March 04: March Merriment

March was a busy month in Honeycomb Valley! So I again bring you lots of little stories instead of one big one.

Sophie’s exchange

In February it was announced that The Beehive would participate in an exchange program with Sandy Valley. Sophie immediately signed up! She got matched with Chloé Degnome and the two girls started writing each other letters:

Sophie-Chloe lettersThen, on the very first day of March, it was time for Sophie to go and meet her new friend.
She was very excited whilst packing her suitcase…


…and even when waiting for the taxi to take her and her parents to the busstation…


But once she was there, she got a bit nervous…It was kinda scary and to make matters worse, her brother wasn’t there to say goodbye to her either. Emmett may be a big pain in the behind, but he’s still her brother and they actually get along quite well.

Fortunately, Emmett arrived before the bus did.


Just in time too, because soon, the bus pulled into the station and it was time for goodbyes.

Sophie goodbyeBye bye Sophie, we will miss you! Have a good time in Sandy Valley and we’ll see you at the end of the month!


Read all about Sophie’s stay in Sandy Valley here, at Sandy’s non-blog!

A few hours with the Knight family

From watching Loretta with her children, you’d think having 4 year old triplets is a piece of cake…
They play amongst themselves while mum cleans the kitchen.



Then you spend some quality time with each of them by reading them stories.

Knight kids readingAnd as if the house isn’t full enough yet, you also decide to adopt a second cat…


Meet Whiskers!
One thing Loretta does not have to do however, is cook. Pierce loves cooking and the family always has dinner together.

Screenshot-141After dinner it’s time for the kids to get some sleep. Bedtime is a two parent job though!

Knight kids bedSleep well, triplets!

Holly and Kyra and the horses

Those who’ve read the Christmas stories, might remember that Kyra (and Holly) got riding lessons for Christmas! With it being March, it was finally time to start! Even though it was still a very chilly morning, the girls couldn’t wait to get to the ranch!

They both got up early to get ready!

hk brushAnd put on their new riding outfits!

hk hatDespite the weather not being very cooperative, they still felt very excited on their way to the ranch.

hk bikeAt the ranch they met with Luke, who would teach them all they needed to know.

Screenshot-206Luke assigned Snow to Kyra and Travalda to Holly. After saddling the horses it was finally time to go!

But… getting on a horse is tricky and riding is actually pretty scary at first!

hk on horseThey managed though, and after a while it got a bit easier.


Screenshot-222After a bit of riding, it was time for the next part of the lesson; taking care of your horse.
However… That required getting off them first! If you think getting on  a horse is hard, try getting off one…

hk off horseNot quite the way, girls…

When they were safely on the ground, Luke taught the girls how to take care of their horses. Kyra and Holly loved this part!

hk care horses

Cleaning out a stable is less fun though…


After a few hours with the horses, the girls thanked their teacher for the lesson and went home for a shower.


When they were all clean and dressed again, they met up in the park. Of course their conversation was about…


Horses! Both girls are already looking forward to next weekend!


There’s nothing better on a cold, dull, early spring morning than making plans for a warm summer. That’s what Eva and Jasper thought at least. They got some travelbrochures to browse through.

Screenshot-306After discussing both their wishes, it was a tie between Monte Vista (Eva’s choice) or Egypt (Jasper’s choice). They decided to go down to the travelagency to ask Selena, the travelagent, for some help.
Upon arrival, Eva again had to point out to Jasper how stunning Monte Vista looked.


Selena was very helpful and told the couple that both places were great, but if you visited in summer, Egypt was bound to be very hot. Eva quickly chimed in that her brother and cousin had said the same thing after their trip last summer. Considering that advice and his girlfriend’s pleas, Jasper soon agreed that it would have to be Monte Vista. And so their summer trip was booked!


Jasper and Eva weren’t the only ones with travelplans. The Chapman family braved the rain and headed over to the travelagency as well.


They had no idea what they wanted yet and really needed Selena’s advice.


It had to be somewhere that was fun for the kids, that especially. The boys were immediately excited when Selena mentioned camping. Lillian was less happy with that prospect and needed some convincing, but when Selena showed her a brochure of the camping ground with it’s very own water park on a warm sunny island, even Lillian had to admit that sounded pretty good. Another summertrip booked!


The Chapman family then headed back home through the rain, but with that summer holiday on their mind, it already seemed a lot less dreary!


Sophie’s return

Very late on the very last day of March, a bus arrived at Honeycomb Valley busstation. She had returned!


Avery was happy to have her daughter back safe and sound! (and so was I, I had Sophie in the library when she was “in Sandy Valley” so she wouldn’t walk around town, and I was really excited to have her back!)


She quickly took her daughter back home. Sophie wouldn’t stop talking about her trip. It had been so much fun!

Of course Sophie was also happy to be home again, in her own room and her own bed. Before she turned in though, she had to unpack her suitcase and put up all her pictures and souvenirs.


She even put up that picture of Jérémy… Okay, he could be sort of annoying, but he had also been quite nice… And quite cute too…

Sophie went to sleep feeling very tired, but very happy too. And the best part of it all was that next week Chloé would be visiting her for a whole month! How very exciting!



March was done and I was tired, but while I was getting ready to close my game and leave, the burglar alarm at the Wilson residence sounded. Something funny happened then. Emmett got up feeling all brave and went downstairs. He immediately started to fight the burglar and managed to win it too. The tough female police officer then gave Emmett a compliment for apprehending the thief and he in reply started to check her out. This gave me an idea for a future storyline, so I had to share. I even managed to take a few pictures of the event, but they’re not really good, because it all happened so fast.

Emmett burglar

7 thoughts on “March 04: March Merriment

  1. Sophiiiiiie!!! Awww, that’ too cute to see her departure from Honeycomb Valley!! I had so much at playing with her!!! ❤
    Awww, Loretta and the triplets!! I can already hear Sara screaming here! And I squeeeeee too! I love the reading picture. That's so adorable! You and Loretta make it sound easy, but indeed, it IS overwhelming, isn't it? I've never had triplets in the Sims 3.
    Ooooooooh dear, that picture of the family dining with the THREE baby chairs is to die for!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Kyra and Holly and their riding lessons! We'll meet Luke in person then!
    Aww, I've already commented this on Luke's page, but I *love* that you use the riding cap for the lessons!
    What a sublime view from the horse field!!! That mountain!!! It's breathtaking! How cute to see the girls so excited by the horses! I love that it was their main matter of conversation! *squeeeeee*
    WOW, your Soil/Selena will be soon billionaire with all those travels booked!!! How exciting!!! I can't wait!
    I absolutely adore the picture of the kids running under the rain with their umbrellas!!! Awwww!!!!!
    SOPHIE IS BACK!!!! Awwwww! Sweetheart!!! Oh, you should have seen the size of the smile I had on my face when I saw her bedroom with all her pictures of her trip to Sandy Valley! and she put the picture of Jérémy!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!
    Emmett fighting the burglars?!!!! Wow!!! He's been heroic!!!! Good job, boy! What an attitude! I'm impatient to see what you'll do with this!
    I loved your story, my sweet!!! Aww, your Sims are so attaching!!! ❤


    • Sandyy!!! It was so fun to see what Sophie got up to in Sandy Valley! I can’t wait to welcome Chloé! But as you know, I have some projects to finish first…
      Sophie and I were so happy with the pictures and souvenir she brought home from Sandy Valley. ❤
      Aren't Kyra and Holly the cutest on their horses. I loved playing the riding lessons. I'm not going to cheat them into any skills either. They really will need to learn!
      I'm glad you liked my update, sweet! *Smooch*


  2. (hmm, I somehow feel like I’m repeating myself, but) Yaaaaaaay, March update!!! *happy dance*

    Wow, I absolutely love Sophie’s room ❤ Perfect for a girly girl like her. Aaaw, she was a little nervous to leave her family, but then it's good that we know she had nothing to be nervous about 🙂 (Love the look of the train station, by the way!)

    *dies of cuteness* OMG the triplets around the activity table!!! Cutest. picture. ever.!!!!! I love their red cheeks, I just want to pinch them and make them even redder, hehe!
    Hahaha, Loretta sure has her hands full, but she doesn't seem to mind at all! And of course it helps that Pierce takes care of dinner 😉

    How exciting for Kyra and Holly to finally be able to go horse riding (also, to meet the hot horseman :P). You know, I used to be a total horse-girl when I was younger, and even had my own pony (Ronja) at one point. Taking care of her was my favourite part, more than riding her *sigh*
    How CUTE that the girls are talking about horses even when they're not at the ranch!!

    Ooooooh, Eva and Jasper are visiting Monte Vista!!! And the Chapman Family are travelling as well (where to?).

    Aaaaaaaaaw, Sophie returns with so many fond memories! And pictures! They look awesome in her room ❤ Oooh, and she is thinking of Jérémy, huh? 😀

    WOW, Emmett, my hero!! Talking up the police woman, huh? *popcorn*


    • Sara-love, you made me giggle with the pinching cheeks comment! I so know what you mean hahaha!
      Awww, at you being a horse girl! That’s so sweet! At the moment, Kyra and Holly also like the caring bit better than the riding bit… A lot to learn still!
      I’m not sure yet on where I’ll send the Chapman family. Somewhere tropical. But as we speak I don’t own any tropical world. I’m sure I’ll find sonething soon enough. If all else fails, I shall just download Sunlit Tides.
      Emmett and the police woman was funny! Totally spontaneous, totally his own decision, but definitely something I can use! This will be continued!


  3. You won’t believe how I squeeeeed when I got an email that there was another update! 😀
    I’m so pleased Sophie had a wonderful time! I love the idea of putting all the pictures up after her visit! Your town is so realistic!
    And AWWWWWWWWW at those triplets! I adore the Sims 3 toddlers and three at once?????? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Like Sandy, I love that picture of the family sitting to dinner, with the highchairs pushed in to be around the table. That's a wonderful idea, and so sweet!!
    Those riding lessons are a great idea too! Mind if I borrow that idea?
    All those holidays! WOW, I can't wait to see those!!!
    I love reading about your town! It's so lifelike! ❤ ❤


    • Missy! You may have been excited about my post, but I was the one excited when I found out you started a blog about your town and simmies too! Yayyy!
      I never tried pushing the chairs to the table before this time, but it worked perfectly. They show through the table a bit, but I just pretend it’s a placemat 😉
      Borrow any idea you like sweetie! It’s an honour and I’m glad to’m provide some inspiration!


  4. It’s so great that you and Sandy are doing an student exchange. I’m a bit jealous of your teens to be honest, I would love to get a chance to visit Sandy Valley and Honeycomb Valley :p ! And how cool is it that you posted that picture of Sophie and Chloe’s letters 🙂
    Ugh, the triplets are so cute I might die of cuteness overload lol. I’ve never had any in my game, I really want some, but so far I’ve only ever had twins. You triplets are adorable though. I actually know some in real life too ! Three of my dad’s sisters are triplets. I’ve seen pictures of them all dressed alike when they were little, it was pretty cute.


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