July 04: Summercamp! (Part 2)

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As the days progressed, the weather got increasingly warmer, so a trip to the beach was most appreciated by all the kids. They must all have felt it was too hot to do anything, because pretty soon, they were all sunbathing.


Although, not ALL of them were. Logan played in the water with Kylie.


And Seth and Ofelia copied this idea. The water of the Appaloosa River was quite refreshing!

Ofi Seth Oceanplay

Ah, look who found a place along side one another to catch some sun…


Turning back to Seth and Ofelia, there was a surprise! Ofi Seth kiss

Despite already having flirted with both Sophie and Holly, Seth had now decided to take things to a whole new level with his friend Ofelia. Knowing his twin brother Silas likes her, I’m not sure how this will go down back in Bimlico… Ofelia didn’t seem to mind though! They saw each other as romantic interests after this.

Meanwhile Jérémy had gotten up from his towel and was trying some windsurfing.


And, he was not alone…Screenshot-1220

Holly also wanted to try the water and went snorkeling.Screenshot-1224

Because the weather was so nice, they decide to have a meal on the beach.Screenshot-1227

And a nice refreshing drink of course!Screenshot-1228

When it got dark, everyone got on their bikes and went back to camp. Jérémy didn’t feel like he had to put on his everyday clothes just to ride his bike, apparently.


That night, they had marshmellows by the fire. Jeffrey didn’t seem to like his burnt ones much!Screenshot-1242

Wow, I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Sophie and Ofelia, sitting together without a bad word between them? Maybe these girls will be friends after all!Marshmellows

Ofelia was showing her good side more as the days went on. She even put in extra effort when it was her turn on kitchen duty with Jeffrey. Jeffrey wasn’t too pleased about this job though!Screenshot-1252 Kitchenduty Jeffrey Ofi

That day the group got on their bikes again and headed off to…Bikes

..the sports field!Screenshot-1275

Since Seth loves being active, he immediately went to the goal!Seth football

And then, a bit further down the field, I saw this happening…


Kyra rolled the wish to kiss Logan right after this, but he didn’t have any wish like that, so I decided to let it be for now.

Seth took a break from football. To flirt. With Holly. IN FRONT OF OFELIA! This guy is so bad!Seth Holly flirt 2

She went straight to Kylie to “complain about Holly”.Screenshot-1282


The following days, the hot weather persisted, so a visit to the Appaloosa Plains pool was a great idea!


Logan always jumps at a chance to read his book! Even at the pool!Screenshot-1284

Ruby and Benjamin loved the diving board. Benjamin is clearly more skilled in this!Dives

Sophie, just because she’s pretty. 😉


Logan had been forced to get up when Kyra, Ofelia, Ruby, Jeffrey and Holly decided to use the field for a water balloon fight. So, he decided to participate!Screenshot-1302

Ruby has a strong arm…Screenshot-1310

…as Holly experienced!Holly waterfight

They had a lot of fun!


When it started to get dark, the group went back to camp. Benjamin stayed behind a little longer though, to try one last dive…Ben awesome dive

WOW! I guess swimming is in his genes!

Ben arrived back at camp a little later because of his dives, but there was still some dinner left for him.


That night, Jérémy and Holly had kitchen duty.


And then they were off again! There were going to be summer fireworks at the beach, so they went to have a look. Some of the kids even got to light fireworks themselves!Lighting fireworks PRETTY!! Screenshot-45 Pretty fireworks Back at camp, everyone turned in for the night. Everyone, except Logan and Kyra! He asked her if she wanted to watch the stars with him. Awwww… Of course she did!Logan Kyra starsDespite the flirts and him asking her to watch the stars, Logan still didn’t seem to have any wishes to take things further. He had made Kyra’s night with this though!

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8 thoughts on “July 04: Summercamp! (Part 2)

  1. Awwww, dear, I’m dying of over-excitement, here! Kim, those holidays are SO fabulous! I had soooooo much loved your camp Windiwell last year, that I didn’t think I could ever love more any other summer holidays, but my sweet, you took it to an other dimension! I’m in awe!!!! *jawdrop*

    That day at the beach was sooooo much fun, so lovely!!!! Awwwwww!!!! Seth kissing Ofelia!!! This guy is definitively mischevious! (but an adorable and irresistible mischevious!)
    Aww, Jérémy and Sophie sunbathing together! Oooh, surfing!!! YES! That’s totally something I picture Jérémy doing! How cute that Sophie did too! Aww, these two athletic ones have certainly a lot of things they can share! (Hmmm… because of you, Tedhi, and Jen, I changed my mind. I’ll buy Island Paradise. :p)
    Aww, Kyra!!! *swoon* I love that little one! ❤
    Hehehe, Sophie and Ofelia getting almost friends! Awww, that's too cute!! Ofelia is a wild horse, huh? 😀
    Aww, Kyra and Logan near each other, around the fire! ❤
    Seth, Seth, Seth… *facepalm* This guy… flirting with Holly, in front of Ofelia!!! I'm surprised he's not dead yet! 😀 Argh, it always drives me crazy that in these situations, Sims complain about the person with whom their "romantic interest" flirted instead of their romantic interest! Seth is way more guilty than Holly on this one! :p
    Sophie is indeed so, so lovely!
    Wow, I didn't know Ben was so good at swimming. I don't know where he learnt this, because I'm afraid to have forgotten to put diving boards at the swimming pool! *chuckle* I've been wanting these for ever, and now that we get them, I don't use!
    A fireworks!!!!!! WOW!!! I don't know why mine hasn't worked at all this year (well, maybe it was too wet! :p) I love how everyone is amazed by the beauty of the show!!! AWWWWWW!
    *squeeeeeeeeee* at Kyra and Logan watching the stars!!!!! AWWWWW!!!!!! Kim, Kim, Kim…. that's the best holidays Sims have ever lived!!!! *teary eyes*


    • Oh my darling Sandy, I enjoy your comments even more than the story! You’re a darling for getting so enthusiastic!

      YAY for you getting IP!! It’s so worth it! I love it more than I thought I would and all these new activities are to die for! I love every single one of them!

      YES, Ofelia is a wild horse! I think you described that very well!

      Seth made me laugh with his constant flirting back and forth! Hahahaha!

      Yes, aren’t you proud of Ben! He’s quite the swimmer!
      Thanks again for your brilliant comment Sandy sweet!


  2. Ohh, look at Sophie and Jérémy sunbathing together! They’re so sweet! And then windsurfing together!!! 😀
    Seth and Ofelia! I’m not sure how happy Silas will be about that, though!!
    What a lovely day at the beach!!
    AWWWWWW, look at Kyra and Logan! Come on Logan, can’t you see how adorable Kyra is???
    *facepalm* at Seth flirting with Holly in front of Ofelia! Is this perhaps because he suddenly remembered his twin?? 😉
    Oh Logan, you could read your book anywhere!! You should enjoy the pool!
    Their water balloon fight looks like it was a lot of fun!!!
    Ooooh, pretty fireworks!
    Go on, Kyra! Keep trying! 😀


    • Ohhh Missy, you may be onto something there! Maybe Seth WAS remembering Silas and that’s why he flirted with Holly in front of Ofelia!

      Yes, Logan can read his book anywhere, but he’s a bookworm, so he likes to read EVERYWHERE! He did participate in the water balloon fight though. 🙂


  3. Ohhh, hey gorgeous beach-lot *flirty* *flirty* You are looking fiiiine!! (Okay, that was weird, but I love that place!!)

    Hahahaha, that picture of all the teens sunbathing is fantastic! They are truly lazy, and when it’s hot, it’s exactly how you want to spend the day (although I’d hide under the shade of the umbrella).

    Aaaw, look at my darling teens playing in the water *tearyeyes* So cute!! I love that interaction (it’s an IP feature, right? As soon as it’s October, I’m buying it!!)

    OMG that picture of Jérémy and Sophie is sublime! He looks like he’s checking her out, but in an admiring, romantic way! ❤ Soooooo cute!!!

    WOOOOOOWWW!!! SETH!! OFELIA!!! That was unexpected (also, *rubs eyes*, is that Ben in the background showing off a six-pack?)!! What is IN that Appaloosa River water??? This kiss is so cute, and I am surprised to see Ofelia responding to it, but aahhh well, I blame the Appaloosa River again *lol* We'll see how it goes once Seth tells Silas about it!

    Jérémy and Sophie have become quite inseparable, huh? It's so incredibly cute!

    Hahahahaha, at first I thought "oohhh what a lovely picture by the fireplace", but then Jeffrey's expression…!!! *rofl*

    Ohh, look at that! Ofelia and Sophie look pretty comfortable in each other's presence. Maybe Ofi doesn't feel threatened by Sophie any more?

    Bwaaahahahaha, Jeffrey pulls the best faces!! He sure doesn't look too happy about cleaning duty!

    Yeaahhh, Seth, that's my boy!! The sports freak! And let mommy over here cheer for your goooooaaaaaaal!! (Okay, it's not that difficult when there's no goalie *blush*).

    *rubs eyes* KYRA! :-O Aaaaaaawww!!!

    *major facepalm* SETH!! Come on, man, control your teenage hormones! (I do love that picture with Ofi in the background, she's… wow, she's totally doing my *major facepalm* or maybe a *double facepalm* hehe…). Well, it seems she let it slide this time, but remember that she is a fierce ninja! She will kick his butt if he ends up breaking her heart!!

    Man, these teens are so lucky! All these fantastic activities they get to do! Hehe, Logan is awesome! Reading by a pool is awesome!

    Hahaha, what a great water balloon fight!!

    WAUW Ben!!!! You aced that dive!!!

    Oh no, fireworks!! Be careful, kids!!

    D'aaaw, another blossoming romance between Kyra and Logan ❤


    • Bahahahahhahaha, OMG Sara, I have so much fun reading your comments! You funny girl!

      Yep, playing in the “ocean” is an IP feature! Just one of the little things I LOVE! YAY for you getting it too!

      Hahahaha, YES, that IS Ben showing off a sixpack! Who knew, right? I guess he’s a swimmer in disguise! 😉 It explains the body and the dive!

      Jeffrey’s faces are the best! I love Jeffrey! 😀

      I agree, reading by a pool IS awesome indeed! 🙂

      Your comments crack me up Sara-love! I LOVED this!


  4. That beach looks awesome! For some reason seeing all the teens sunbathing makes me laugh. Maybe because they are all over the beach. 😀 The playing in the water is so cute, I didn’t know you could do that! (And I do have IP… *Facepalm*) Oh, Seth and Ofelia! *Popcorn* Too bad he doesn’t seem to take it very seriously! Poor Ofelia, complaining about Holly! She should complain about Seth, indeed. 😛 The beach activies look so fun! I love the nightime pictures, when they are riding their bikes and eating marshmallows by the fire… They look so realistic, with that atmosphere. *Dreamy sigh* And the pool fun, so cool! Those kids are really enjoying the summer! Fireworks… Pretty, indeed. ❤


    • I love all the new water features that came with IP! Have you discovered the new trait “loves to swim” yet? I just gave it to Joel (who grew up). I can totally imagine him becoming a surfer dude and felt it was so fitting. Awww, I felt bad for Ofelia! Although I’m still not sure she was really interested in Seth or if it was just a summer fling, he still didn’t seem to care one bit!
      I had the kids make the most of their summer indeed 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, my sweet!


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