June 04: New Beginnings

For two of Honeycomb Valley’s young adults, June 04 marked a new beginning.


In May, Lucas‘ granddad Eugene had passed away. Sure, Lucas was sad for a while, but hey, granddad had been old, he’d lived a good life; these things happen.

However, it was quite sad for grandma Phyllis. She missed her husband and on top of that was getting more and more forgetful. Quite often the phone rang and on the other end would be a neighbour who had seen Phyllis wandering aimlessly around town again. To Lucas’ dad Thomas it was clear that his mother simply could not live alone anymore. So, Thomas and Lauren sold their house to move in with Phyllis. Since Lucas was still living carefree at home, the move meant he was moving too.


After just a week with grandma though, Lucas felt the walls closing in around him. Sure, he loved her, and yes, it was still fun to watch cookingshows with her, but now he was living with three old people and that was just too much. So Lucas decided it was finally time to find his own place.

He went down to the real estate office to have a chat with estate agent Leonard.

Lucas housechatLeonard felt he had exactly the place Lucas was looking for and asked to meet him in an hour at Bumblebee Canal.

They met in front of an apartmentbuilding called “The Art Apartments”, because of their colourful art canvaseson the outside of the building.
Leonard took Lucas up to the penthouse. A one bedroom apartment. Not very big, but very hip and happening!

Lucas houseviewingAnd with a great view of the canals!

Screenshot-639Lucas was very impressed and decided to put down an offer!


Susannah (Susie) Watson had been away from Honeycomb Valley for years. Yes, she visited sometimes, but had been living in Bridgeport for the past 9 years. She missed her parents though, and her sister Lucy, and Lucy’s kids, especially her niece Kyra, and the green hills, and horseback riding, and many other things. But in the city she had Craig. The love of her life. Or so she thought…

For years, Susie had devoted her entire being to pleasing Craig, hoping to one day marry him and start a family. When she turned 30 she started to worry a bit though. She had always dreamt of having a big family, but that meant she had to get started soon… She turned 31… And then 32… and 33… and 34… And still no marriage and no babies… But she still had Craig! Her strapping lawyer man! For him she did anything. Even put her dream of having a big family aside. Along with her dream of opening a shop where she could sell her pottery (she got a job as a journalist instead) and along with passion for horseback riding.

But it seemed that Craig felt… differently… Despite promising Susie they would start that family one day, he turned out to be more interested in what was under his coworker’s skirt…. (for more info on Craig and Susie, see Susie’s bio)

And that’s how Susie suddenly found herself pushing 35, single and homeless. The only thing to do was move back home where her mum obviously welcomed her back with open arms.

Susie moving backSusie moved into the guest room, but it needed a bit of a makeover…

Susie room beforeSince Susie loves being creative, she took care of it and adapted the room to her taste.

Susie room after

The next morning, Susie visited her sister’s house. Lucy wasn’t home yet, but Kyra was overjoyed to see her aunt. Since Kyra shares her passion for horses with her aunt, she immediately suggested going down to the ranch. She couldn’t wait to show Susie how well she could ride.


Susie got introduced to Kyra’s brilliant instructor Luke first.


And then Susie and Luke watched Kyra ride.

Susie and Luke watching KyraWhile they watched Kyra, Susie told Luke how much she loved riding too, and Luke immediately told her she was welcome to take out any of his horses whenever she wanted.

After the visit to the ranch, Susie took Kyra back home.
By this time, Lucy was home as well and she was very happy to see her little sister. She did feel bad for the circumstances though…


To cheer her sister up a bit, Lucy prepared Susie’s favourite meal: Sushi!


After the meal with her family, Susie knew that even though her heart was broken, it was time for a new beginning.

16 thoughts on “June 04: New Beginnings

  1. Another Kimmie story! *yahoo*
    Ooh, new beginnings are always good!
    Feel bad for Phyllis, but at least she had Thomas and Lauren with her! And good luck to Lucas, out in the big wide world by himself! Gorgeous views from his apartment!
    Oooh, am I now seeing what way your mind was thinking with Susie? 😉
    It was lovely to see Susie welcomed back to her family!
    Great update! *popcorn*


    • *Lol* it was about time Lucas moved out!
      I love this apartmentbuilding that Phyre built me. ❤ Abbey lives here too, her apartment is all done and decorated already. I put it on Tumblr a while back.
      What do you think my mind was thinking? 🙂


  2. Aaaaw, how sweet of Thomas and Lauren to move in with Phyllis to take care of her ❤

    Ooooh, and Lucas got his own (pretty awesome) place!

    D'aaaw, Susie!! Those pictures where she's just arrived and her mom's comforting her are so sweet *tearyeyes* Oohh, I see… She went to the farm where she met Luke…. aha, aha, aha…. 😛


    • Well, she was wandering around town forgetting where her house was, y’know, so something needed to be done!

      Ohhh, you think I want Susie and Luke together? But he’s only 23 and she’s almost 35…


      • Oh man, I am just so excited for Susie to find true love that I will probably match her up with ANY single guy in Honeycomb Valley *rofl*

        Luke is only 23, but he is already so responsible and mature. He would be a good match for Susie 😀 Hehehe!


      • Aahaha, I wrote my comment without having read this (the page was loaded since yesterday evening! Sa-Sa-Ki for thinking to Luke, Sara, and Sa-Sa-Ki for thinking he’s too young for Susie, Kim! 😀


  3. Oh, Leonard is quite lucky to have found that apartment!!!! Wooooot! And what a view! I wouldn’t mind moving in! 😉

    Aww, Susie! She looks so sweet! What a story! New beginnings are good. I’m sure she’ll have a super happy life in Honeycomb Valley, and that she will finally find what she has always been looking for. *sigh* Kyra must be delighted to have her aunt in town!
    Luke is too young for her, huh?

    How are we spoiled with another story!!!! *bouncing*


  4. Oh, Lucas new apartment looks awesome! Great views, indeed! 😀 And Susie sure did wonders with that guests room! The poor thing, Susie is so sad! ❤ But sure she'll start again, that's what it's all about! 😉 (Both Luke and Susie love horses… They'd make good friends… Not pairing sims up, not pairing sims up… I'll trust your plans instead, although I agree with Sara that age doesn't matter!)


    • Thanks Laura! I… uhmm… SUSIE spent a lot of time of that tiny bedroom!

      I have Susie’s destiny with a future man all planned out and you will all see where it leads! It only depends if Susie agrees with me on them, because hey, it’s her life, so if she doesn’t agree, than it won’t happen. 🙂


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