The Big Honeycomb Valley Photoalbum

I always like to think my simmies had a life before I met them. Times long gone but not forgotten! When my elders were young parents, when my teens were toddlers. Pictures of days gone by can be found here, in the big Honeycomb Valley photoalbum! Pictures will be added to this album as time goes by.

Clicking the first picture will open the pictures in a good size and a handy gallery view!

17 thoughts on “The Big Honeycomb Valley Photoalbum

  1. Awww, Kim, that’s so incredible awesome!! As I had began to do that for my own Sims, I know the tremondous amount of work and time that it demands! I only did it for a few of my families, and still, it had took me a whole week-end, and I have given up! *shame*
    Anyway! It’s so cool to see your Simmies when they were younger! Of course, I immediately spot on Nick and Nathan as toddlers! Rosalie was such a lovely ten! I love that picture, at the shadow of the foliage! ❤
    Thomas and Olivia are great! Aww, dear, that's so much awesomeness everywhere!!! That's beyond awesome, my sweet!
    (I know I'm a bit behind commenting, but migraines don't leave me with these hot weathers we have! :((()


    • If I had to do this separately for each family, it would have been a lot of work for me as well, so I just picked out some families. The ones I figured would be the type to put up pictures around the house. It was so much fun!
      Don’t worry about being “behind” my sweet! There’s no rush ever! And even if you don’t comment, it’s okay! I hope your migraines will give you a break soon. The temperatures have dropped quite a bit here, so hopefully they will where you live too! *SMOOCH*


  2. Spent a happy half hour cooing over these pictures! Then showed Mum and we both cooed over them! I adore the pictures of the Wylers and their little cousin! What a lovely idea! *steals ideas*


  3. But whan an adorable, unique and creative idea! ❤ Lovely! It's so great to see your simmies' previous lifes, and I find so awesome that you adjusted their clothes to match the times and even tweaked the camera filters. Even when all those toddlers and children are so cute, my favourite HAS to be that pic of Thomas and Olivia as teens! Groovy!
    I envy so much your posed pictures. They look so great and so natural… Yet I cannot even begin to imagine how much work was needed to do this!


  4. Kim, you are incredible!! This must have been so much work, but also so much fun!! I can imagine you *squeee*-ing so loud when you aged these sims up and down and gave them those perfect make-overs!
    I love the picture of Jill and Finn! And of course, Olivia and Thomas as grooooooooovy teens!!!!


  5. AWWW!!! It’s a gorgeous idea! I love this album! All those pictures are great, really great! I love every single photo, but especially that “old” ones in sepia ❤ And Andrew with his horse! Awww! Wonderful, genius, …! I lack the words!


      • Thanks, my holidays were nice (I came back with white-red legs – it’s a classic;)) I’ve been away for a week only and BUM! I have what to read! 😀


  6. Wow, Kim, these are… Wow. I’m speechless! They’re AMAZING! It’s so lovely to see your Sims younger! You did an incredible job at with the fashion of the year mixed to your Sims personalities! It’s so awesome!
    I don’t find Amy’s dress ugly at all! It’s all pretty and will suit Rebecca perfectly! 😉
    I couldn’t pick a favorite. They’re all AMAZING. Yes, it’s what I already said, but… wow… speechless… parrot… amazing!!!


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