August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Isla Paradiso (Pt. 2)

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After visiting the town, the family found a beautiful lagoon, where Lillian obviously wanted more pictures taken!
One with her husband…


…and one with the whole family!Screenshot-268

Then they got in the boat again. This time they didn’t go far.Screenshot-271

Because they rented paddle boats! The boys LOVED them!

When the sun set, they sailed back to the resort.


There they had dinner at the restaurant. The dinner buffet was every bit as good as the breakfast buffet!


After the boys went to bed, Lillian and Andrew had a quiet evening together. Reading, drinking a glass of wine and a beer, and having a chat.Quiet night

A few days later, Andrew and Lillian took a boat out together.


Tyler and Riley stayed at the resort, supervised by the kids care professionals. They didn’t mind they couldn’t come, there was lots of fun to be had at the pool!Boys alone

What were mum and dad up to, you wonder? Well, this tour on a water scooter wasn’t it…


They were taking a scuba diving class!


So many pretty sights under water!Underwater

The sun had already set by the time they went back. Look at Andrew’s pretty tan!


A few days later, the whole family went out on the ocean again. This time by speedboat!


They were going waterski-ing! Lillian got to go first!Lillian waterski

Then it was Tyler’s turn. He was a bit scared at first, but his dad promised him he wouldn’t go too fast. Soon, Tyler was loving it! He sure has a story to tell when school starts again!Tyler waterski

Lastly, it was Andrew’s turn (Riley is a bit too young for this).


Ooooh, it looks like it was all going a bit too fast for Andrew’s liking at first! Once he got the hang of it though, he enjoyed it very much! Andrew waterski Spending time out on the ocean became the family’s favourite thing to do this holiday. Even though the end of the holiday was fast approaching, they made the most of each day.

Windsurfing was another thing they had to try!Windsurfing

When they were not out on boats or boards, the brothers loved to play in the ocean.Play in ocean

Lillian and Andrew loved their time together too!


The day before they were to leave, the family took a boat to a remote island where they had a water balloon fight. Lillian was having as much fun as her men, until Andrew’s balloon hit her really hard in the stomach. Then she felt it was time to set up the picnic.waterballoons

Yummmm, a picnic tastes even better on an island!

And then the last day was upon them. Riley and his dad went for one last dive.

Last dive

And then it was really time to go. They took a boat to the mainland to get on their plane back to Honeycomb Valley.


Bye Aquabella, bye Isla Paradiso! It was a great holiday!


13 thoughts on “August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Isla Paradiso (Pt. 2)

  1. Party for Part 2!! (Yes, I’m feeling better today!)
    These family pictures are to DIE for!!! ❤
    The boys look like they're really enjoying the paddle boats!!! And the sailing! And water-skiing!! I bet Tyler can't wait to tell his friends he went water-skiing!!! And windsurfing!!!
    Nothing quite like a tasty picnic on a quiet island! ❤
    What a perfect holiday!! This family are so lucky, and it looks like they had a fantastic time!! ❤


    • Glad to cheer you up, my dear!
      Oh, to be sure, the boys have a LOT of stories for their friends when they come home again!

      Thank you for your comments, lovely! ❤


  2. The family portraits are beautiful! They look really natural and fun!

    They look like they enjoyed their boat trips (with and without children!) and water activities! This is the first time that I’ve seen sims waterski or scuba dive and they look like they really had fun (and got tanned in the process!)!

    Great update! The resort is beautiful and your family seemed to have an amazing time ❤


    • Awww, thank you Alex! I didn’t even know they could waterski and was especially surprised kids could also!
      I loved playing this holiday, it really felt like I was on one myself.


  3. OMG, yes, I so understand Lilian to have wanted to immortalize this lagoon!! The place is amazing, and so are the pictures with Andrew, and the whole family! Awww!!!
    Aw, dear, if I hadn’t already bought Island Paradise, I think you would convince me today. Those boat pictures are so lovely! It seems all quiet. *sigh*
    Yeah for the paddle boat!!! Ahaha, I guess the kids had fun with it!!
    Aww, it’s good that Andrew and Lilian can spend time together! They already don’t have much privacy in the tent (if they want, I can recommand them a campground for kids, for next summer; the kids might not have as much fun as in Isla Paradiso, but the parents would be alone! ;D)
    The kids had great time at the swimming-pool!!
    Yeah for scuba diving! Ahaha, I love Lilian’s expression on the picture! aww, the undersea is so stunning.
    Speedboat for the whole family, yeah!!! Oh my, for sure, Tyler will have a lot to say to his friends back home! That’s some adventurous holidays, little man! Ahaha, and it doesn’t seem easy, huh! I love Andrew’s expressions! *lol*
    Windsurfing now! Wow!! For sure, Tyler and Riley’s friends won’t believe all the things they have done during these vacations!
    Aww, but a simple water balloons fight with the whole family can bring you as much as excitement as all these crazy experiences, huh? I LOVE these pictures. Aw, they all had quality time together! On a tiny island, at the top of that! Aww!
    *sigh* They must all have stars in the eyes after such wonderful holidays!
    GREAT story, Kim!!! *yahooooo*


    • Yay for you getting Island Paradise! I’m so pleasantly surprised by this EP! There’s loads of things about it I absolutely LOVE! And the number of activities which are also available to kids is just awesome!

      Awww, YES, I think Tyler and Riley would LOVE to go to Sandy Valley next summer! Especially when they hear the stories Nick and Nathan have to tell (Nick and Tyler are best friends)

      Andrew on the waterski was priceless! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of his expressions!

      Aww, my sweet, I loved your comments! You know I like these more than the stories!


  4. Hehe, I can totally see how Lilian would want a romantic picture like that for their home 😀 What a beautiful lagoon and what a beautiful couple ❤
    I love those paddle boats!!

    Aahh yes, the adults need some quiet time too. It looks lovely to sit there with drinks and books.
    And a private excursion *heybaby*
    (The boys look like they're having the time of their lies back at the resort!!)
    *claps* YES, scuba diving!! Perfect for these two!!!

    Oooh, wow, they are really having an action-filled holiday!! Waterskiing looks awesome 😀 And so does windsurfing.
    Aaaaw, but the boys playing in the water is the cutest pictures ever! :')

    Aaaawww, the holiday was over! I'm sure it will go down in Sims History as the best family trip ever!!!


    • The scuba diving was so much fun! Lillian is adventurous, so she had the time of her life doing this!
      The boys aren’t the only ones with tales to tell at school!

      It was a good trip indeed!

      I loved reading your comments, my lovely! Thank you so much! ❤


  5. Aww… HOLIDAYS! *yahoo* You totally brightened my day, Kim! (Which was a cloudy, cold day of September!) You reminded me how wonderful holidays (and childhood!) are! 😀

    Ok, but first: I absolutely ADORE this story! The Chapman family had so much fun on the Island! I love how many things they did (my own holidays were rather lazy, you know… ;)) ! Tyler and Riley are such cute kiddies! ❤

    And I absolutely love how you organise time for the whole family, but also found some time just for mom and dad! 😀

    Aww and that evening with a drink, a book, a chat – so perfect! ❤

    Aww… But you also make me a bit sad that I haven't lived my holidays to the fullest! Oh, how much I would like to be a child again!

    But, back to the story, I adore that pictures at the lagoon, those paddle boats, waterskiing, scuba diving, oh, and that picnic! …

    Kim, your story was the best thing that could have happened to me today. THANK YOU DARLING! ❤


    • Awww Kate, that’s such a lovely comment! I’m glad to have brightened your day!

      My own holidays are never this adventurous either *giggle*, but I figured this family would have adventurous holidays. 🙂 I don’t think many people get the option to do so many things as a child on summer holiday. Only in Sim. 😉

      Thank you for your lovely words, Kate! Now you’ve brightened up MY day! 😀


  6. Oh, moar family pictures! *clap* *sigh* So so cute. ❤
    Paddle boats! *Giggle* I haven't used these yet, but I should! They look so fun! I love that you made the adults go scuba diving while the kids stay at the resort… It looks like they all had a great time anyways!
    WHAAAAT?!! So you can waterski in IP!!?!! I. HAD. NO. IDEA. (I seriously don't play enough!) Aww, playing in the ocean and water balloon fighting are so cute.
    But what a great and active holiday was! Sure the kids will have plenty of stories to tell once they are home.

    (And now off to another summer holiday… ^^)


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