The Hot Wings

The Hot Wings

The Hot Wings


* Daniel Lloyd (drums)
* James Wyler (guitar and vocals)
* Sadie Stevens (vocals)
* Seth Murray (bass guitar)

Band story

The Hot Wings are Honeycomb Valley’s teenband on their way to stardom. Originally founded in 01 by James Wyler who asked his best friends Seth Murray and Daniel Lloyd if they wanted to start a band with him.

The name started as a joke. The boys knew they wanted a funny name and liked the idea of having a bandname starting with “the”. Whilst they were thinking of possible names, James’ mum brought a plate of hot wings to James’ room. Seth jokingly suggested that might be a good name and James and Dan were so amused by this idea, that they decided to go for it.

For a long time The Hot Wings were just James, Daniel and Seth. They played at their own parties and that was it. Gradually though, their star rose. They rehearsed in Daniel’s garage, got better and better and got asked to play town events and school parties as well.

They didn’t feel complete yet though, they needed a female voice. But where to find such a person? The unexpected answer came one day when James and Daniel were visiting the Gypsy Cart and noticed Sadie Stevens singing karaoke. What a voice! Sadie joined the band and from that day on they were complete.

The band’s biggest break came when they signed up to play at the international Rock Festival in Sandy Valley and were actually invited to come! Wow, well done kids!

Stories featuring the band

* October 03: Dan & Jill’s 18th Birthday
October 03: The Harvest Festival
* May 04: Making May Memories
* June 04: School’s Out!

10 thoughts on “The Hot Wings

  1. Ooh, this is a lovely idea!
    Congratulations to The Hot Wings for featuring in the Rock Festival!!! So excited to see them there!! 😀 *bouncing with excitement!* 😀


  2. YEAAAAAAAH! *jumping on chairs*
    That picture is soooooo awesome! Sadie is really hot there (ahahah, that would have been too bad to not use the “hot” adjective there! :p) Might I use it for advertisement of the concert? I picture very the boys arriving in Sandy Valley with a suitcase of flyers to paste here and there in town! I’m so impatient to hear Sadie singing!


    • YAYYYY! Yes, you can use it! Please do! (And if you make it into any type of flyer, can I get a copy? *flirty*) I can send you the original image (without the name and effects) if you like?
      I’m not sure I actually thought to give Sadie singing skills *lol*. Please give her about 7 if I forgot. She has about 10 karaoke skills though haha, so when you put her on karaoke she’s awesome! 😉


  3. Sure! I might do this tonight (as it will be so hot tomorrow, I won’t work, and might try to play a bit…. Oh, I have a couple of things to ask you, by the way, so consider you have mail! ;D)


  4. This picture is fantastic! Sadie is so HOT!! She will attract many teen-boys to their gigs ;D ;D
    And it is so awesome that they got the gig in Sandy Valley! And like Sandy wrote, I can totally see these guys pasting their advertisement flyers everywhere in town!


    • Thank you my darling! I’m so proud of them for getting to play in Sandy valley! I was thinking they would just go and watch, but to perform there is amazing! They will definitely paste their flyers all around town! Sandy’s idea to make a black and white copy was genius too! 🙂 (Oh, so many exclamation points, I’m just over excited *giggle* )


  5. What a HOT band! *Giggle* Okay, me bad. 😛 But they are great! The boys always crack me up and Sadie is so cute. ❤ How exciting that they are getting to play in Sandy Valley! (And with posters and everything! 🙂 ) Can't wait to see them there!


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