July 04: Summercamp! (Part 3)

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Another day! Goodmorning guys!


Sophie and Seth took care of the dishes this morning (I’m sorry, I just love these kitchen pictures, I don’t know why 😉 )


After which, Seth went outside to flirt some more with Holly. In front of Ofelia. Again. Wow.Seth Holly flirt

Ofelia wasn’t happy at all, but instead of going to Kylie, this time she confronted Holly herself. Although, “confronted”? She made fun of her, more like. Holly didn’t appreciate it.Ofi Holly fight


The day was going to be all about activities on the water. The group rented boats or paddleboats.  Jérémy got in a rowboat with, of course, Sophie. Screenshot-84

They went for a dip in the water too!


The rest of the group had rented paddleboats to explore the river with.Paddleboats

The rest of the group, except for Ruby, that is. She preferred to try the climbing wall at the beach.Screenshot-104

Before long, Jérémy and Sophie were back again. And they found themselves alone…. So they decided to do this…Jeremy Soph flirt beach

And then… this…Jeremy Soph kiss beach

Yeah, that was bound to happen!


Time flies when you’re having fun, so before they knew it, it was the last night already. They had a leftover buffet for dinner, but they still seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.


After dinner, Seth tried to make things right with Ofelia again. At first, she wanted none of it and laughed in his face. But he was so charming, that after a while she allowed him to hold her hands again.

Side note: Ofelia and Seth came to camp Windiwell as friends. After their kiss, they were romantic interests. But with all Seth’s flirting with Holly, their relationship bar had dropped to below 0 by this point and they were no longer romantic interests and not even friends anymore. Because Seth is persistent though, Ofelia eventually allowed his flirts again, and their relationship bar rose to just a tad above 0. Even though the bar is still low, they are romantic interests again now. Pffft, Sims… (or maybe, teens…)Ofi Seth mixed signals

Last night traditionally means Karoake Night at Camp Windiwell! Don and Kylie kicked things off!Screenshot-109

The audience seemed to enjoy it.karaoke audience 1

Although some people only had eyes for each other….Screenshot-122

Ruby went next! Last year she performed with Sadie and they rocked! Sadie is now singing with The Hot Wings, but Ruby proved she could hold a note on her own as well!Screenshot-119

Next up were Jeffrey and his new friend Benjamin! They… didn’t sound good… But at least they had fun!Screenshot-124

I’m not sure the audience was very enthusiastic about their performance though…karaoke audience 2

Kyra and Holly felt they could do this too! And they could. Just as well as Jeffrey and Ben!Screenshot-130


They all went to bed quite late that night and the next morning they spent most their time packing. Benjamin still found some time to enjoy fishing though.


And Sophie and Jérémy still found some time to enjoy each other….


Of course they had to take a romantic picture to remember this summer by!Jeremy Soph phonepicture

And then the bus arrived…


Sorry guys, it’s time to go!Screenshot-154

Back in Honeycomb Valley (the first stop on the route) the parents, siblings and dog were already waiting for the bus.


And there they were! Even though camp had been great, it was also nice to be home again!Home again

The kids from Sandy Valley and Bimlico got off the bus to say goodbye to their new friends too, but they still had a longer drive ahead of them.
For Sophie and Jérémy, the pain of saying goodbye was lessened by the fact that they’d be seeing each other again next week, when Sophie was to come to Sandy Valley to stay with her friend Chloé again. GoodbyeIt was an amazing summercamp!

16 thoughts on “July 04: Summercamp! (Part 3)

  1. Awwww, no, no, I don’t want it to end! Never! Come back! KIIIIM! Awww…

    Oooh, before I forget again, I owe some kuddos to Ruby! I wanted to comment on her strenght at the beach, the other day, and forgot (because, WOW, there’s so much to say! I could write a novel on each of your pictures! Oh dear, why haven’t you published the 434 ones? 😀 :D)
    Ruby, you rock, girl!

    I love these kitchen pictures too! ❤
    Mwaaawrrf at Seth and Ofelia! What pair! *too funny* I-love-you-I-hate-you-I-ll-flirt-with-all-girls-around!!! aaaahaha, I love how their relationship is impossible!! 😀 That's so funny, entertaining and realistic, indeed! That's so typical of teens! I love that!
    Jérémy and Sohie together again! aaaaaw! they're too cute! It's so surprising to not see Jérémy flirting around! Mmmm… Were they always spontaneously together like that? If so, we have to marry these guys! Aww, a first kiss! Yes, it had to happen! *sigh* Aww, that's too cute!
    Aww, I love how Kyra is watching Logan while he's taking the dishes off the table! ❤
    Yahooo for Ruby! I was telling you, girl, you rock!!! Lovely karaoke! Aww, Jérémy and Sophie!! *sigh & swoon*
    Ben and Jeffrey! Oh yes, I perfectly picture them being friends! Aww, fishing! This young guy had the time of his life, at the Camp Windiwell! And I'm pretty sure we can say that about Jérémy too! Aww, I love that Sophie took a picture of them!

    *sob* aahaa, no, nooooo, it's the end!!! But what gorgeous pictures to end the story! Awww, you gave Ben the very same bag I had given him! *smooooooches* What a lovely last picture, with that kiss between Sophie and Jérémy, and Seth contemplating them, wondering what he did wrong for having nobody to kiss! *giggle*


    I had soooo much fun reading the whole story, Kim, it's indecent to have so much fun with Sims stories, I swear!!! ❤


    • Oh no hahaha, the 434 pictures would have been too much to edit! I couldn’t have given you this story until October then!
      Ruby is awesome! She was a bit of an underdog in this year’s story, but she did have a great time at camp!

      Seth and Ofelia really ARE very realistic teens! (Well done Sara!)

      The things Sophie and Jérémy did were all autonomous! Sometimes initiated by her, sometimes by him, but it was all them! I loved how they kept looking at each other during the karaoke!
      Sophie really seems to like him a lot, but she doesn’t know of his stalking ways yet, hahaha.

      Yes, Kyra… Awww, she really has a big crush on Logan, and he does make some moves towards her, but then nothing for a long time. Maybe he’s just scared, I don’t know.

      I gave Ben and Jérémy both the same bag you gave them. You know me, I like realism! So I looked at your pictures and matched the bags! Jérémy just isn’t in a picture with his. 🙂

      Awww, it was sad to send them home again, indeed, but they had a good time and made some great memories! Your guys are awesome! I miss them already! ❤


  2. AWWW!!! It’s so fantastic, it’s so fantastic! *dancing, confetti, bouncing…* I love it! Oh, it looks like a great fun! For teens and for you, my dear of course, to play!
    First: I absolutely ADORE what have you done with the beach in Appaloosa Plains! It looks absolutely GOREGOUS! Oh, and the pool! And the whole camp!!!
    SOPHIE AND JEREMY!!! *tearyeyes* Summer (teens!) romances have something fabulous, don’t they?
    Oh, your camp was full of new romances! But forgive me, Sophie and Jeremy absolutely stole my heart! They’re so CUUUUTE together! They’re the unquestioned couple of the summer, right? 😉
    Oh, I love so much picture of Sophie and Jeremy in the boat, with the beach in the background!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    FIREWORKS! OMG, it's so pretty!!!!
    Oh no! NOOO!!! Time to say goodbye! I was all tearyeyes, trust me!


    • It was fun to play! I always love Camp Windiwell. Last year was great and I was so looking forward to going again this year. I felt like I myself was a teen going on camp!

      Thank you for your sweet words about the beach my dear. It really needed a facelift!

      Hehe, Sophie and Jérémy do make a good match, don’t they? 😀
      Thanks for your lovely comment Kate! It makes my day to read all your nice words!


  3. NO!!! NO GOODBYE!!!!! COME BACK!!!!! *sniff*
    I do wonder what Seth intended to achieve on this holiday. Flirting with Holly, then Ofelia, then Holly again, then Ofelia again. Hmm….
    I SQUEEEE everytime I see Sophie and Jérémy, they’re just too cute for words!!!
    FIRST KISS!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    I love the tradition of Karaoke night *sigh* What a lovely send-off! 😀
    Sophie and Jérémy again!!!! SQUEE! ❤


    • Aww, Missy, these goodbyes aren’t forever, trust me! 🙂
      Maybe Seth just wanted to flirt with as many girls as he possibly could? 😉
      I love the Karaoke night too! But I loved your comments even more! ❤


      • Kim, I think you got that right: Seth just wants to flirt with everyone!! Well, actually, I think he really wants a girlfriend, but he has no clue how to get one, so he desperately tries to flirt with all the girls to see if someone falls for it. And who ends up doing just so? ….. *facepalm*


  4. I totally understand why you like the kitchen pictures!! Just like I wrote about the bus station pictures, it’s these “everyday life” situations, like the kitchen and the “waking up” pictures – which in fact aren’t so “everyday” in the Sims, I mean.. they’ll just leave the dishes!! – that makes the stories come alive *sigh* (okay, and that was a very complicated sentence I managed to write there!)

    What on SimEarth are you doing, Seth? Could you at least make sure no one’s around to see you flirt with Holly? And well, especially not the girl you just kissed the other day!! For someone who wants a girlfriend as badly as you do, you’re really making it difficult for yourself!

    And Ofelia! You should be angry with Seth, not Holly!

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, my teens need to learn some manners! Or they will be put in a completely different Summer camp next year! *Sara points a very strict finger at her teens* Mommy is disappointed!!
    /rant over

    AAAAAAW, Jérémy and Sophie in the boat! We have a Danish folk song called “under the white bridge” which I am instantly reminded of!
    *tearyeyes* Omg… Jérémy must be in love! Look how sweet he is!!! What a wonderful and romantic first kiss! (…the complete opposite of the first kiss between my teens! I’m not sure they’re in love like these two!).

    *cries uncontrollably* Last night??

    *facepalm* So, the flirt begins again between Seth and Ofelia! Well, he IS a charmer, so I won’t hold it against her *giggle* But it seems this “relationship” is bound to have some crazy ups and downs!

    Weeeeee, karaoke night! What a great tradition!! Omg, ENOUGH Sophie and Jérémy!! They are so in love, it’s crazy!!! 😀

    Yeaaah, Ruby is cool to take the stage solo! And Aaaw, Jeff and Ben are meant to be best friends!

    Another-aaaaw for Benjamin fishing in the morning. That is so Benjamin!!

    Oh dear, it must have been a little difficult for Sophie and Jérémy to end the holiday 😦 Good thing Sophie is visiting Sandy Valley so soon!

    Look at those poor teens! They don’t want to go home!!! But okay, home is where the heart (and dog) is, and they do look pretty happy about being back with their parents (and dog).

    *cries* Aaaaw, it’s so cute and so sad to see them say goodbye to their new friends!! Look at that last picture! Lucy looks so touched by the situation!! And Logan and Seth are both looking at the hot couple so admiringly!

    Gosh, Kim, this was the best sims holiday ever!! I enjoyed every single picture and all the crazy, funny, romantic, sweet and unfortunate things that happened 😀 And it was just too awesome to see my sims in your game!


    • Oh Sara, it was so much fun to HAVE your Sims in my game! Even if they behaved ummm.. peculiar at times hahaha! They’re awesome! Such characters! And like I said earlier, such REAL teens!

      Yep, I guess you’re right about Sophie and Jérémy! They actually do seem to be in love! Jérémy never seemed like the type of guy to be “in love”, but I guess there comes a time when it happens for everyone.

      The kids were happy to see their parents again, but it also meant saying goodbye. Luckily Sophie and Jérémy got to see each other again soon!

      LOVED you comments, my darling!


  5. I also love the kitchen pictures! 😀 They’re too cute! Really, Seth?! ¬¬ Flirting with Holly while Ofelia watches AGAIN? You really want her to stop being interested in you, don’t you? But I have to say I love Ofelia’s approach to Holly… Too funny! 😛 Ooh, the boats! So adorable! And, aww, Sophie and Jérémy! Indeed, teens! I can’t believe Ophelia and Seth are romantic interests again! The last night was great, with the karaoke! As I said in my previous comment, I love your night pictures so much. Somehow, it feels like they are real summer nights… ❤ (Uh, don't worry if I don't make any sense. Heat affects my brain badly. You may have to knock me once or twice in the head to get it to work again. :P) Ben fishing is adorable, and so are Sophie and Jérémy (good that those two won't have to say goodbye for long) taking a romantic picture of themselves! I love that interaction, it's very teenagerish! Bus station pics are so great, and the kids wearing backpacks is a genius idea!

    Btw, I love Sara being a strict mom for her sim-teens! 😀 😛 Nah, please, let them go to the camp next year! They'll behave, promise!

    And I have that I-wanted-to-say-something-else-what-was-it feeling… Hmm. Expect double post if it ever gets back to my mind.


    • I love Sophie and Jérémy’s little romance! It was sort of unexpected, as we all know Jérémy can be flirty with anyone, but he was very true and loyal to Sophie and they were actually sweet and cute together. I hope they can keep this up over distance after the summer is over.

      If you ever think of that other thing you wanted to say, feel free to comment again! I love reading comments! ❤


  6. I always love your bus station pictures 🙂 I know that sounds strange but they’re so realistic and the sims seem to be genuinely upset at leaving/excited about their trip 🙂

    Great to see the other teens visiting too 🙂 So typical of Jéremy to make a b-line for Sophie!! He’d better look out though! He has competition!

    Typical teens hiding inside lol! I like how you leave them to do as they please 🙂

    Aaw Jérémy and Sophie are adorable…and actually looking at the sky (mine like walls)!

    i can’t believe how much Holly is growing up! I’m glad Seth has left Sophie alone now though 🙂 I like her and Jérémy together 😀

    Lol! They look exhausted in the first beach photo 😀 Wow! Seth is getting around!! I wonder how Holly will take that if she’s bothered. Poor Silas though 😦 It took a lot of courage to even speak to her and Seth is one step further!

    On the sport field and Seth is up to no good again! He needs to make his mind up or behave 😛

    Wow there’s always so much drama (and romance) with the teen sims 😀

    I really enjoyed reading this and seeing what they got up to! I always get a lot of inspiration from your summercamp stories ❤


    • Awww thank you Alex! I had SO much fun at summercamp this year! Or, last year, I should say! You know, soon the sign up for Windiwell is coming again, and teens from Enekjaer are welcome to join us too of course! Let me know if you have anyone interested!


      • We still have time, it’s only February in HV now. I don’t even know yet how many places I’ll have available. I’ll send you the sign up sheet when the time comes!


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