April 04: Chloé’s Stay

In March we saw Sophie returning from her stay in Sandy Valley. Only a week later, it was Chloé‘s turn to visit!

The girls were very happy to see each other again!


Sophie took Chloé home to meet her family. She had warned her brother not to try any “moves” on Chloé. She’s a guest, Emmett… So far, he seemed to behave. Not too surprising if you know there was probably some other girl on his mind…


Sophie took Chloé up to her room to show her display of Sandy Valley pictures.


And had to confess she actually spent quite a bit of time looking at Jérémy‘s picture. 😉


Of course, Sophie took Chloé around town, starting at Claire’s bookshop; The Book Case.


Then they had coffee at the Gypsy Cart.


In the evening, the girls met up with Sophie’s friends Esme and Martha  to go bowling and shoot some pool.Bowling



While the girls were having fun, Sophie’s brother had his own plans.
Remember how the Wilsons had a burglar last month? And how Emmett kicked his behind? And how the female police officer gave him a compliment for it? Right. Well, that lady was Abbey Atkins. Emmett liked what he saw and decided to give miss Abbey a call and ask her out.

The fact that he took her to an empty bistro (it was a slow night at Foster’s) doesn’t seem like a great start, but Abbey still seemed happy enough.


But this…. might not have been a great move, Emmett…?


Nope, see, told you so…



Abbey wasn’t amused by Emmett’s plans. He tried to smooth things over by giving her his winning smoldering gaze…


…but Abbey is not like the girls Emmett is used to going out with and a stare is not likely to win this girl over.


She broke off the date. Emmett was left astounded. She. broke. off. the. date. Wow. No girl ever broke off a date with Emmett. Quite the contrary. He usually had trouble shaking them off after he was done with them. It was clear this lady was something else…

Back to Sophie and her guest!

Of course the exchange also meant Chloé would join Sophie at school. Maths proved to be difficult at The Beehive.



Break times were more fun though!



After school the girls visited the tearoom/shop; The Tea Cosy. Chloé bought a book with lovely brownie recipes. The girls also had something to giggle about again. (They kept sharing secrets and giggling, these two)


Of course they also had a cup of tea and a brownie.Tea

After tea, the girls visited the boutique for some clothes shopping.


Chloé tried to explain to Sophie what she was looking for…


…but it seems they couldn’t find it.


When the girls wanted to go home, it had started to rain, so they took a taxi.


Back home, Chloé, who loves cooking, asked if she could cook for the family.


Sophie watched her friend as she cooked. Since Sophie can’t cook at all, this was a perfect moment to learn something.


The family enjoyed the dinner very much.


Parker thanked his guest for the great meal.


The girls had so much fun together, the weeks flew by! Before long, Chloé’s last night in Honeycomb Valley had arrived. They said goodbye with pizza!  Chloé felt the place looked quite familiar. But hey, all these Italian restaurants look alike, right? 😉


After the meal, Parker and Sophie took Chloé to the busstation. Screenshot-153

And it was time to say goodbye. Bye bye Chloé, we hope you had fun and we’ll see each other again soon!


Chloé took some some pictures with her to remember her stay in Honeycomb Valley by.
souvenir pictures

In other news…

Liam has a sister! Welcome little Isla Mason.


9 thoughts on “April 04: Chloé’s Stay

    Awwww, Chloé and Sophie again!!!! *teary eyes* How adorable are these two ones? They really became great friends, didn’t they? I love how they giggle and share secrets all the time! Oh-oh, they talked about Jérémy, huh?… *popcorn*
    The Gypsy Cart looks such a gorgeous place! Funky! Colorful! GYPSY!
    Now, wait… Abbey… Like… the new girl in the block? *taking a huuuuuge pot of popcorn* Aaaah, good luck, Emmett! *lol* I must admit I laughed a lot at Abbey’s refusals! Not sure they’re enough to make Emmett giving up, anyway! ;D
    Awww, poor Chloé! She seems to suffer in maths course! 😀
    OMG, the Tea Cosy!!!! It so looks like the shop you had in mind!!! That’s so lovely and delicate!!! I LOVE it! And I so love that idea too! Chloé must have been in heaven, it’s certainly a place like that she’s hoping to open someday!
    Yeah for my girl having cooked for the Parker! Good girl! I’m proud of her!
    Awww, I laughed at “But hey, all these Italian restaurants look alike, right?”! Indeed! But so right! 😀
    Awww, I’m all swooning over these pictures! Chloé and Sophie will have to visit each other during holidays, hey? :))
    And a new baby to finish this chronical?!!! How awesome is that!!!!! Welcome, Isla! What a beautiful name! ❤

    I so enjoy your stories, my sweet! I hope you had as much wit Chloé as I had with Sophie! ❤


    • Sandy my sweet!! The idea was to have this update ready when you came home, but I didn’t quite manage that haha.
      I LOVED having Chloé around! The girls had so much fun together. Of course her stay was put on hold because of all the game issues I had last month, but I was so happy to finally play it after everything was sorted out.

      Hehe, Emmett is not giving up on Abbey, no. He’s too intrigued by this girl, the first one ever NOT to swoon over him!

      Oh yes, The Wilsons definitely enjoyed Chloé’s cooking! She’s good!
      Sophie would love to visit Chloé again during the holidays, I’m sure!

      Thank you for your lovely comment, darling! *SMOOCH*


  2. It is so awesome to see Sandy’s Sims in Honeycomb Valley and your Sims in Sandy Valley!! *SQUEEEE*
    Seems like Sophie’s rather keen on Jérémy, doesn’t it? 😉 Like Sandy, I love how these two share secrets and giggle all the time. It’s little realisms like that that I love so much about this game ❤
    Looks like Emmet might be more interested in this change of routine *popcorn* Poor Abbey, looks like he might be keener than she'd like! *lol*
    I adore the bright colours at the Gypsy Cart ❤ But then I'm a bright colour person!
    I love your tea shop! Actually, I love tea shops, but yours looks so cosy!! *sigh*
    Italian restaurant! I'm a sucker for Italian food (you realise this update has made me crave pasta or pizza, don't you? *chuckle*
    *popcorn* for more Sophie and Chloe stories!!
    New baby! *yahoo* Isla IS a lovely name! ❤
    Lovely update!


    • Thank you Missy, for your sweet words! ❤
      The exchange was so much fun to play!
      Sorry for making you crave pizza! Haha! You're welcome at the Italian restaurant! I'll make sure to send SimMissy there some time soon! 😉


  3. Yaaaay, Chloe’s visit!!


    The girls are so cute together, giggling and gossiping.

    Aha! So THAT’s who this new Abbey is! Too bad, Emmett *rolls eyes* You will have to actually work to get this girls’ attention!

    *sigh* I love your school! And how perfect is the white board! (And you made everyone sit down after all?)

    Oooh, I love the Tea Cosy! t looks like a proper English tea shop 😀 You should give a tour of the place sometime *flirty*

    Aaaaw, Chloe is so lovely to cook for the whole family!!

    Hahahaha, Chloe is a smart girl! The pizza place does look pretty familiar – It must be a chain, indeed *nods* What lovely pictures for Chloe to take home ❤


    • SARA!!!! I miss you!!!! Aww, you’re so sweet to comment even all the way from London!

      I didn’t manage to get them to sit down and “watch presentation”, but I just had them all do their homework instead *giggle*

      Yes, I should give a tour of the Tea Cosy, but I still have sooooo many lots to give a tour of! My town is too big!

      Oooh I like your thinking, it must be a chain, yes. 😉


  4. Awww… It’s so sweet Chloe had a nice time in Honeycomb Valley! Going bowling, shopping, having a coffee at the Gypsy Cart… Oh, poor girl and maths! Students Exchange doesn’t mean only fun, does it?
    Emmett and that new girl Abbey? What a… hm… good beginning! 😉 *crossed fingers*


    • It was so much fun to have her here 🙂 *Giggle* at maths! I hated maths in high school, so whenever I play my Sims in maths class I feel sorry for them! Even though Pierce is a great teacher.
      I think Emmett will have to work hard if he wants to win Abbey over. And he’s not used to that at all!!
      Thanks for your comment, sweet!


  5. Such a lovely update! It was very cute to see the girls having fun together.(How cute is it, they both giggling and sharing secrets?) By the way, your town is just gorgeous! You’ve had me drooling at every single place that you’ve shown here!
    Emmett and Abbey’s situation is interesting too… He’ll have to improve his seducing technique, it seems. 😀
    Yay for a new baby! Welcome, Isla!


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