a bit before sleeping! Lucy encourages her kids to read daily and sunday is no exception.Screenshot-79


And then, at 9:00 pm, the day really was over for Nick, Nathan and all the other children of Honeycomb Valley. Goodnight everyone, sleep well…



In other February news…

Welcome to the world, little Jayden Harrison!


It might have felt like spring when Zoe and her friend Emily went flower picking in the park, but apparently it was still chilly enough to catch a cold. And even though you may be 11, but when you’re home ill from school, there’s no better companion than your favourite teddybear!

Zoe ill

10 thoughts on “February 04: Just a Sunday

  1. Awwwwwww, that’s so the kind of cozy updates I love! Following Honeycomb Valley citizens for a day…. How lovely! It’s so good to see the snow again! *lol* I thought I was fed up with mine, but actually, when I see how beautiful is your town, all in white, I already miss snow! 😀
    Joel and Ryan seem to have so much fun! *lol* @ Chantal’s face! A february flower!!! WOW!
    Indeed what a busy day at the church!!!!! John is quite popular!
    Zoe and Emily are so cute! But Ellie stole totally my heart again! Awwww!!! What an adorable and mischevious little one! I like that she had to mop up! *hugs*
    How CUTE that Liam helped his mother for dinner!!! That’s pure love. Awwww…
    Nick and Nathan! So cool that they can play console as long as they read too! I love how you focus on kids, Kim sweet, that makes my little heart bouncing of joy! I never cease of “squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”!
    Jayden! YEaaaaahaaaa!!! New baby!! Welcome!
    Biiiiig hugs for the little Zoe! Awww, she’s so cute with her teddy bear. Mega major AWWWWWWWW all the way. *swooooooon*


  2. Just found your site! Can’t believe I’d never seen it before!!!
    What a lovely update! Your children certainly seem to enjoy a quiet Sunday! And I love those final pictures of Zoe with her teddy! So sweet!!


    • Thanks Ani. I do play the hospital. I send Sims there when there’s something going on which would require them to be in a hospital. There’s a hospital rabbithole rug there too.
      And yes, the Edwards have six kids! For now… 😉


  3. OMG, Kim, even though you introduce this update with “nothing really happened” this was such a wonderful little story ❤ ❤ ❤

    I absolutely love how Joel and Ryan had to have one last snowball fight! They look so cute in front of your awesome bistro! Just love that shot!

    Baaahahaha, chantal is so funny! I love her animal-print outfit 😀 And wow, she was lucky to find a beautiful Spring flower hidden in the snow *giggle*

    Wow, it was indeed a very busy Sunday service :O Did all those sims show up on their own or were they summoned? .. by the church bells, of course ;P

    The Edwards family is so large! The picture of all of them eating lunch together is so lovely!!

    Oooh, you can really see the snow melting at the park with Zoe and Emily! It looks great, and the girls are very cute with their Spring flowers *sigh*

    Heheheee, Ellie is my kind of girl! Such a little trouble-maker! *giggle*

    DINOSAURS!!! The boys look awesome!

    Liam is such a good boy helping mum out *hugs*

    OMG, the twins reading in bed is so cute!!

    Baby Jayden!! Aaaaw, Joel has a baby brother ❤ He'll be an awesome big brother!

    *melts* Aaaaaaaaw, Zoe is sooooo cute!!!!!! OF COURSE she needs her teddy bear when she's home sick!!


    • Awww, my Sara! You’re so sweet to comment on every detail of my post!
      The sims in the church were indeed summoned “by the church bells” I have noted in my sims forms which families I felt are religious and those are the families I make sure show up when I play a service. 🙂


  4. Gotta say, Chantal’s outfit is… interesting 😛
    I like that you make your Sims go to church. And that Edwards family sure is something ! I’ll confess I have a soft spot for this type of family but I never manage to get them quite right.
    Love the snow.


    • Haha, yes, Chantal’s outfit is very interesting indeed 😉 Her mum loves animal prints and hard pink. My darling trailer family.
      The Edwards are quite something… I always feel sorry for Rebecca though.
      Thanks for your comment, Alyss!


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