May 04: Making May Memories (Part 1)

The Hot Wings

James, Seth and Daniel felt they were doing well with their band, The Hot Wings. Okay, they only played at town events and (their own) birthday parties, but hey, they played.

Boys jamming

However, they felt their sound wasn’t complete. Most great bands, like Les Pierres Qui Roulent, had a female singer to boost their sound.
So, the boys discussed the possibility of adding someone to their band. But who…?


The answer came when they least expected it. One day James and Daniel visited the Gypsy Cart where Sadie happened to be singing some karaoke.

Now you may remember from our visit to Camp Windiwell last year that dear Sadie is really good at karaoke. Like, really really good. The boys were impressed too.

Sadie singing

When Sadie was done singing, Daniel went up to her to introduce himself and tell her about the band.

Sadie and Dan meeting

Dan and James had called up Seth to come and talk to Sadie too. Seth obviously already knew Sadie, since she’s his sister’s best friend, but he never knew she could sing like this!

The boys and Sadie discussed the band and asked Sadie what kind of music she liked. They also practiced their fish faces (apparently that’s important)


After this chat it was decided that the boys would let Sadie know soon.

Valerie and granddad

The first weekend of Sim-May the annual Dance Festival in Sandy Valley was being held. Since dancing is Evelyn‘s main passion, she obviously really wanted to go. It would also be a great chance for her and Zach to spend some time together again, which they hadn’t been able to do since the birth of Valerie. She asked her dad if he would be able to babysit for a weekend and Simon told her he and Alice would be more than happy to take care of his youngest grandchild for a few days.

Saying goodbye to Valerie was tougher than expected though!


They dropped Valerie off at Simon and Alices house and Zach and Evelyn gave them a big list of instructions.


Zach“She needs her bottle every three hours and a bath before bed”
Evelyn: “And don’t put her in that babyswing all the time, I don’t think those things are good for little children.”

Simon and Alice nodded to everything, but combined they have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, so they felt they knew best either way.

So, the moment Zach and Evelyn had left, this is what granddad did…

Simon and Valerie


It soon became even more crowded at Alice and Simon’s house, when Zoe and Emily decided to pay their grandparents a visit. The two best friends love the fact that Emily’s grandma and Zoe’s granddad are now living together! It’s like they’re sisters!


Alice took care of dinner, while Simon played tag with the girls in the backyard. (Meanwhile, Valerie was still in the babyswing 😉 )

Emily and Zoe visit

The girls enjoyed the dinner with their grandparents very much.

Alice, Simon girls dinnerAfter Emily and Zoe went home, Simon took Valerie to bed.


Alice meanwhile, told Evelyn over the phone that everything was going well with her little girl.


The weekend flew by and before they knew it, Zach and Evelyn were back again to pick Valerie up.
They sat down for a cup of tea first and to tell Alice and Simon all about their trip.


Then they thanked the grandparents for all they did, and took Valerie home.

Valerie pick up

Once home and in bed Zach and Evelyn stayed up a little longer to reminisce about their great weekend. They had met some great people and had so much fun! (You can read all about their time in Sandy Valley, here, on Sandy’s site)


Liam gets his wish

From one baby to another, because look, it’s Naomi with both her children on the doorstep of the Knight family. Why are they there, talking about cats?


Well, remember how Loretta got another cat a while back? Whiskers and Mouse got along so well, they had a litter! Two baby kittens were born at the Knight household. They can’t keep them, since they already have two cats (and three toddlers…) running around the house, so they put them up for adoption.


Since Liam has been talking about wanting a cat for years now, and his parents were planning on finally fulfilling this wish now that his sister is born, it was perfect timing.
Liam felt both cats were equally adorable, it was hard to pick, but he managed to choose in the end after all.


Naomi settled everything with Loretta.


And then “Prince” was Liam’s! Finally!

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11 thoughts on “May 04: Making May Memories (Part 1)

  1. *drum roll* YEAH for Sadie!!!! Oh, she will for sure boost the Hot Wings audience, with such a talent for karaoke!! Aww, I can’t wait to hear her singing (I’m actually super excited that I’ll be able to *hear* her singing!!! *bounce*). Can I say again that I love your Gipsy café? It’s so much FUN! I’d love hanging out there!

    Aww, Zach and Evelyn!!!! My heart melted when I’ve seen those two! That picture of Evelyn and Valerie is soooooo cute!!! *teary eyes* I love that she left so many instructions at such experimented grand-parents! *lol* That’s so typical from young mothers!! 😀
    I swooned again over Emily and Zoe!!!! These are too cute! I love this kind iof kids friendship, that’s so adorable!! awwww!!! And Evelyn who phoned to have some news!!! *lol* Aww, I love this couple! And they’re such in love with each other, that’ so cute!

    OMG!!! KITTENS!!!! You have kittens!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeee* AWWWW, they’re so cuuuuuute! (OK, “cute” is the word of the day, OK? ;p) Liam must be thrilled with Prince!!! Awww, kittens, kittens, kittens!!! I’ve never had kittens yet in game! *sigh*

    What an awesome update, my sweet!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read the next part! *bounce*


    • Awww, Sandy sweet, thank you so much for your kind words!

      I’m glad you’re excited about Sadie! You will get to hear her sing. She has high skills in karaoke, but I forgot to crank up her actual singing skills when I send you her, so you might need to work on that.

      Zach and Evelyn had a great time in Sandy Valley, but they obviously had to make sure Valerie was okay! 😉

      Awww, the kittens! They are cute! And Liam is so excited about Prince!

      Part 2 is already up, my sweet. Just click the part 2 button. 😉

      LOVED your comment!


  2. Is this a blog redesign that I’m seeing? Looks cute. Not that it wasn’t cute before, though. ♥
    Lol at the boys making fish faces! They sure will get Sadie for the band… I hope they learn how one must behave in front of a lady, or she might run away!
    The grandparents story was adorable. It was hilarious, and so realistic that the young mom left so many instructions and then the grandparents ignore them anyways. (The swing! :D)
    Ooooh, kittens! So so lovely. ♥ ♥
    Going to read part II now!


    • Thank you Ani! It was sort of inspired by The Red Hot Chilly Peppers. I figured I’d name the band after a food too and it had to be something that was available as a food in the simworld too. 😉


  3. Kimmie story! 😀
    Loving the new blog design! 😀
    That meeting around the table really cracked me up! The way they all pulled identical faces *lol* Good luck Sadie! I’m sure the boys will take you on!
    Like Laura said, that is so a realistic Granddad way to behave!
    Zoe and Emily are just too sweet ❤ It reminds me of my visits to my grandparents when all my cousins would be there too! 😀
    I don't know how Liam managed to choose between those kittens! I couldn't do it!
    I love the way you always CAST the baby blankets. Stealing this idea 😉
    On to Part II! 😀


  4. YAAAAAAY, Sadie joins the Hot Wings *girldance*
    I love how it was her karaoke skills that got her the spot in the band! Hahahaha, I love their “fish looks” *lol*

    Aaaaww, Evelyn having to leave little Valerie must have been difficult. But we know she had a great time in Sandy Valley – and even made a new friend called Valerie as well!
    I need to write another “Aaaaaaaawww!” for Zoe and Emily’s visit!

    Omg, I am dying over that cute picture of the little kitten sleeping *tearyeyes* Aaaaw, Prince!!


    • Sara! I thought I replied to your comment already! I’m sorry!
      Sadie is awesome at karaoke! She’s has a great voice (or just a lot of karaoke skills, but shhhh)

      Evelyn loved her time in Sandy Valley! Making new friends. Valerie, yes and some awesome Bimlico people as well 😉

      Prince is the cutest. 🙂


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