June 04: School’s Out! (Part 3)

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Parent-Teacher Meetings

After summer, eleven kids would proceed to the next class (Read all about my education system here). At the Beehive it is customary for all parents of kids moving up a class to have a talk with their child’s teacher before summer. All parents of kids staying with the same teacher would have a talk with the teacher in September. Teens moving up a class were invited to join their parents for the chat, whilst the parents of the children came alone. Because not all teachers had kids in their classes who were moving up a class, not all teachers had to be present during this evening either.

Alexis was the first to start by having a chat with Lorenzo and Jeffrey about Jeffrey’s progress.


She told Lorenzo how proud she was of Jeff for getting such good grades. Lorenzo didn’t seem fazed. Jeffrey is moving up to class 5 with a B.

Then, Alexis had a chat with Avery and Sophie. It’s always a bit awkward to have to have this kind of chat with your sister, especially when your niece is performing under her abilities.

Screenshot-1021Sophie is going to class 5 with a C which would be perfectly acceptable if it weren’t for Sophie being an ambitious genius. Was it the exchange with Chloé that drew her attention from her schoolwork or does Sophie have something else on her mind?

All Alexis’ other talks went off without a hitch. PTA Alexis

Esme, Ruby and Martha (who didn’t join her mother) all moved up with a B. Well done, girls!

Eva had a less busy night than Alexis. She only had two kids moving up a class. First up was Amy, to talk about her youngest child, Ruth.


But… What’s that…? Amy is pregnant!? Again!? Eva tried to hide her surprise as best she could, but it sure was a surprise!

She proceeded with a chat about Ruth. Ruth tries her best, but still has a bit of trouble focusing on her work sometimes, moving up with a C average.

Screenshot-1015Next for Eva was Andrew who had to come to school for talks about both his sons, since Lillian had parent-teacher meetings with the parents of her own students.

Screenshot-1030Riley is very much the class clown, which is fun, but can also be distracting for other kids at times. He’s doing well in his schoolwork though and is going to class 2 with a B average.

Meanwhile, Lillian was having chats with Kai about Joel and then with Charlotte and Aaron about Emily. Lillian took out some extra time for both these chats since Joel and Emily are not just moving up a class, but also moving up a floor: after summer they will both be starting high school!

PTA Lillian

Lillian told Kai how proud she was of Joel. Despite him having a very eventful school year, with the custody hearing, moving to his dad’s house and his new baby brother, he excels at his schoolwork and Lillian thoroughly enjoyed being his teacher for the past few years. Joel is starting highschool with an A average.

Emily was also a joy to have in class and Lillian emphasised that both Zoe and she would miss her very much. Emily is smart and hardworking and will also start highschool with an A average.

Finally, we turn to Carson. Carson also had two children to discuss with parents. I personally feel he could have tidied up the classroom for this occasion at least…

PTA Carson

Carson told Andrew how open and spontaneous Tyler is and told Amy that he felt Miriam should come out of her shell a bit more. Amy didn’t agree, she felt that this is just who her Miriam is, but was too shy to say so. Tyler and Miriam are both entering Lillian’s class after summer with a B average.

At 9:30, the teachers finally went home.


The last day of June, it was time for graduation. Wesley got up early and had a “healthy breakfast” with his sister first.

Screenshot-1056Yes, surprise surprise: Wesley is graduating! Barely, but still. (Read about final exams in my Education post, here

Wes got 1126 out of 2400 on his final exam which equals a C-. Which is basically the equivalent of an Abbott family A+! Since neither of his parents graduated high school, this is obviously extraordinary.

Anna also passed, with 1688 out of 2400, which equals a B, or, in other words, a Newman family F. So her parents were less pleased.

Nevertheless, they showed up at City Hall for her graduation. Along with Anna’s brother Harry, his fiancée Lily and Anna’s best friend Suzan. Matthew was not invited to see both his parents graduating…

Cheryl and Lorenzo put on their fanciest clothes and sat front row to watch their son getting his diploma. Of course Jeffrey and Chantal were there (Jeff was apparently not amused with Chantal’s constant chatting) and grandma Carmen was invited too, but she rather read a book… *rolls eyes*

Olivia, being Anna and Jeffrey’s final class mentor was of course present as well.

Screenshot-1059Alice held a speech about growing up, opportunities and responsibilities and Wesley and Anna tried their best to look interested.

Graduation speech

After Alice’s speech (which seemed to go on forever), it was finally time to sign the diplomas!

Graduation signingAnd with that, Anna and Wesley were graduated! While their families had a drink and a chat (hopefully without much mingling, because since the birth of Matthew, the Abbotts and Newmans aren’t exactly the best of friends…) Wes and Anna were invited outside for a graduation picture.

Screenshot-1068There was a hug…

Screenshot-1071And Wesley wouldn’t be Wesley if he didn’t try to get a bit more out of it…

Screenshot-1072And even though Anna feels way too good for someone like Wesley by now, he’s still the father of her child, and a hell of a kisser, so for old times sake; she didn’t hesitate to kiss him back!

Graduation kiss

Right, I guess it’s safe to say: School’s definitely out!

11 thoughts on “June 04: School’s Out! (Part 3)

  1. Wow, Kim, I’m really in awe of your dedication to your education system. It’s such a fantastic idea with a parent-teacher meeting!!

    Aaaw, Jeffrey!! He’s such a good boy ❤

    Sophie will make up for it in Grade 5, I am sure *nos* It can be very difficult for teen girls to concentrate in that age!!

    WHAT!!!!! Amy is pregnant?!

    Ohh how exciting for Joel and Emily!! Can't wait to meet them as teens!

    *throws confetti* Graduation!!! Hahaha, I love Cheryl and Lorenzo *rofl* …and their fancy clothes!!

    WESLEY!! Hahahaha, that boy has humour! I love that he sneaked in a kiss! So, are these two YA now?

    Thank you for a wonderful update!!


    • It was actually Sandy who did the parent-teacher meetings first. 🙂 But since I do many of those myself in real life, I HAD to include this for my simmies! So I came up with a system for them. 🙂 I had to, because if I play my school for too long, my game crashes. -_- So I decided not to do all talks at the same point in the year but spread them out,

      Sophie… Hmmm… Yes, you are right, t has everything to do with being a teen. And, since I already know how her summer has started (as do you, having insider information 😉 ) I’m not too sure she’ll be able to focus more when school starts again. *giggle*

      The Abbott family’s fashion sense is awesome, right! 😀

      Yeah, Wes and Anna are YA. They are by no means a couple, but I have a feeling this wasn’t their last kiss either. As long as they won’t be making Matthew any siblings, they can do as they like. 😉

      And yes, another Edwards nooboo on the way… Amy couldn’t keep John off any longer, it seems. 😉


  2. I so love your elaborate school system! *Sigh* Sure, the teachers were busy chatting with all those parents, but the kids moved on with good grades! 🙂 Amy is pregnant, huh?
    OOOOHHH, both Anna and Wesley made it! GREAT! Even if Anna’s family doesn’t think so… The ceremony was so perfect, and so nerdy! 😛 Only you could think of having speeches, families invited, and even signing the diplomas!
    At last, WOW at the kiss! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I’m pretty much still freaking out. *LOL* But it’s so Wesley.


  3. YAY for being nerdy! Such a great compliment! 🙂 We actually don’t have such elaborate graduation ceremonies here in The Netherlands. Well, we have graduations with speeches, family and signing, but not the whole gown thing. And as much as I’m always against the “America-ness” of the game, I actually quite like the graduation gowns and the whole ceremonies, so I used that and combined it with my own experiences with graduations. 🙂

    Wes and Anna’s kiss, like I said to Sara, means nothing. 🙂 It was just a kiss and I guess they’ll have more of those and I’m not surprised if they take things to the next level either… As long as they’re SAFE about it this time round, they are free to do as they please. 😉


    • Uff, relieved it didn’t mean anything to them! 😀 😛
      I know, being nerdy is awesome! I wish I could pull off things that complicated, but I can’t even get away with throwing succesful parties! (Aah, the routing wonders of having so many hungry sims in a little space… 😀 )


      • Oh my darling, if you knew the trouble and the cursing I’ve gone through to get this graduation working! My oh my! Once two Sims sat down, two others were getting up again. And then there were several complaining they just couldn’t sit on THAT chair. Etc. etc. I think one full RL hour passed before they FINALLY all had a seat. It looks all wonderfully easy, but it really was quite the task! 😉


  4. Aww, my dearest Sophie!! *hugs* Mmm, yes, I don’t know how much she won’t be distracted in sim-september, after such a hoooot summer…. *giggle*
    It’s a good timing to organize teachers-parents meeting, to make a check-up of the kids results at the end of the year. Mine was done in sim-april, I think, for the last trimester, as it’s the one I keep the most in memory as pupil/student. 😀

    Ooooh, a graduation ceremony!!! I laughed so hard the two couples of parents on the first line. They couldn’t be more different!!

    And…. ooooh, that kiss! “Fever of the moment”, huh, that’s what they said… 😉


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