August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Isla Paradiso (Pt. 1)

In the middle of the night, sometime early August, all of Honeycomb Valley was fast asleep. Except for the Chapman family. Tyler and Riley were sitting in the livingroom, fully dressed. Why, you wonder? They were going on holiday! Remember the holiday their parents booked back in March? To that place with all the water? Well, tonight it was finally time for them to go there! Tyler and Riley were somewhat sleepy, but also very excited! Hurry up, mum and dad! Tyler decided to make sure their fishy had enough food.
Before leaving

Before long, it was time to put the luggage in the car and head for the airport. The weather was dreadful. Lillian was happy to be going somewhere sunny and warm, despite still feeling a little apprehensive about this camping business…


After 6 hours on a plane and 1 hour on a boat, they arrived at the Aquabella Campground and Resort in Isla Paradiso. Andrew was really excited to be finally be there.

You can see pictures of the resort here, on my tumblr.


After checking in, they quickly went to bed. Because of the time difference, it was still night when they arrived and they were all tired from all that traveling. They had a big tent which fitted the whole family.

The next morning, Tyler was the first to wake. He immediately crawled out of the tent. His mother had warned him not to go to the pool yet, but to stay on the campground until at she or his dad were up, so Tyler decided to go and brush his teeth then.Early bird

When he came back, the rest of the family had awoken too and after a few quick showers in the shower building, the whole family went to the restaurant for breakfast.


The breakfast buffet was really elaborate! There were sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, yoghurts, even cookies! The boys and Lillian all grabbed something they liked and found a table. Andrew apparently felt better eating at his own table… Firts breakfast

After breakfast, all the Chapman boys, both the big and the small, were really anxious to get in that pool! Andrew tried a dive… but slipped and fell. No harm done, he just tried again. The second time round it was looking a lot better already!Dive

And once more with his eldest son!

The boys loved the waterfalls in the pool and couldn’t stop playing under them!Waterfall

Meanwhile Lillian and Andrew had a drink at the bar. This holiday isn’t so bad after all, is it Lillian?Drinks

Although the boys spent most of their time playing, Tyler also liked relaxing with a book from time to time.


When night fell, the boys got ready for bed. They stayed up pillowfighting in the tent for a while, but spending a whole day in the pool is quite exhausting, so before long, both boys were asleep.Screenshot-237

Mum and dad took the opportunity to take a dip in the hottub with some other resort guests….


…and to have a drink at the restaurant together.


The next morning, it was Riley who woke up first and went to play on the playground for a bit. Lovely view, isn’t it Riley? Maybe today is a good day for some exploring!On the lookout

But one can’t go exploring without a good breakfast! Even though the restaurant had a great buffet, Lillian wanted to spend this morning with just her boys. So she made a nice breakfast they could all enjoy at the tent.Screenshot-247

Yoghurt with fresh fruit is the boys’ favourite breakfast!

Breakfast tent

Tyler did the dishes.


After breakfast the family was off! They had rented a boat for the day and Andrew loved playing captain!Boat

Their first stop was the town. Lillian took a picture of her boys in front of the fountain. They weren’t feeling like having their picture taken at all, so it didn’t turn out too well…


Andrew decided to participate in an eating contest. Lillian found this a very disgusting tradition, it made her nauseous, so she walked away.


She rather had a nice family picture taken!


And the day wasn’t over yet!

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10 thoughts on “August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Isla Paradiso (Pt. 1)

  1. Oh my GOODNESS!!! First a Sandy story, then a Kimmie story!! You guys are amazing, you’ve really brightened my weekend!!! *HUGS!!!*
    Oooh, exciting holidays!!! And off on a tropical holiday too!!! How exciting! *popcorn*
    Ahhhh, what a beautiful resort! And what a lucky family they are, being able to stay there!!
    An elaborate breakfast buffet!! That reminds me of my family holiday to Spain when I was eight. We went to Barcelona overnight during the holiday and the hotel had a delicious breakfast buffet!!!
    Oh, if only the Sims would sit with their families!! Still, three together is better than none! *chuckle*
    I laughed so much at Andrew’s first dive! That didn’t go very well, did it? But at least the other dives went better for him!!
    What a lovely, relaxing day, spent by the pool. Lillian looks so much more relaxed now!
    The pictures of the family on the boat are lovely ❤ I love the idea of the boys wearing their life jackets! So sweet!!!
    What beautiful family pictures!!!
    Off to read Part 2!! 😀


  2. Awww, holidays in Isla Paradiso!!! What fun!! Oh, my, I’ve drooled already so much on your resort that I must have filled the pool, but I love that place! I love how it looks “5-stars campground”, with some amenities, but still campground. Aww, that outdoors kitchen!!!! *drooooooool* Well, let it alone for now, I’ll go back on it later! 😉
    The kids must have been so excited! I love the departure picture under the rain… awww… *sigh*
    Aww, Tyler is such a good kid to brush his teeth straight away! *pats Tyler’s head*
    Wow, the breakfast buffet was wonderful! Yummy! Ahah at Andrew leaving the rest of the family! I love the decors there, with these little lamps. It’s so joyful!
    Oh yes, Andrew, you did it, congratulations for that magnificent dive! *high-five*
    The swimming-pool bar is so lovely. Aww… Indeed, it must be relaxing for Lilian! Well deserved after a long year of work! *hugs*
    How cute that the kids fell asleep so quickly! It’s good, it leaves some free time for the parents! 😉
    Aww, little Riley!!! *squeeee* He”s too cute! And, wow, what an incredible view! It’s sublime!
    But not as sublime as THAT ADORABLE OUTDOORS KITCHEN!!! AAAWWWW! I love it, I love it, I love it! Seriously. Love it. ❤
    Tyler is the cutest son ever. Doing the dishes!! Aww, good boy!!
    Awwww, a little trip in boat!!! Yeah!!! How cute that the boys have life jacket! Is it autonomous for kids, or did you put it yourself? (I've JUST installed Island Paradise, but I've done nothing with it yet).
    Aww, Tyler and Riley!!! Doh, Lilian and Andrew are lucky parents to have these two little ones as kids!
    *high-five* Lilian! Good for boycotting food contests, girl!
    Aww, I'm squeeing at the family picture, really!! ❤
    Yiiiiiiiie, so cool holidays, my sweet! I can't wait to see more! 🙂


    • Tyler is usually a bit mischievous at home, but he apparently decided to act nicely on holiday! 😉

      *LOL* at your excitement about the outdoor kitchen. I loved building it!

      The lifejackets aren’t autonomous, I gave the kids two swimoutfits, one with lifejacket and one without and just switched between the two. I do love that IP includes them though!

      Hehe, I’m with Lillian too on boycotting food contests. It’s really not a tradition I would ever enjoy watching. I think it’s very American actually, I never heard of a food contest here.



  3. Yay a Kimmie story 😀 !! The Chapmans look like they’re having a great time so far!

    Tyler and Riley are adorable ❤ I love the picture of Riley looking out over the resort (which is beautiful by the way!) It's nice that the boys look alike yet look different and also interesting to see their height difference in your photos.

    I like that Andrew sat at a different table…jet lag 😀 ? Sometimes it's nice to get some peace and quiet. Especially, I imagine, with two young boys!

    It's interesting that Lilian didn't approve of the eating contest lol! Andrew seems like a great dad as well as a big kid 😀

    Anyways, off to read part two!!


    • Ahh, Alex, I think you’re on to Andrew! He probably wanted some peace and quiet indeed! And yes, he really is a big kid hahaha. You really have him down to a T!


  4. YEEEEES, the Chapman family are going on holidaaaaay, wooo! Hahaha, and how perfect that the weather was starting to look gloomy in Honeycomb Valley JUST as they are about to leave for sunny Isla Paradiso!!
    Aaaw, Tyler is just r-e-a-d-y for some fun 😀 Come oooon, mom and dad, WAKE UP!!
    Hahahaha, Andrew is such a big child *giggle* He sure looks like he’s having at least as much fun as the boys 😀
    Wow, the view from the playground is indeed very lovely *sigh*
    AAAAAWWW, I adore the picture of Tyler and RiIey! They are so cute!
    And the group picture!! *squeee*


    • Hahaha, I think Andrew is just catching up on his childhood. With Charles as his dad I don’t imagine he got a chance to be much of a kid when he actually was one (although Lydia was always a loving mum), so he making up for it now. 😉


  5. Oh well, finally found time to read this! (And my Internet stopped being jerky for a bit… Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with this computer, in my father’s and my ipod the Internet works always great…).
    Anyways, HOLIDAYS! *YAY!* Waking up while everyone else is sleeping to take a plane, that’s so realistic! (And for me, so familiar…).
    The resort is fantastic, it’s easy to understand that the kids were so excited! That giant pool is gorgeous, reminds me of one at a hotel-camping I went once to, it was great and it had a waterfall and a bar too. *Sigh*
    Between *lol* and *facepalm* at Andrew eating all alone. The water activities look all so fun! (Waterfall… *drool*) Tyler reading a book while relaxing is so cute! ❤ I also love that the parents find time to do activities by themselves. Awww, they're so adorable all together in the boat, and in the family pictures!
    Off to part two!


    • YAY, Laura comment! Waking up in the middle of the night to catch a plane is very holiday-ish, isn’t it? I liked playing it that way too. 🙂 I only did it once myself, when I went to New York, but it really made me feel like I was going on holiday.

      I loved playing Isla Paradiso! And I loved reading your comment even more!


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