June 04: School’s Out! (Part 1)

Please note; the “School’s Out” story consists of three parts. 

June in Honeycomb Valley! June meant summer, warm weather, long days, swimming in the ocean, and, the last weeks of school!

For the kids and teens of Honeycomb Valley this was an exciting month, for the teachers of The Beehive it was mostly a very busy month. Two kids had to take their final exams, eleven kids would move up a class after summer and then there was the organisation of the prom for the teens and the last day of school for the kids. A busy, busy month!

The exams

With the start of June, the time had finally come for Anna and Wesley to take their final exams. Wesley wasn’t too bothered, but there was a lot of pressure on Anna. She HAD to do well. Her teen pregnancy had already smudged her father’s good name, if she failed her exams too, she was bound to be disowned. (Read about final exams in my Education post, here)

Wes Anna examsFind out how they did later on!

The Prom

A week later, it was time for the most exciting night of the year of the teens of Honeycomb Valley: The prom!

Rachel rang her best friend Sadie to ask her if she wanted to come over to get ready together. Because obviously, getting ready for the prom is one of the best parts!


Sadie soon arrived and the girls quickly got to work.

Make up and hair…




…and a hug!


Rachel’s sister Ruby wasn’t too fussed about this whole getting ready part, she was done in a jiffy.

Ruby getting ready

Side note: Last year I got all excited about Sandy‘s idea to have all the girls wear the same dress to prom, so I decided to copy this plan. This year, we both repeated this, and it became once again clear how much we think alike when we turned out to have picked the exact same dress for our girls without knowing it! I thought about changing the dress for my girls when Sandy posted her prom non-story and I saw she used the same dress, but she talked me out of it saying the dress was too pretty not to be used. Anyway, back to the prom!

The oldest child of the Murray clan was gone before his sisters were even finished to pick up his prom date like a real gentleman.


At 8, the prom started and the teens started to arrive.

Prom startAnna apparently felt a high school prom was beneath her now she was almost leaving and was annoyed with her best friend Suzan who did seem to have a good time.


But Suzan was right to have fun, because it was fun!

There was dancing…


And more dancing…

Screenshot-863 Wait a minute… Is that Jill and James dancing?! Wow, after last year’s prom drama, I really wasn’t expecting this…

James and Jill’s dance didn’t last long though, because James had to get up on the stage (and by stage I mean a small platform with some instruments) for The Hot Wings‘ first ever performance with Sadie!

If she was nervous, she hid it very well!

Prom Hot WingsThe crowd seemed to enjoy it too! (Wesley! Stop perving on Kyra! The girl is 13!)

Prom Hot Wings close upAfter the band’s performance it was time for a bit more romance. Finn and Esme were the first to take the floor.


And were soon followed by others. There were some very unexpected combinations… (and also quite a lot of girls leading… Sims…)

Prom slowdancing

Of course every high school prom has its wallflowers…

Screenshot-894…and some girls who tell themselves they’re too good to dance with high school boys….


Much too soon the prom came to an end and it was time for the group pictures.


Screenshot-912And with that the school year was very nearly over for the teens of Honeycomb Valley! The kids however, had their own party still ahead. More on that in part 2!

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part 2

15 thoughts on “June 04: School’s Out! (Part 1)

  1. YEAH!! Your prom finally!!! I was SO waiting for this! *bouncing* Aww, I’m not disappointed, at usual! *swoon*
    I’m glad you have decided to use that dress too. It’s so versatile that it doesn’t look like any of mine, just like each of yours is very unique!
    That’s so cute that Rachel and Sadie got prepared together!! Aww!!! (even if Rachel ended up by doing the wallpaper! ;D)
    I laughed at Ana’s look!!! 😀 Huh, I guess that even if you’re a party animal, being a young mother put the things in other perspectives, and then a high school prom can look childish! ;D
    Jill and dancing together!!! ahaha! Well, time flew by since the last bal! (I had a very silly french proverb to comment this, but I’m afraid it loses at being translated! :D)
    YEAH for the Hot Wings!! Rock on, guys!! *fan dance*
    Aww, that group pictures are so great! It reminds me I haven’t done any this year. I can’t help, I don’t like posing my Sims. *sigh*
    I see you have a lot of girls compared to guys (well, that’s my problem too… we’ll have to send our girls to Bimlico to get them married! ;))

    LOVE, LOVE your Simmies, my sweet!!! (and specially your teens… and your kids… ;))


  2. The prom! Yay, been waiting for this update!
    I mentioned this on your education page, but I LOVE your idea of the exams! So stealing this idea!
    That dress does look so lovely *sigh*
    Jill and James? Is there hope for a rekindled romance? (I’m not pushing them *whistles innocently* )
    Love the idea of having the girls get ready together! Such a nice touch!
    The pictures look really lovely! ❤
    Anna's face really cracks me up! 😀


    • Oh I’m not sure James and Jill’s romance will flare up again. They are full bar again and hang out with their gang well enough, but the moment either one of them tries a friendly or flirty interaction on the other, they get shouted at. So to see them dancing together was a big deal! We’ll see…
      And steal all you like, darling!


  3. Yaaaaaaaay, SimJune is here!!!!

    I love the idea of the final exam! So clever!

    Oooh, prom!! Rachel looks so cute! Love her outfit 🙂 And WOW, love her prom dress! Hehe, typical of Ruby to just change and be done with it *chuckle*

    Wooow, Anna, calm down a little *lol* She looks really pissed off!

    YEAH, Sadie, you look amazing on the stage!!

    Aaaw, I love the pictures of all the teens dancing ❤ And the group pictures are so funny!! I love how you can really see the difference in heights and styles!


    • YAY! I love you noticing how Ruby’s changing is typical of her! I always love how you really know my simmies! ❤
      Anna really didn't like this night…

      Thanks for your comment, my sweet!


  4. Yay, story! I think I am going to comment in the three parts, otherwise I’ll forget what I meant to say! 😛 Oh, the final exams idea was so great! I can’t wait to see how did it go for Anna and Wesley, although these don’t look like the they studying kind a lot… Fingers crossed for them passing! Teen prom, so exciting! The Hot Wings surely did a great actuation, with their new singer! The slow dancing was so romantic, and the group pictures… You know I’m always drooling at your group pictures!

    And thanks to you ladies, now I’m trying to remember how the girls-boys ratio is in my town… *Hmm* I think I actually may have more boys than girls.


    • YES, towns with more boys is goooood! You can read how Wes and Anna did in part 3 🙂
      Aww, thank you for liking my group pictures! Like Sandy, I don’t like posing my Sims, but I do like taking grouppictures! 🙂


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