June 04: School’s Out! (Part 2)


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The Last Day

On the morning of the last day of school, Nick and Nathan Cook woke up feeling all excited! Last year, the final day was celebrated with a dress up party in the park, but this year it was going to be a waterparty at the beach near their house. Lucy, being a Beehive teacher, had to go to the beach early to set everything up and of course the boys got to go with her to help. It was going to be a very hot day, so perfect for a waterparty!

Last day Nick Nathan early

Soon enough, other kids started to arrive as well.

Screenshot-920Little miss Ellie didn’t bring her good mood (or, was her usual self) and immediately picked a fight with Chantal (who, I might add, had picked out a nice tacky outfit for this day). Some nerve, Ellie; I was nervous to even speak to 11 year olds when I was 5, let alone pick a fight with one of them…

Last day Ellie argue Chantal

The temperatures rose quickly, so before long most kids were involved in waterballoon fights or other water-related activities.


Last day Waterfight Zoe

Screenshot-934The kids were also invited to participate in an apple bobbing contest. Joel, Ellie, Chantal and Liam were the first to try their luck.

Screenshot-950Joel won! To Ellie’s clear discontent. She felt it had been a most unfair contest!

Screenshot-956After this it was time for lunch! Pancakes and juice!

Last day PancakesThe afternoon consisted of more waterplay!




Screenshot-968And more apple bobbing! Ellie decided to just try again! This time joined by Nathan and Ryan….


Screenshot-983…and lost again! (Nathan won)

Screenshot-987To cheer up, she treated herself to a snowcone.

Screenshot-973And because all Ellie’s ideas are awesome (at least according to herself), her example was soon followed by others.

Last day IceThe day draw to an end much too soon. But Ellie wasn’t leaving before participating in applebobbing ONCE more. This time against Joshua, Ruth and Tyler.

Screenshot-993And, guess what….

Screenshot-994Yup, lost again!

Sidenote: It was too funny! I didn’t really control any of the kids much but almost every time I went to see where Ellie was, she was applebobbing again. She’s the only child to try it more than once and the only child to get all grumpy when she lost. She’s persistent though, you gotta give her that! Hahaha, I love Ellie!

Tyler and Riley were the lucky ones. Because their mum had to stay to tidy up, they got to enjoy the beach a bit longer than any of the other kids.


For the kids, the summerholidays were off to a good start, the teachers still had some work to do though…. More on that in part 3!

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8 thoughts on “June 04: School’s Out! (Part 2)

  1. Aaaaaaw, Nick and Nathan!!! (Wow, love Lucy’s dress, btw!)

    WATERPARTY!!! That sounds awesome!

    Bwaahahahaha, Ellie is fierce! I love Chantal’s outfit *chuckle* Hahaha, and Ellie’s expression when she lost the apple bobbing contest *rofl*


    • Ellie definitely IS fierce, nothing like her kindhearted older sister Zoe! The apple bobbing was so much fun to watch! i actually cracked up at the computer!


  2. What a sweet idea letting the kiddies have a party at the beach with all water activities! They look like they were really enjoying themselves!
    Aww, poor little Ellie! I admire her persistence, though!


    • We have waterparties at my real school when it’s hot as well (well, only for one day a year, not every time it’s hot), but never to this scale and on the beach, although they would be awesome! I loved playing this day, it was one of my favourite Simevents!


  3. The water party was so much fun, lucky kids! I absolutely *lol*ed at Ellie picking up a fight with Chantal… She looks so cute, acting angry with a girl much older and taller than her! And then Ellie again at the apple bobbing contest (I keep forgetting that is called apple bobbing 😛 )! I so love her looks when she is pissed off, she is like a RL little girl throwing tantrums! *LOL* I understand why you love that little girl so much!


    • Ellie is so feisty! If she was my daughter or one of my students, I’d probably have a real difficult time with her, but I LOVE her as my sim! She definitely has character and keeps surprising me with random things she does. It must be a combination of her traits, but it worked out so well for her. I remember she was always throwing hissy-fits when she was a toddler too! I already knew then she would grow up to be quite a character. I can only imagine what she’ll be like as a teen…


  4. AWWWW, Nick and Nathan! My heart literally bounced when I saw them on first picture! ❤
    What a cool day at the beach! That's so something you would do for your own kids, wouldn't you?
    Ellie seriously cracked me up! That little diva has some temper! *lol* It's too funny to see her arguing with the "tall"! And what determination she put at playing with the apples! She's hilarious at being so grumpy when she loses! Aahahaha, that's too precious when such characters emerge from our game, huh? 😀
    That's so cute that she gets an icecream matching with her swimming-suit! 😀 (Bibi did that too in my game, those girls have style, huh. ;))
    Ooooh, teen years with Ellie will be… epic. 😀
    What a fun day! If the kids had 1/10 of the fun I had at reading the story, it was a true success! 😀


    • *Giggle* I knew you’d be happy to see my twins!
      It was a good day indeed! I actually am always a bit hesitant to take my kids to the beach, seeing how I have over 25 kids, and the beach and the sea are so big. I’m a bit scared to take them actually. But I would LOVE a day like this with waterplay and no going in the sea. 😉

      Ellie is too awesome!


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