The Ranch

The Honeycomb Valley Ranch in the Wildflower district, used to belong to Luke‘s grandfather. When he passed away (his grandmother has passed on earlier already), Luke inherited the ranch.

He now lives here with his dog Boy and horse Spider as well as four other horses; Snow and Travalda belonged to his grandfather and Sparrow and Raven are the Newman family horses, but they stay at the Ranch too.

The ranch is hugely inspired by the ranch the talented Martine created a while ago. You’ll see similarities, but I believe it has a lot of me as well.

Clicking the first image below, will open a carrousel where you can view all the pictures in a nice size.

20 thoughts on “The Ranch

  1. *Knocked sideways by the coolness*
    Seriously, I’m spoilt. I get a Sara and Kimmie update, all on the same day! AND a Sandy update yesterday! *Yahoo* I love you guys!
    What a gorgeous lot! I love that it’s a residential place for Luke, as well as stabling horse for the Newman family AND have a place for coffee AND be the Equestrian Centre. Wonderful ideas!!
    I’ve been planning on a residential lot for stables, and this could well give me the inspiration to get a move on with it *chuckle*
    PS. How did you get the pictures like that? I’ve been having a small battle with the pictures on my blog, and this looks like it might solve my battle *bats eyes* πŸ˜€


    • Thank you Missy darling!
      The pictures are done by choosing “create gallery”. It then created a carrousel like this. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know, I might have done something in my settings and I’ll check it for you.


  2. Oops…? I haven’t commented at the right place? I don’t know what I’ve done… Well, I’m copying it here again, feel free to delete one of them! πŸ˜€

    WOW, Kim!!!!! I knew it would be splendid, and indeed, it is totally, absolutely, really, my sweet!
    There’s all kinds of adorable little details, like the apple basket at the entry!! Aww, that’s too cute!! The building is gorgeous (stone, wood and greenery along the wall always catches me!)
    The stable looks wonderful! Aw, you even have tiny horses for kids!!! That’s too cute!!! I’d love having a coffee or whatever there! *sigh*
    It’s great that you have a community place AND a personal place for Luke & Boy!
    I squeed out loud at the blue little garden shed!!! awww!
    You smart you, the shed is the rabbit hole!!!! Ho, that’s brillant! (you didn’t manage to recolor it neither, huh? Doh, I spent time on that one! :D)
    Now, we can visit Luke!!! Awww!!! I suddenly have the feeling that Franck is a cavern-man, when I see how beautiful, but still simple and masculine, Luke’s house is arranged. ❀ I like his horses collection! (oh, I haven't commented on all the horses you have there!!! They're all so beautiful!)
    Pure gorgeousness!!! I can't wait to see it in action!! That will be so much fun!!!!!
    Congratulations, my sweet! *confettis*


    • Your comment was on one of the pictures πŸ˜‰
      You’re so sweet to notice the little details!
      *Giggle* yes, a shed for the rabbithole, I figured that would work! But nope, I couldn’t recolour. I like the green though, so it’s okay πŸ™‚
      I love Franck’s house! I always think my houses look too organised haha!

      Thanks for your comment, Sandy sweet! I love reading your comments!


  3. Omg Omg Omg…. OMG!!!!!!!!!

    Kim… Urgh….. I…. GAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I need smileys to express myself!!! I have to come back after I have completely understood the pure awesomeness of this update…… *SWOON*


    • Okay, so I studied each picture now for a very long time πŸ˜€ I swear I could post a looong comment on each one *blushes*

      Is this actually two lots? Luke’s house and then the ranch? Or is everything on one BIG lot?

      Gosh, look at that landscaping. All those flowers! And ohh don’t you just love the DV wisteria?

      I love the “hanging benches” on the side of the stable. How lovely it would be to sit there and enjoy that gorgeous view of the ranch *dreamy eyes* (that was new)
      There’s WINE and BEER! YES!

      The little blue garden shed is adorable!! The garden is so full of life – and yummy veggies!

      Ooooh, horses!! They look cute!

      Great idea to put the equestrian center RH Rug in that barn building! I should do that.

      Luke’s house is beautiful! And of course he doesn’t need a TV – look at what’s right outside his window!!!
      *drool* The view from his kitchen (panorama!!!) windows!!! *faints*

      Hmm, so they overview tells me it’s one big lot. Wow, it looks so huge in all your pictures, but in the overview picture it doesn’t look huuuuuuuuge-huge. So, it’s residential then? Can you place the RH rug on a residential lot? (*blush* Heh, it seems I have still a lot to learn about this game!!)


      • You’re right, Sara-love, it IS one lot. A big one, but I tried to make a lot of little areas so it doesn’t have that feeling of being huge.

        Luke is an outdoorsy person and a vegetarian, so I figured he’s the perfect type of guy to grow his own veggies!

        The equestrian center rabbithole is actually a door, not a rug. The green door is the equestrian center. πŸ™‚

        I love the view from this lot! To all sides! It’s such a perfect location! You have the mountains on one side and an overview of the town all the way to the ocean and the light house on the other side. It’s so perfect. Maybe this is where you have the Hippie Village?

        Thanks for your sweet words, my lovely!


      • Hmmm, okay… so you can actually put rabbitholes on residential lots and they still work? *mind blown*

        Hmm (#2 hehe), I think your ranch and my hippie village is in the same spot! Oh no, wait… My hippie village is in the area you call “star thistle”! I have a LOT of lot there, but nothing in this area where you have the ranch!


  4. Oooh, but what a magical place you have here! I was at awe, looking at your pictures… Every little detail it’s just so well arranged, everything it’s so countryside-like and perfect… *SIGH!*


  5. This is farm is amazing, Kimmy! I completely love it and can’t wait to see Luke run it on his own.I am always interested in the characters, so I take Luke was raised by his grandparents? But what happened to his parents and siblings.I only read that his father owned a farm in Appalossa Plains.Are they living in other sections of Honeycomb Valley?


    • Aww thank you and nice to meet you too! I’m sorry, I don’t know your name yet, but I’m happy to see you here.
      I take it you’ve already read Luke’s story here: ?
      As it happens, Luke is one of the few simmies who does not have any family living in Honeycomb Valley. I have many simmies who do though! Luke was created later and I then also made up his life story. In my mind, Luke grew up in Appaloosa Plains, but his dad was originally from Honeycomb Valley, where Luke’s grandfather owned this ranch. Luke grew up as the youngest of four kids, all sisters. He was as interested in horses as the rest of the family and always helped out. When his granddad passed, he moved to Honeycomb Valley to take over this ranch. Because his family “lives in Appaloosa Plains” I have not yet created them, but I’m sure I will at some point when I need them to show up for a wedding or something πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for your nice comment and your interest in Luke!


  6. I’m super late to comment on this post, but HOLY MOLY, that lot is framming amazing!!! *faints* I can’t believe how much stuff you fit onto one lot! Every corner of it is just so beautiful and designed with such care and thoughtfulness, from the cozy pillows on the porch swings to the welcoming little bushel of apples! ❀ Hugely inspiring…I see at least 10 ideas I want to steal! LOL. Brilliant, brilliant lot!! *applause*


    • Aww, thank you Jen! I actually stole a lot of ideas myself. From Martine. πŸ˜‰
      The bushel of apples at the entrance was just something that came to me.
      Thanks for your sweet words! ❀


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