The Ranch

The Honeycomb Valley Ranch in the Wildflower district, used to belong to Luke‘s grandfather. When he passed away (his grandmother has passed on earlier already), Luke inherited the ranch.

He now lives here with his dog Boy and horse Spider as well as four other horses; Snow and Travalda belonged to his grandfather and Sparrow and Raven are the Newman family horses, but they stay at the Ranch too.

The ranch is hugely inspired by the ranch the talented Martine created a while ago. You’ll see similarities, but I believe it has a lot of me as well.

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May 04: Making May Memories (Part 2)

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The Sportsday

In May it was also time for the annual Sportsday for the kids and teens of The Beehive. PE teacher Theo, who organised the day, was anxious though, since the weather forecasts weren’t great…


Luckily, by the time the kids arrived the next morning, it was a clear sky that awaited them!


After the instructions it was first time for the teampictures.

Both teams wear the school PE uniform in blue and yellow, but for the sportsday they are divided in a blue and a yellow team. Each team is made up out of kids of all ages. Picked at random.

Sportsday kids teamsTeam blue: Nick (9), Riley (6), Zoe (11), Emily (12), Nathan (9), Ryan (11) and Ruth (7)
Team yellow: Joshua (11), Joel (11), Miriam (10), Liam (5), Chantal (10), Tyler (10), Ellie (5)

Then it was off to play some football!


Chantal needed more explanation…


And Emily…

Emily's score…SCORED! (Okay, not at first, but she did)

Little Liam was good too!


After the match (which was won by team blue), it was time for water and fruit

Then it was time to play basketball!

Kids basketball

This match was again won by team blue, which meant team blue was the winner of the day and received the gold cup and (fake) gold medals for the players!


Team yellow wasn’t going home empty handed though, they received a silver cup and (fake) silver medals for their effort.


But the best part of the day was yet to come…


Kids pancakes sd

Meanwhile, the teenagers started to arrive. They had normal lessons in the morning and sports in the afternoon.

Theo went over the details of the afternoon with them as well.


And, like the children, these teams also had their picture taken.

Teens teamsTeam blue: John Jr. (14), Jill (18), Suzan(18), Esme (15), Jeffrey (15), Trisha (14), Wesley (19) , Daniel (18), Aiden (15), Sophie (15), Rachel (16)
Team yellow: Rebecca (17), Martha (15), Anna (19), Sarah (19), Seth (19), Kyra (13), Logan (14), Holly (13), Ruby (14), Finn (16), Sadie (17), James (19)

And then it kicked off!


Esme, being the daughter of a professional footballer, clearly knew what she was doing.
She shoots…

Esme score

…she scores!

Seth also caught a few attempts on his goal…


… and in the end both teams had won and lost an equal amount of games. A draw! Basketball would be the decider.

Jeffrey started the game off with a hell of a dunk.


Logan figured he could do as well as his best friend, but… well… it didn’t go over as smoothly…

Logan dunkRachel was doing better. Opponent Anna was not amused.

Rachel scoreAfter a few games, it was clearly a victory for the blues. Meaning that the winners of the day was again the blue team.

There were no plastic medals for the teens (although some of them secretly would have liked that), but they did get a gold and silver cup.



After the games were all over, there were three boys who still had a surprise in store for Sadie.

Sadie joiningWould she like to join The Hot Wings? Wow! OF COURSE she would!

And with that the day ended, although… not for everyone…

Seth and Sarah’s date

After a shower and a change of clothes, Seth and Sarah met up at the new Japanese restaurant for a nice night with just each other. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend since January, but since they’re also part of the same group of friends, they don’t get a lot of time for just the two of them. So, it was time for a date.


It started with a nice meal of fried rice…


… followed by some karaoke… (which proved Sarah wouldn’t have been a good choice as singer for the band…)


…and some bowling…

Seth Sarah bowling… and eventually a walk along the canals, where Seth surprised his girl with flowers and she gave him some kisses in return.

Seth Sarah Canals

After their walk along the water, Seth took Sarah home like the gentleman he is (well, actually, she went on her bike and he took a taxi, but let’s pretend, shall we…)


Whether it had been the flowers or something else, I don’t know, but Sarah clearly wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her boyfriend yet and asked Seth if maybe, he wanted to spend the night…

Obviously, he didn’t refuse and they ended up here…



Seth apparently felt quite heated after that experience, because he slept on top of the covers instead of underneath them. (The truth of the matter is, that despite them being boyfriend and girlfriend, having a perfect relationship score and having just woohoo-ed, Seth still refused to sleep in the same bed as Sarah… *rolls eyes* So I had him take a nap.)


The next morning the two lovebirds were more in love than ever. But, Seth, you may want to put some clothes on before leaving Sarah’s bedroom. There’s always a chance you run into your best friend aka Sarah’s brother…


Either way; Sarah and Seth sure made some May memories!

Oh, and also in May…

The schoolpictures were taken!


May 04: Making May Memories (Part 1)

The Hot Wings

James, Seth and Daniel felt they were doing well with their band, The Hot Wings. Okay, they only played at town events and (their own) birthday parties, but hey, they played.

Boys jamming

However, they felt their sound wasn’t complete. Most great bands, like Les Pierres Qui Roulent, had a female singer to boost their sound.
So, the boys discussed the possibility of adding someone to their band. But who…?


The answer came when they least expected it. One day James and Daniel visited the Gypsy Cart where Sadie happened to be singing some karaoke.

Now you may remember from our visit to Camp Windiwell last year that dear Sadie is really good at karaoke. Like, really really good. The boys were impressed too.

Sadie singing

When Sadie was done singing, Daniel went up to her to introduce himself and tell her about the band.

Sadie and Dan meeting

Dan and James had called up Seth to come and talk to Sadie too. Seth obviously already knew Sadie, since she’s his sister’s best friend, but he never knew she could sing like this!

The boys and Sadie discussed the band and asked Sadie what kind of music she liked. They also practiced their fish faces (apparently that’s important)


After this chat it was decided that the boys would let Sadie know soon.

Valerie and granddad

The first weekend of Sim-May the annual Dance Festival in Sandy Valley was being held. Since dancing is Evelyn‘s main passion, she obviously really wanted to go. It would also be a great chance for her and Zach to spend some time together again, which they hadn’t been able to do since the birth of Valerie. She asked her dad if he would be able to babysit for a weekend and Simon told her he and Alice would be more than happy to take care of his youngest grandchild for a few days.

Saying goodbye to Valerie was tougher than expected though!


They dropped Valerie off at Simon and Alices house and Zach and Evelyn gave them a big list of instructions.


Zach“She needs her bottle every three hours and a bath before bed”
Evelyn: “And don’t put her in that babyswing all the time, I don’t think those things are good for little children.”

Simon and Alice nodded to everything, but combined they have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, so they felt they knew best either way.

So, the moment Zach and Evelyn had left, this is what granddad did…

Simon and Valerie


It soon became even more crowded at Alice and Simon’s house, when Zoe and Emily decided to pay their grandparents a visit. The two best friends love the fact that Emily’s grandma and Zoe’s granddad are now living together! It’s like they’re sisters!


Alice took care of dinner, while Simon played tag with the girls in the backyard. (Meanwhile, Valerie was still in the babyswing 😉 )

Emily and Zoe visit

The girls enjoyed the dinner with their grandparents very much.

Alice, Simon girls dinnerAfter Emily and Zoe went home, Simon took Valerie to bed.


Alice meanwhile, told Evelyn over the phone that everything was going well with her little girl.


The weekend flew by and before they knew it, Zach and Evelyn were back again to pick Valerie up.
They sat down for a cup of tea first and to tell Alice and Simon all about their trip.


Then they thanked the grandparents for all they did, and took Valerie home.

Valerie pick up

Once home and in bed Zach and Evelyn stayed up a little longer to reminisce about their great weekend. They had met some great people and had so much fun! (You can read all about their time in Sandy Valley, here, on Sandy’s site)


Liam gets his wish

From one baby to another, because look, it’s Naomi with both her children on the doorstep of the Knight family. Why are they there, talking about cats?


Well, remember how Loretta got another cat a while back? Whiskers and Mouse got along so well, they had a litter! Two baby kittens were born at the Knight household. They can’t keep them, since they already have two cats (and three toddlers…) running around the house, so they put them up for adoption.


Since Liam has been talking about wanting a cat for years now, and his parents were planning on finally fulfilling this wish now that his sister is born, it was perfect timing.
Liam felt both cats were equally adorable, it was hard to pick, but he managed to choose in the end after all.


Naomi settled everything with Loretta.


And then “Prince” was Liam’s! Finally!

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