July 04: Summercamp! (Part 1)

Summer in Honeycomb Valley!! All the HV kids and teens had been looking forward to this summer very much. Though some more than others. For six teens and two kids, summer 04 meant summercamp! And they couldn’t wait!

Nathan & Nick

Nathan and Nick Cook were the first to take off. They were going to spend a large part of summer in Sandy Valley at Les Cabanes Perchées, the kids’ summercamp.

Lucy, Jacob and Kyra went with them to the busstation to see them off.


Lucy did tell Nathan to behave himself. She knows how wild and enthusiastic her ADHD boy can get!

Nick Nathan off to camp

Pete the busdriver promised to keep an eye on them during the long trip and the boys promised to call mum as soon as they arrived! Bye boys, have a great time!!

(You can read all about the fun the twins had, here, on Sandy’s non-blog!)

Camp Windiwell

A few days later, Lucy and Jacob were back at the busstation with Kyra. This time they were not alone though! Many of HV’s parents and siblings were there to see off their teens to Camp Windiwell in Appaloosa Plains. Sophie, Ruby and Jeffrey were particularly excited. Since they had already been to Camp Windiwell last year, they had quite a good idea of the amount of fun they were going to have. For Holly, Kyra and Logan it was the first time. While excited, they were also a bit nervous.


Time to say goodbye to parents, siblings and dogs!

Windiwell kids off to camp

After a very long drive, the teens arrived at Camp Windiwell. On the bus they had already met the other teens who would be staying at camp as well. Jérémy and Benjamin joined them from Sandy Valley and Seth and Ofelia had come all the way from Bimlico.

The teens dropped off their luggage in their cabins and got a bit more acquainted with their cabin mates.


Ummm… Jérémy… That’s not your cabin…

Jérémy didn’t waste any time… umm.. getting re-acquainted with Sophie! These two had already met in March when Sophie spent a month in Sandy Valley as an exchange student. Sophie sure hadn’t forgotten Jérémy yet and it seems he still remembered her as well!
Meanwhile Ofelia was badmouthing Sophie to Ruby… *facepalm*

Oh Jeremy

Side note: At summercamp, my simmies (and those visiting) get as much freedom as possible. Because the household is big, it’s impossible for me to constantly control everyone. Besides this, I also enjoy seeing what they come up with themselves. I have the romance setting in MC set on true when I’m at Windiwell, which means the teens can flirt, kiss and start romances as they please. I do keep an eye on their wishes. If one teens rolls a wish to kiss another, but this other one doesn’t have such wishes, I don’t do anything about it. If the other one does, I might direct them a bit more towards each other. But in general, I try to give them as much autonomy as I can with regards to social interactions and the like.

After everyone had had a chance to get settled in a bit, the group was called together for a campmeeting.

Camp counselors Don and Kylie were of course present again as well (both with more hair than last year) and they told the group everything they expected of them during these next few weeks.


Groupphoto time! This year’s Camp Windiwell group is, from left to right:
Ofelia Parker, Ruby Murray, Holly Clark, Logan Harvey, Kyra Cook, Sophie Wilson
Jérémy Demazières, Jeffrey Abbott, Benjamin Evard
Seth Day

Grouppicture Windiwell 04

After the groupphoto, the teens were free to explore the camp as they pleased. Seth decided to instead explore his chances with Sophie…

Two hours at Windiwell and Sophie had already had two different guys flirting with her! This was looking to be quite a different camp experience than she had last year!


Meanwhile Jérémy was getting to know Ofelia better…


Despite it being nice outside, the indoor activities drew the most attention from the teens.


Seth prefered to be outside though and played ping pong with Kylie.


Unfortunately, Kylie was forced to cut their game short to prepare dinner.


Mac and Cheese! It might be basic, but the kids enjoyed it nonetheless.
First dinner

All the kids drew lots to make up a schedule for kitchen duty and Kyra and Ben were up first.


Meanwhile Ofelia was making fun of Sophie again. Ofelia really doesn’t seem to like Sophie much… Kylie gave her a look, which didn’t seem to make much difference.


After all the dishes were done and everyone had put on warm sweaters and cardigans (there was quite a chill in the air), they went off into the woods for a nightwalk.

Sophie and Jérémy wandered off together very quickly… What are you up to, kids…?


To get the full “scary” experience, Kylie told a ghost story.

Night in the woods

This is what Jérémy and Sophie were up to! Aww, that’s quite cute actually!

Jeremy Soph stars

They joined the group again after a while to have a bonfire (yes, a bonfire in the woods, it was in an open area 😉 )


They chatted, sang songs and had a good time. Bonfire

Back at the camp it was time to get ready for the first night.

Brushing teeth


The next morning, everyone was up in time for breakfast.


Maybe Seth had realised Sophie was more interested in Jérémy, or maybe he just didn’t like her as much after all, either way, he had given up on flirting with Sophie and had moved on to Holly!
Little Holly clearly isn’t very little anymore, cause she immediately flirted back!


After breakfast, the group headed off on their first outing. To the ranch! Holly and Kyra in particular were very excited!

However, the ranch had a surprise for Benjamin as well, because look who he ran into! Annie! His big sister! Annie was staying with her friend Sophie Mimet who also lives in Appaloosa Plains and Annie being a horselover it made sense she would be at the ranch. Still though, it was a surprise for Benjamin to run into his sister so far away from home.

Kyra and Holly of course wanted to ride! Kyra even managed to make her horse jump an obstacle! She’s DEFINITELY going to tell aunt Susie and Luke about that!Kyra and Holly horses

Camp Windiwell was off to a great start!

Click to continue to…part 2

10 thoughts on “July 04: Summercamp! (Part 1)

  1. OMG-OMG-OMG. *squeeeeeeee* I’m so excited and I’ve enjoyed this first part so much that I can hardly write anything coherent! I feel like screaming YAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!
    Hmm… Let’s try to be more precise! 😉

    Nick and Nathan! Awww, my sweet kids! I love these little ones! So much personality! I hope Lucy and Jacob enjoyed their time without the kids! 🙂

    CAMP WINDIWELL!! *squeeeeeee* What a lovely departure picture, at the bus station!! Awww for Logan and his doggy!
    Oh, I love that outfit you gave to Jérémy! It’s very “him”, I think! I’ll have to give it too! Hello, guys! Hello, Seth and Ofelia! Ahahaha, I love how Jérémy went fast to flirt with one of his very favorite blondes, I mean SOPHIE! ❤
    *rofl* @ Ofelia badmouthing on Sophie!!! awwww, Ofelia sweet!! What's that? 😀
    That group picture is too awesome!!! ❤ It will on my boys' wall, for sure!
    ahahha, Seth flirted with Sophie too? Hey, she's such a beautiful and smart girl, I'm not surprised she's becoming a boy magnet! I like that it wasn't the case last year. It's so teenagehood!
    Oh, Jérémy and Ofelia… well, he didn't flirt with her, did he, just talk? 😀
    Aww, Ben and Kyra doing the washing-up!! *SQUEEEEE*
    Okay, I won't write in huge letters every single things that make my heart bouncing of joy, but OMG, KIM, THAT NIGHT PICTURE AROUNDTHE FIRECAMP IS SO AWESOME!!! I love it!!!! I adore it!! Aww, it seems everyone has such a good time! (oh, and a sad Sa-Sa-Ki at having the alpha not working anymore on these trunks… the small branches appear on a white background on mine too. It used to look fine! :(()
    How lovely that Jérémy and Sophie watched the stars together… awwww… so, it's the beginning of something, there, huh? *sigh*
    Seth and Holly!!!! aahahaha, this guy cracks me up!!! *lmao* He IS a flirty one! But so charming! How could Holly resist? 😀
    Hey Annie!!! *wave* How lovely to see her!!! Ben must have been thrilled! He loves his sister to pieces!

    Awwww, Kim, Kim, Kim, I loved that first part soooooo very much! I LOVE YOU!


    • Oh Sandy, Sandy, I was smiling like a mad woman whilst reading your comment! Your excitement is so great and it makes me so happy!

      Jacob and Lucy must have enjoyed their holiday without the kids, but since I was with the eldest kids, I don’t know 😉

      Jérémy’s regular outfit was a bit warm so I gave him this, yes. I think it suits him too. 🙂
      I think he was just talking to Ofelia, yes. I missed it and only caught this last moment of it.

      The bonfire in the woods was great. They actually remained seated and chatted. Yeah, it’s a shame about the white background on the small branches but I still love these logs too much to get rid of them.

      Sophie and Jérémy watching the stars was all them. They decided that on their own. 🙂

      Seth is sooo flirty and sooo mischievous! Really quite the character haha.

      It was good to see Annie! and at the ranch of all places! Ben was indeed happy to see her (I set the familytree the moment we arrived in Appaloosa Plains 😉 )

      Aww, your comments are awesome Sandy! And so are your sims! I love YOU!


  2. I can feel Sandy’s excitement from here! 😀
    I LOVE how you guys have the parents and siblings go to the bus station to see the children (or teens) off! That is so sweet!!!
    Jérémy and Sophie are adorable! I love these two so much!!!
    I LOVE that group picture!! They all look so excited!!!!
    Sophie seems to be very popular this year! 😉 Jérémy might have to keep an eye out for her…;)
    Another AWWWW for Sophie and Jérémy! These two are just so CUTE!!! 😀
    I love the idea of that bonfire! This reminds me so much of my school camping trip in the last year of my primary school!
    Awwwww, look at Seth and little Holly! They look so sweet! Even if Seth is a bit of a charmer! 😉
    Hi Annie! Hope you’re having a nice break!!! 😀


    • I LOVE doing busstation scenes! Although I won’t do busstation scenes for each departure I have this summer because there are sooo many!
      How awesome you had a bonfire on your school camping trip! It must have been lots of fun!
      Thank you for your great comment Missy! I love reading all your nice words! ❤


  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG, it’s here!!! *fangirl-screams so loud even the seagulls in Aalborg have met their match*

    Aaaw, Nick and Nathan leave for Sandy Valley 🙂 So cute!!

    Wow, I love the ‘scene’ with all the teens leaving for Camp Windiwell! You are so good at these things, and it’s what makes the stories come alive *sigh*

    Heehee, Jérémy certainly didn’t waste any time!! *heybaby* *heybaby* I love his outfit, it’s very casual and cool!

    D’ooohhh, Ofelia!! You have to THINK before you speak!!

    *confetti*The group photo!!!! *confetti*

    Hahaha, Sophie is so popular with the dudes 😀 Well, I understand why. A beautiful girl with a golden heart!!
    Hmm, maybe that’s why Ofelia is being a little harsh on her? She wants to be more like Sophie herself?

    Ohh, how lovely the pictures are of all of them around the campfire ❤ (And Sophie and Jérémy having their private moment!). Wow, it must have taken such a long time to dress everyone in their warmer clothes!!

    Haha, Seth moved on to the next blonde girl!! *facepalm* He is such a flirt! And oh my, Holly! She is growing up 😀

    Hahaha, I bet Benjamin was surprised to see his sister in Appaloosa Plains!! Goooo Kyra, she looks awesome on her horse!


    • Hahahaha, I love how you’re acting like an angry mother towards Ofelia, Sara! She was being quite snappy indeed, but things got better after a while. 😉

      Dressing them in warmer clothes was actually quite fun, because I tried with most of them to make it look like they just put a sweater, hoodie, cardigan or jacket over their regular clothes. 🙂

      It was soooo fun running into Annie! I was hoping they would at some point, but at the ranch? That’s perfect!

      LOVE your comment, sweet sister!


  4. Oh, I’m so late for this! Anyways… Summercamp! 😀 So exciting! The kids really had some great fun at Sandy’s! Hi to guest teens from Sandy Valley and Bimlico! Yay, groupphoto! I love groupphotos so much. ❤ Wow, seems Sophie is being more popular this year… It's so cool that you make them do kitchen duties. *Giggles* The bonfire looks great, very camp-ish! Annie! Sure it was a surprise to meet her there! A good one! 😉 Hi, Annie! (Yep, ending every single sentence with an exclamation mark… as usual!) I love how much summer teen romance is going on… We'll see what happens next! 😀 Off to part 2!


    • Laura! Don’t worry about being “late” my dear! I love your comments, whenever they come through! I love the kitchen duties! Whenever I went on a school or scout camp when I was a kid, we always had kitchen duties, so i felt my simmies needed them too.


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