June 04: New Beginnings

For two of Honeycomb Valley’s young adults, June 04 marked a new beginning.


In May, Lucas‘ granddad Eugene had passed away. Sure, Lucas was sad for a while, but hey, granddad had been old, he’d lived a good life; these things happen.

However, it was quite sad for grandma Phyllis. She missed her husband and on top of that was getting more and more forgetful. Quite often the phone rang and on the other end would be a neighbour who had seen Phyllis wandering aimlessly around town again. To Lucas’ dad Thomas it was clear that his mother simply could not live alone anymore. So, Thomas and Lauren sold their house to move in with Phyllis. Since Lucas was still living carefree at home, the move meant he was moving too.


After just a week with grandma though, Lucas felt the walls closing in around him. Sure, he loved her, and yes, it was still fun to watch cookingshows with her, but now he was living with three old people and that was just too much. So Lucas decided it was finally time to find his own place.

He went down to the real estate office to have a chat with estate agent Leonard.

Lucas housechatLeonard felt he had exactly the place Lucas was looking for and asked to meet him in an hour at Bumblebee Canal.

They met in front of an apartmentbuilding called “The Art Apartments”, because of their colourful art canvaseson the outside of the building.
Leonard took Lucas up to the penthouse. A one bedroom apartment. Not very big, but very hip and happening!

Lucas houseviewingAnd with a great view of the canals!

Screenshot-639Lucas was very impressed and decided to put down an offer!


Susannah (Susie) Watson had been away from Honeycomb Valley for years. Yes, she visited sometimes, but had been living in Bridgeport for the past 9 years. She missed her parents though, and her sister Lucy, and Lucy’s kids, especially her niece Kyra, and the green hills, and horseback riding, and many other things. But in the city she had Craig. The love of her life. Or so she thought…

For years, Susie had devoted her entire being to pleasing Craig, hoping to one day marry him and start a family. When she turned 30 she started to worry a bit though. She had always dreamt of having a big family, but that meant she had to get started soon… She turned 31… And then 32… and 33… and 34… And still no marriage and no babies… But she still had Craig! Her strapping lawyer man! For him she did anything. Even put her dream of having a big family aside. Along with her dream of opening a shop where she could sell her pottery (she got a job as a journalist instead) and along with passion for horseback riding.

But it seemed that Craig felt… differently… Despite promising Susie they would start that family one day, he turned out to be more interested in what was under his coworker’s skirt…. (for more info on Craig and Susie, see Susie’s bio)

And that’s how Susie suddenly found herself pushing 35, single and homeless. The only thing to do was move back home where her mum obviously welcomed her back with open arms.

Susie moving backSusie moved into the guest room, but it needed a bit of a makeover…

Susie room beforeSince Susie loves being creative, she took care of it and adapted the room to her taste.

Susie room after

The next morning, Susie visited her sister’s house. Lucy wasn’t home yet, but Kyra was overjoyed to see her aunt. Since Kyra shares her passion for horses with her aunt, she immediately suggested going down to the ranch. She couldn’t wait to show Susie how well she could ride.


Susie got introduced to Kyra’s brilliant instructor Luke first.


And then Susie and Luke watched Kyra ride.

Susie and Luke watching KyraWhile they watched Kyra, Susie told Luke how much she loved riding too, and Luke immediately told her she was welcome to take out any of his horses whenever she wanted.

After the visit to the ranch, Susie took Kyra back home.
By this time, Lucy was home as well and she was very happy to see her little sister. She did feel bad for the circumstances though…


To cheer her sister up a bit, Lucy prepared Susie’s favourite meal: Sushi!


After the meal with her family, Susie knew that even though her heart was broken, it was time for a new beginning.

The Hot Wings

The Hot Wings

The Hot Wings


* Daniel Lloyd (drums)
* James Wyler (guitar and vocals)
* Sadie Stevens (vocals)
* Seth Murray (bass guitar)

Band story

The Hot Wings are Honeycomb Valley’s teenband on their way to stardom. Originally founded in 01 by James Wyler who asked his best friends Seth Murray and Daniel Lloyd if they wanted to start a band with him.

The name started as a joke. The boys knew they wanted a funny name and liked the idea of having a bandname starting with “the”. Whilst they were thinking of possible names, James’ mum brought a plate of hot wings to James’ room. Seth jokingly suggested that might be a good name and James and Dan were so amused by this idea, that they decided to go for it.

For a long time The Hot Wings were just James, Daniel and Seth. They played at their own parties and that was it. Gradually though, their star rose. They rehearsed in Daniel’s garage, got better and better and got asked to play town events and school parties as well.

They didn’t feel complete yet though, they needed a female voice. But where to find such a person? The unexpected answer came one day when James and Daniel were visiting the Gypsy Cart and noticed Sadie Stevens singing karaoke. What a voice! Sadie joined the band and from that day on they were complete.

The band’s biggest break came when they signed up to play at the international Rock Festival in Sandy Valley and were actually invited to come! Wow, well done kids!

Stories featuring the band

* October 03: Dan & Jill’s 18th Birthday
October 03: The Harvest Festival
* May 04: Making May Memories
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The Big Honeycomb Valley Photoalbum

I always like to think my simmies had a life before I met them. Times long gone but not forgotten! When my elders were young parents, when my teens were toddlers. Pictures of days gone by can be found here, in the big Honeycomb Valley photoalbum! Pictures will be added to this album as time goes by.

Clicking the first picture will open the pictures in a good size and a handy gallery view!

The Watson family

watson fam

Michael Watson is a retired army man. He’s always in for a joke and is generally very excited about life. He adores his wife, his daughters and granddaughter Kyra, but wow, how happy he was when Lucy gave birth to Nick and Nathan! Boys! Finally! Michael loves spending time with his family, especially out in nature.

  • Age: Elder
  • Born: December 1942
  • Traits: Daredevil, excitable, friendly, natural cook, loves the outdoors
  • Job: Army (retired)
  • Father: Mr. Watson
  • Mother: Mrs. Watson
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Lucinda (Lucy), Susannah (Susie)
  • Other family: Kyra, Nathan, Nick (grandchildren)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Michael and Nancy met one night when they both went out dancing at the townhouse. They have been inseparable ever since.

Nancy Watson-Young is a fun-loving lady who loves her family, her house, nature and all animals in the world! She enjoyed (actually, still enjoys) being a mum to her daughters Lucy and Susie. Their full names are Lucinda and Susannah, but Nancy and Michael thought it quite funny the abbreviation of their names rhymed. Nancy also loves being a grandmother to Kyra, Nick and Nathan.

  • Age: Elder
  • Born: June 1943
  • Traits: Neat, family oriented, loves the outdoors, animal lover, good sense of humor
  • Job: Housewife
  • Father: Mr. Young
  • Mother: Mrs. Young
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Lucinda (Lucy), Susannah (Susie)
  • Other family: Kyra, Nathan, Nick (grandchildren)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Nancy met Michael when she went out dancing with her girlfriends in the spring of 62. He was just so charming, masculine and funny; he had her at hello.

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
June 04: New Beginnings
October 04: Is it Scary…?

Mr. Atkins

Atkins Jake - fam

Jake Atkins joined his little sister on her move to Honeycomb Valley from London. He told her he did it because he also wanted a change of scenery, but secretly it’s more because he still feels very protective of “little Abbey”. Of course little Abbey is no longer little and if anyone is capable of taking care of herself it’s Abbey, but hey, Jake can’t help himself. That’s what you get being a big brother by 11 years. Luckily, he found a job as a driving instructor straight away.

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: December 1969
  • Traits: Great kisser, handy, vehicle enthusiast, charismatic, friendly
  • Job: Driving instructor
  • Father: Mr. Atkins
  • Mother: Mrs. Atkins
  • Siblings: Abbey
  • Children: –
  • Other family: –
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Classmates: –
  • Romance history: Jake has been quite unlucky in love. He has had his share of relationships and really, is always a perfect gentleman. However, the ladies always end up telling him they need “their space”…

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
January 05: Ice, Ice Baby


Miss Atkins

Atkins Abbey  fam

Abbey Atkins recently moved to Honeycomb Valley with her dog Boris (and brother Jake, who lives elsewhere) from London, England. British born Abbey is no girly girl. She’s one tough cookie. She loves her apartment in Bumblebee Quarter with a view on the canals and her job working for the HVPD. Aside from this, Abbey enjoys rockconcerts, rides on her motorcycle and exercising. She can often been found jogging along the banks of the canal along with Boris, because she loves Boris most of all.

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: March 1980
  • Traits: Brave, handy, rebellious, athletic, dog person
  • Job: Patrol officer
  • Father: Mr. Atkins
  • Mother: Mrs. Atkins
  • Siblings: Jake
  • Children: –
  • Other family: –
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Classmates: –
  • Romance history: Abbey was in quite a serious relationship back in London, but she and Callum went their separate ways. It was a very friendly breakup; they just wanted different things. Since moving to Honeycomb Valley, Abbey has been on a date with Emmett, but that wasn’t very successful…

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
* April 04: Chloe’s Stay
November 04: Courtship
December 04: …and a Happy New Year!
January 05: Ice, Ice Baby
* October 05: Moving On


Atkins, Boris - a

Mrs. Mason

Mason, Donna  fam

Donna Mason and her late husband Ronald only had one child. She sure wanted more, but after Colin, they never succeeded again. Luckily she also has her cat Pebbles and of course her lovely grandchildren Liam and Isla. Donna always loved cats and is so happy her grandson inherited this trait. Liam and grandma love spending time talking about cats or playing with Pebbles. Donna is very environmentally conscious. She loves gardening, long walks in nature and always recycles!

  • Age: Elder
  • Born: April 1940
  • Traits: Cat person, loves the outdoors, green thumb, ecofriendly, over-emotional
  • Job: Housewife
  • Father: Mr. Carter
  • Mother: Mrs. Carter
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Colin
  • Other family: Liam, Isla (grandchildren)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Classmates: –
  • Romance history: Donna and Ronald were high school sweethearts.

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
December 04: Merry Christmas…
May 05: Changes
* October 05: Moving On

Mrs. Adams

Adams Phyllis fam

Phyllis Adams has lived a happy life. Living on one of the most beautiful spots in Honeycomb Valley and raising her twins Thomas and Olivia there has been a joy! Becoming a grandmother and spoiling her grandchildren rotten was equally fun. Now even the grandchildren are almost all grown up and life has changed quite a bit for Phyllis. Losing her loving husband Eugene was the worst and ever since then Phyllis has lost her joy for life a bit. Sure, she still loves cooking (a trait she passed down to not only her daughter, but to grandson Lucas and granddaughter Jill as well) and the company of her chickens, but she constantly finds herself getting lost in the neighbourhood (it changed so much) and misplacing her glasses. It’s a good thing Thomas and Lauren came to live with her.

  • Age: Elder
  • Born: February 1932
  • Died: January 2006
  • Traits: Friendly, hydrophobic, natural cook, never nude, nurturing
  • Job: Housewife
  • Father: Mr. Morris
  • Mother: Mrs. Morris
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Thomas, Olivia
  • Other family: Jasper, Lucas, Jill, Finn (grandchildren)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Phyllis met Eugene on one of her parents’ houseparties. He was the son of her parents’ friends. Eugene always said he got introduced to Phyllis’ cooking before he got introduced to her and immediately said “A woman who can cook like this, has to be perfect!”

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
June 04: New Beginnings
* January 06: Life and Death

June 04: School’s Out! (Part 3)

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Parent-Teacher Meetings

After summer, eleven kids would proceed to the next class (Read all about my education system here). At the Beehive it is customary for all parents of kids moving up a class to have a talk with their child’s teacher before summer. All parents of kids staying with the same teacher would have a talk with the teacher in September. Teens moving up a class were invited to join their parents for the chat, whilst the parents of the children came alone. Because not all teachers had kids in their classes who were moving up a class, not all teachers had to be present during this evening either.

Alexis was the first to start by having a chat with Lorenzo and Jeffrey about Jeffrey’s progress.


She told Lorenzo how proud she was of Jeff for getting such good grades. Lorenzo didn’t seem fazed. Jeffrey is moving up to class 5 with a B.

Then, Alexis had a chat with Avery and Sophie. It’s always a bit awkward to have to have this kind of chat with your sister, especially when your niece is performing under her abilities.

Screenshot-1021Sophie is going to class 5 with a C which would be perfectly acceptable if it weren’t for Sophie being an ambitious genius. Was it the exchange with Chloé that drew her attention from her schoolwork or does Sophie have something else on her mind?

All Alexis’ other talks went off without a hitch. PTA Alexis

Esme, Ruby and Martha (who didn’t join her mother) all moved up with a B. Well done, girls!

Eva had a less busy night than Alexis. She only had two kids moving up a class. First up was Amy, to talk about her youngest child, Ruth.


But… What’s that…? Amy is pregnant!? Again!? Eva tried to hide her surprise as best she could, but it sure was a surprise!

She proceeded with a chat about Ruth. Ruth tries her best, but still has a bit of trouble focusing on her work sometimes, moving up with a C average.

Screenshot-1015Next for Eva was Andrew who had to come to school for talks about both his sons, since Lillian had parent-teacher meetings with the parents of her own students.

Screenshot-1030Riley is very much the class clown, which is fun, but can also be distracting for other kids at times. He’s doing well in his schoolwork though and is going to class 2 with a B average.

Meanwhile, Lillian was having chats with Kai about Joel and then with Charlotte and Aaron about Emily. Lillian took out some extra time for both these chats since Joel and Emily are not just moving up a class, but also moving up a floor: after summer they will both be starting high school!

PTA Lillian

Lillian told Kai how proud she was of Joel. Despite him having a very eventful school year, with the custody hearing, moving to his dad’s house and his new baby brother, he excels at his schoolwork and Lillian thoroughly enjoyed being his teacher for the past few years. Joel is starting highschool with an A average.

Emily was also a joy to have in class and Lillian emphasised that both Zoe and she would miss her very much. Emily is smart and hardworking and will also start highschool with an A average.

Finally, we turn to Carson. Carson also had two children to discuss with parents. I personally feel he could have tidied up the classroom for this occasion at least…

PTA Carson

Carson told Andrew how open and spontaneous Tyler is and told Amy that he felt Miriam should come out of her shell a bit more. Amy didn’t agree, she felt that this is just who her Miriam is, but was too shy to say so. Tyler and Miriam are both entering Lillian’s class after summer with a B average.

At 9:30, the teachers finally went home.


The last day of June, it was time for graduation. Wesley got up early and had a “healthy breakfast” with his sister first.

Screenshot-1056Yes, surprise surprise: Wesley is graduating! Barely, but still. (Read about final exams in my Education post, here

Wes got 1126 out of 2400 on his final exam which equals a C-. Which is basically the equivalent of an Abbott family A+! Since neither of his parents graduated high school, this is obviously extraordinary.

Anna also passed, with 1688 out of 2400, which equals a B, or, in other words, a Newman family F. So her parents were less pleased.

Nevertheless, they showed up at City Hall for her graduation. Along with Anna’s brother Harry, his fiancée Lily and Anna’s best friend Suzan. Matthew was not invited to see both his parents graduating…

Cheryl and Lorenzo put on their fanciest clothes and sat front row to watch their son getting his diploma. Of course Jeffrey and Chantal were there (Jeff was apparently not amused with Chantal’s constant chatting) and grandma Carmen was invited too, but she rather read a book… *rolls eyes*

Olivia, being Anna and Jeffrey’s final class mentor was of course present as well.

Screenshot-1059Alice held a speech about growing up, opportunities and responsibilities and Wesley and Anna tried their best to look interested.

Graduation speech

After Alice’s speech (which seemed to go on forever), it was finally time to sign the diplomas!

Graduation signingAnd with that, Anna and Wesley were graduated! While their families had a drink and a chat (hopefully without much mingling, because since the birth of Matthew, the Abbotts and Newmans aren’t exactly the best of friends…) Wes and Anna were invited outside for a graduation picture.

Screenshot-1068There was a hug…

Screenshot-1071And Wesley wouldn’t be Wesley if he didn’t try to get a bit more out of it…

Screenshot-1072And even though Anna feels way too good for someone like Wesley by now, he’s still the father of her child, and a hell of a kisser, so for old times sake; she didn’t hesitate to kiss him back!

Graduation kiss

Right, I guess it’s safe to say: School’s definitely out!

June 04: School’s Out! (Part 2)


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The Last Day

On the morning of the last day of school, Nick and Nathan Cook woke up feeling all excited! Last year, the final day was celebrated with a dress up party in the park, but this year it was going to be a waterparty at the beach near their house. Lucy, being a Beehive teacher, had to go to the beach early to set everything up and of course the boys got to go with her to help. It was going to be a very hot day, so perfect for a waterparty!

Last day Nick Nathan early

Soon enough, other kids started to arrive as well.

Screenshot-920Little miss Ellie didn’t bring her good mood (or, was her usual self) and immediately picked a fight with Chantal (who, I might add, had picked out a nice tacky outfit for this day). Some nerve, Ellie; I was nervous to even speak to 11 year olds when I was 5, let alone pick a fight with one of them…

Last day Ellie argue Chantal

The temperatures rose quickly, so before long most kids were involved in waterballoon fights or other water-related activities.


Last day Waterfight Zoe

Screenshot-934The kids were also invited to participate in an apple bobbing contest. Joel, Ellie, Chantal and Liam were the first to try their luck.

Screenshot-950Joel won! To Ellie’s clear discontent. She felt it had been a most unfair contest!

Screenshot-956After this it was time for lunch! Pancakes and juice!

Last day PancakesThe afternoon consisted of more waterplay!




Screenshot-968And more apple bobbing! Ellie decided to just try again! This time joined by Nathan and Ryan….


Screenshot-983…and lost again! (Nathan won)

Screenshot-987To cheer up, she treated herself to a snowcone.

Screenshot-973And because all Ellie’s ideas are awesome (at least according to herself), her example was soon followed by others.

Last day IceThe day draw to an end much too soon. But Ellie wasn’t leaving before participating in applebobbing ONCE more. This time against Joshua, Ruth and Tyler.

Screenshot-993And, guess what….

Screenshot-994Yup, lost again!

Sidenote: It was too funny! I didn’t really control any of the kids much but almost every time I went to see where Ellie was, she was applebobbing again. She’s the only child to try it more than once and the only child to get all grumpy when she lost. She’s persistent though, you gotta give her that! Hahaha, I love Ellie!

Tyler and Riley were the lucky ones. Because their mum had to stay to tidy up, they got to enjoy the beach a bit longer than any of the other kids.


For the kids, the summerholidays were off to a good start, the teachers still had some work to do though…. More on that in part 3!

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